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Testimonies from 2005

Hi Suzanne:
I wanted to give you a quick update on Taco... He's doing excellent and really seems to love his new surroundings. He's acquired a pretty big vocabulary - lots of new noises to communicate what he wants. He's definitely over the "no dry food" thing and is eating well.  Interestingly enough, he loves when it's time for bed, sleeps through the night (on top of me). I've taken him to the office twice which he's very comfortable with - of course everyone in the office loves him. His personality is unique - very expressive and he couldn't be more loving - he always wants to be picked up and hates if you leave him alone in a room. He's starting to get leash trained and is taking to it well. I couldn't be happier - he's the best Christmas present I could of ever asked for. You obviously did a great job with him in his "early years" - I could never thank you enough.
All my best...

Just got back from work - Friday's is "Taco Day". I'm on the 14th floor and he seems endlessly fascinated by looking out of the window all day. Also, for some reason, he sleeps on his back when at the office...maybe for the extra attention.
Since I've been taking him everywhere, I get a lot of..."we don't allow animals...but we'll make an exception. Of course, by now, he's getting a bit of a reputation around town. It's very interesting to hear everyone from the police to business owners in Greenwich (the incredibly rich and snooty town next to me) shout out "here comes Taco" when I run my errands in town on Saturday.
Also, I'm having work done on my house this year - when it's finished, Taco's going to need a brother. Based on less than two months of having him around - I can't imagine not taking another trip to AR. Of course, this will give you a chance to see Taco in person.
Best regards...



Mctavish, Blaze, MacCloud

Hi Suzanne,
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Just thought I would give you a little update on the boys. They are doing wonderful and adjusting very well. Little Mctavish just makes me smile. He is soooo cute. He prances like a little pony with his head held high and his tail straight up, game for anything and everything that comes his way. Very happy go lucky! And smack in the middle of everything. Blaze is like a little horse, solid like a rock! Into everything he shouldn't be! Definitely lives life on his own terms which I discovered very quickly, so I gave him his space and now he comes to me!  Blaze is totally in love with MacCloud. They are all getting along famously, Sleep together, eat together, play together, and even poop & pee together! What fun and joy I am having watching all 3 of them.
Bambi Hammarstrom
Product Manager


McDuff and Angus

Hi Suzanne,
I thought it was time I sent pictures of "the boys." McDuff, the gray one is Mr. Personality, and Angus is quieter and more of a watcher. They are both very affectionate and like to sit on our laps. Even our older cat, Schuster, likes them now. He even lets them sleep close to him.
They are wonderful cats, and we love having them in our family.


Hampton and Heather

Hello Suzanne,

We are absolutely delighted with our little duo. Hampton is a charm rapidly winning favor with all. Heather is just as you described a truly lovely kitten. Hope your daughter triumphed in PA.






Flynn is doing great - he has settled himself right in. He is confident and super friendly. He didn't appreciate the safe room - felt no need for it just left the room and likes to be with the whole menagerie. He is handsome too!
Thanks for a great kitten
Take care talk to you soon,



Hi Suzanne,
I finally have some pictures to send you of Simon. He is so adorable and has so many cute characteristics and mannerisms! He definitely keeps us all on our toes! He and his older brother Henry are adjusting very well. Henry has a very non chalant attitude towards him but Simon doesn't give up! He loves to just throw himself at Henry at every opportunity. It is so cute to watch them eat side by side. Simon sounds like a little horse when he runs up and down the hall. He has more toys than we can count and loves his new kitty tower we got for him. Henry usually lays in the top & Simon gets in the middle section and they swat at each other.

Thank you again for getting him to us in such a hurry. Would you also happen to be able to e-mail to me the picture that was on the website of him and his brother. It's the one we bought him from. I have so many people that want to see the picture of him and his brother. We just love him to pieces!
Lori /Oregon


Haku and Cherry

The kittens are doing great!
Our children are crazy about them and the kittens appear to like them as well. The kittens were friendly from the get-go, though they have a delightful penchant for sleeping inside furniture and drawers... I had no idea our house had so many hiding spots... The orange and white one is called "Haku" ... which is an avatar of a dragon from a Japanese animation movie... a formidable but kind character. 

The grey, white, and very slighty brown one is called "Cherry" ... after the edible delight that grows in trees... The best thing is that they both love to play together.  And of course, they took right to the litter box... (only one mistake... but I needed to clean the carpets anyway).

They have quickly joined our family and are known collectively as "the babies."   When they have plumped up and given up frolicking in favor of languishing the days away in patches of sunlight I'll be sure to send you pictures.
Thank you... they are a delightful addition to our family.


It's been a couple of days and I wanted to give you an update on our little friend. The integration has been going very well...much better than we had ever imagined. When we brought Zach into the family 10 years ago, Mia (a very quiet, shy cat) hissed and growled at Zach for what seemed like months. In reality, I believe it took about a month before they would get closer than about three feet.
On Thursday, little [name here] --I'm afraid we still havenít settled on a nameó marked his first week with us. When we went to bed, we let him have the run of the house and heís been choosing to sleep under the bed. As of Thursday, Zach had stopped hissing and being aggressive. He would simply stop, smell the little fellow, and then move along.
Last night, I brought the little guy into the bed after Zach had settled in. They both settled down next to each other for about 15-20 minutes before the little one decided to return to his spot under the bed. As I write this, they are both sitting side by side, looking out through the front screen door.
Heís doing just great! Canít wait to get to know him better! --One more thing: this morning as Zach was washing up in the bathroom sink (he likes to stick his head under a dripping faucet and wash his paws) the little guy jumped up on the sink to watch. After a couple of minutes, the little guy started washing as well. --I moved to the sink in the guest bathroom to shave. We need to figure out a system. The bathroomís starting to get a little crowded in the morning.
Hope all is well. Iíll keep you posted on developments up here. I havenít weighed the little fellow but he looks about 20 percent larger than he did last week. I think weíll settle on a name this weekend...I hope. I know who he looks like to me, but Iím not the only one involved with the naming.

