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Testimonies from 2004

Angus (cream) and McDuff (gray) are wonderful! We've enjoyed them so much. Angus is calm and laid-back, while McDuff is often scampering around getting into mischief. Our big orange cat, Schuster, is still getting used to them. He didn't display any aggression, but he didn't want to be very close to them. When they would jump up in his chair to be close to him, he would slowly slink out of it. I think he's had a lot of internal stress, but we've been giving him a lot of attention, and he's doing much better now.

We had the kittens declawed shortly after we came back to Iowa, and according to the people at the vet's office, they were quite a big hit with everyone there. I can understand why, besides looking adorable, they also have sweet personalities.

Cedar Falls, Iowa


Hello Suzanne,
I thought I would show you " your husbands suggested barn cat" Macy in Ovilla, Texas. I picked her up this past summer 2004 and brought her home. Mom loved her so much I signed her over to her for Christmas. Macy really was drawn to her as well. She fit in as soon as she hit the door and my other Scottish fold (Maggie) has benefited from being around this princess, in grooming habits to not being the timid one person cat that she was before Macy came into the family. We are looking for another kitten from you, because you put out some really great cats with great personality. If any of them are near as sweet and loving and shows no fear around people then I don't see us getting any other pets from anyone else from here on out :) Thanks for your effort and knowledge on putting out some of the best cats I have seen in my lifetime.
Cynthia Keith
Ovilla, Texas

Hello!   Well, well, we finally did it. We named the kittens. The boy is named "Pudgy" (the supercat) and the girl is named "Ginger". The boy has really gotten fat, that is why we named him that, plus he often lays with his hind legs stretched straight out behind him and his white spot on his back looks like a cape, hence "super cat". The kittens are so much fun! I love to watch them play together in the morning, when everyone is gone to school or work. The girl gets into everything. Ginger is very curious and quite an adventurer. In fact the next day James was playing his violin and she had to help him play by jumping up and playing with the bow and strings. It seems like I can't get anything done, because everytime I am at the computer and at the table doing work, she wants my attention, so she climbs up my pant leg and sometimes climbs up my shirt. I can stop and give her the attention for a little while and then put her down and 2 seconds later she is climbing my leg. Ha! Pudgy is a "ham", he likes to mess with sister and get her going. He jumps down from some things, but he is not climbing up at all. I try to "egg" him on to do it himself, but he's just not a climber. .

We are really "loving" the kittens. They have filled the void. "Thank You" for everything.

Kimberly Rix


Hi Suzzane,

He is the most wonderful kitten on the planet! He is so affectionate, and has made himself quite at home. We have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and a Pug; and MacPuss is very comfortable with them. He even likes to drink out of their water dish! At times he closes his eyes with pleasure to receive wet pug kisses! Last night, I went to give my daughter Emma a kiss goodnight (she was already asleep) and I heard some purring in the darkness. Puss was snuggled up with her. This is the first night I haven't squired him away in his safe room for the night. He proved himself worthy, I saw in the morning that he had gotten up to use the litterbox! He is such a good boy! We love him! Thanks so much; I have no doubt the socializing you do with the kittens results in sweet kittens like this!

Happy Holidays....envy you the white Christmas!


Dear Suzanne,

I just wanted to check in and let you know how besotted we are by Moose and Dallas. They are thriving and are just adorable. So far the clawing problem is under control and we had then fixed and not declawed. Moose is, well, mooselike, big, soft, furry. Dallas is more elegant and very affectionate. We love them and wanted you to know how happy we are. I will try to email a picture when my kids return.

Have a happy holiday season,

Elizabeth Thompson


Hi Suzanne,

The kittens are feeling better! Saturday morning they were running circles on the floor around my bed. Yeah! I let them out to the rest of the house under my supervision. They laid in the sunshine for most of the day. Logan (SE) is more of a fighter. He knows how to use his back legs to kick. Luc (Fold) hardly uses his back legs at all. Logan seems to be getting bigger quick. Luc looks pretty much the same size. I've been feeding them their soft food on my lap individually twice a day after I give them their meds.

Logan ( SE) still hides some. Luc comes out purring when I call him. And he also follows me to the kitchen. He is very brave!

I was wrapping presents this weekend and the kittens enjoyed playing in the two drawers of ribbon and bows I put on the floor. I got some cute pics of them in the drawers.

This morning Logan (SE) was growling at Luc. I looked over the edge of my bed and he had one of those soft sponge kitten balls in his mouth and I guess Luc was just too close. Luc attacked Logan and then as Logan laid there, Luc went over and played with the ball! It was very cute to watch.

For the most part, the kittens don't run from my Papillions, which is a good thing. My dogs only like to chase cats and those that run get chased, those that sit still get passed by. I have one kitten that chases my dogs! They run laps around the dinner table and lazy boy chair playing tag. ...Who needs TV with what I have running around my house?

Thanks again Suzanne for such adorable kittens! Logan (SE) is still waking me up at night (around 2 a.m.) and pushes against my mouth, hard, for attention. This lasts for about 20 min. Then he starts up again. I LOVE IT!

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


August, 2005
Hi Suzanne:

Just wanted to drop a note to say hi and let you know that Willy is doing great. He is so big now. He weighs more than my 12 year old cat! He has grown into the sweetest cat I have ever encountered. He is so loving and gentle and always wants to hang around with my husband and I. We can't get enough of him. I've attached a picture taken a couple of months ago. It's my favorite picture of him. He looks the same now only maybe a little bigger and fatter. He's going to be a very big boy!! Hope you enjoy the picture. I'll send more soon.

Hi Suzanne:
We're having a lot of fun with Willy. He's been great. The first is Willy and McDougal's one week reunion taken on 12/12. The rest have been taken over the last few days. Willy loves climbing our Christmas tree.

As you can tell by the pictures, Willy and my dog Mitzi have really hit it off. They love each other!!! It's so cute. They play every morning while I get ready for work. It's hilarious.

My other cat Buster still hasn't warmed up, but he'll get there. Willy is pretty determined to be his friend. McDougal is doing very well also. They are having a lot of fun with him. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thanks again for everything.



Olivia is doing great. She loves to snuggle right into my neck at night and she purrs me to sleep. Everyone is getting along great. I have a 1 year old Basenji named Bella I resuced from a puppy mill in MO thru the BRAT organization (Basenji Resuce and Transport), and if she thinks Olivia is somewhere she shouldn't be, Bella picks her up like a mom cat and moves her. Quite comical to say the least. Thanks for two wonderful additions to my family. Happy Holidays. Karen

Well, Amos is even more adorable in person than his photos!!! He had a great night.  Slept from 12:30-5:30 AM (when we were awakened to hunt) and then wanted to snuggle. He slept around my neck like a boa... My husband said his leg muscles will not form if I do not put him down!

Gertie, the dog, is afraid of Amos, but seems to like him. Amos likes Gertie, too. The boys, Hal and Battle, ADORE him, and are being so gentle. Lovie, the cat, was a complete jerk, hissing and slapping at Amos. Poor Amos was just shaking and every hair on his body was standing up... We'll have to work on these two.  He will have a happy home, and we already adore him.


Hello Suzanne

Things are going great and we could not be happier. It is very obvious that she was well socialized and loved. She came out of her carrier purring and follows us every where. Our other cat is still a bit upset but the little one does not seem to mind and is not intimidated by her. So we have been having lots of fun. We named her Noah and must say that she makes us laugh alot.

I will keep in contact and send some pictures soon. Thanks again. We are very happy know Noah is as well.

Talk to you soon


I can't elaborate enough how sweet Oscar is. His hummer is constantly going no matter if he is relaxing on the bed or playing. My friends who don't even like cats love Oscar. They can't keep their hands off him. He is always in a good mood. He is my little prince and has definitely enriched my life. He has the softest coat I have ever felt. I have been giving him a bath every week.  He loves the warm water and grooming.

I have been keeping an eye on your latest kittens and they are spectacular! They have such variety in color and beautiful markings. You are a great breeder, and I am so lucky to have come across your web site. If I am looking for another kitten, I will contact you.



Ace is doing well and what a beautiful cat! He was a little thin when he arrived -I guess the surgery and trip were a little harder on him-but has put on some weight. He made himself at home almost immediately. He gets along with the older cat and dog.

I switched Malcohm to the IAMES with the hairball preventative but Ace won't eat it :-). I have to separate them when it is time for canned food and other treats as Malcohm is quite a little piglet. He will eat his and everyone elses, even the dogs! I don't know what he weighs but he is almost as big as Ace. Still, Ace gets the better of Malcohm -the instigator- at playtime. Ace talks and talks when we get home from work, what a hoot, and he is so friendly to company. We are so happy to have him and Malcohm.

Donna Hering

Hello again.

Here is a picture of Malcohm at 5 months.

Look at that tail!

Donna Hering

Hi Suzanne!

Just wanted to let you know that John was right on schedule with Stoney this morning. Stoney is no worse for the wear and tear (smiling). He was very vociferous about wanting out of the carrier but the purr motor turned on the minute I let him out into his “safe” room (until I can get home tonight and begin the integration process).

John was great…he gave me a full report on bowel movements, pottying and food and water consumption.

I can already tell that Stoney is going to be a little pistol.

You said that you wanted to see Shyla and Morna as they grow so you can make decisions about whether or not you are going to continue to use Ace. Here are some pictures. The last one is just a fun one but it is where they always are in the evening. It amazes me how much Morna favors Ace in general appearance. Let me know what you think of them now.

Farmville, VA



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