He's doing great!
At the moment, both [Name Here] and Zach are sitting in the family room looking out the patio door at the back yard. I suspect in a couple of days, they'll be hanging out together with none of the territorial hissing from Zach. We're still not really sure who he is, but the look on his face makes him seem so serious that my wife is starting to agree that "Ernest" might really fit him, which would translate to "Ernie."
I've read occasionally (he just climbed up on the keyboard) about therapy pets, often dogs, but sometimes cats. I'm thinking that he might be a great therapy pet. I'm going to try and see what I can find about about therapy pets in this area. Do you have any  ins /////////////////////]N]\\ ] ] INSIG=][]] 233IIHTIN2
gotta*------------- go... he wants to play.



Hi, Suzanne,

Thought you might like some updated pics of Paddles.He eats great!


Have started introducing the adult food since he will be a year next month. Doesn't seem to mind. Andy calls him my little puppy as he follows me wherever I go.Our neighbors kept him while we were gone for 4 days last weekend and he loved every minute of it, especially the liverwurst! What a dear. What would I do without him?




Dear Suzanne,
I can't thank you enough for your incredible devotion and expertise regarding the Scottish Folds. Your kittens are amazing

I think I had mentioned that we had to put my 13 year old Rottie to sleep in September. My daughter's boyfriend got us a 13 week old weimeraner. She is so smart and so sweet that I feel in love with her. I think my Rottie sent her!!! Anyway, my little Frankie hates the pup. He actually seems mad at me. I have been making special time with him and hopefully he will eventually bond with Dakota. He adores my 2 year old cat (we found him when he was under a month old) They are inseparable. If in time, they warm up to the pup, then I can consider getting another Fold.

Have a great day and again, thank you for the most incredible kittens we've ever seen.

Remy and Jackson

The kittens are doing great! We named the black one Remy - he is fearless. The cats have adjusted very well - they love Regis and he loves them. They all hang together, when Regis sleeps on a dog bed with a lab in it, so does Remy. Jackson prefers on the couch with me - he is a purr machine.  Thanks again for the great cats - they wear our NorfolkTterrier out with all the running around they do. She follows them everywhere and just watches them, she naps when they nap. 
Thanks again,


Dear Suzanne:
I just wanted to send you a picture of Oscar Watkins- all grown up! He is no longer a little kitten to say the least. He is gorgeous and his personality is just as friendly as when I first got him. He is an eccentric cat-he wakes me up by gently nibbling on my nose!  I think we make a great pair- even our hair matches!


Flame and Pablo would be proud!



Mz Trouble

Hi Suzanne,
Just to let you know that Mz Trouble is doing great, she is free to roam around since Friday evening, she initially intended to be friendly toward Dido and Sweetie who immediately started the spitting and hissing contest - The little one was not impressed one bit, and decided she was going to show these silly French cats how to growl and hiss properly - I think the adults are the one afraid of her now ;) but one senses both parties are quite interested in each others so it should not take too long before they start interacting in a more friendly way she also spent her first night with us hunting repeatedly my husband toes, he just commented philosophically that she had to live up to her name, the little devil has already secured all Sweetie's favorite places (Sweetie is supposed to be the chief here, and, I'm sorry to say, has no sense of humor at all), eats well, plays a lot, purrs an awful lot, and jump on the desk the minute I am at the computer to lick my fingers and to roll on the keyboard while purring like crazy (she is here right now) All in all she looks well and happy - so are we!

Kind regards


Hi Suzanne,

This is Mz Trouble speaking... as glad as you seemed to see the back of me, I know you were worried, so relax, I am OK, life here is good ! The housekeeping staff is well behaved and friendly ; they do have silly ideas though, like guests are forbidden on the dining table or in potted plants... I have decided to keep them anyway, having heard it is difficult here to find good housekeepers.  The other tenants, Sweetie and Dido, were quite rude at first. I had to show them how we treat unfriendly strangers in Arkansas and we are good friends now.

I am a little disappointed with French gastronomy, I had heard so much about it, but I am sorry to say my dry food here tastes a lot like home :( the staff may eat differently, since Sweetie and Dido beg samples here and then, but I do consider that very bad taste and want no part of it. Tuna (that I have once a week) tastes the same too. But a few drops of virgin olive oil add a nice French touch.

But let me tell you about my days : the staff's bed is very comfortable, and things move beneath the covers at night, should one want a bit of game between two naps. The yelps and curses of the staff add to the fun. Early in the morning an awfully noisy thing goes off to wake the staff. In order to avoid them this stressful experience, the good Dido tries to wake them up a few minutes before the blasted thing starts, by scratching an elbow here and pulling hair there. I provide help, of course, but I do not have her wonderful sense of timing and have to start earlier, and to repeat the exercise a few times. When our plan has succeeded (it always does) we are so happy we start running and jumping on the bed, chasing each other in total madness. I will from now avoid landing on staff's heads : not a good landing ground, much too hard and uncomfortable, provides no elasticity to support next move. After that, staff is up, looking harried and hurried. We keep try to cheer them nevertheless, running non stop in their legs while still chasing each other and having some boxing contests.

It is then time for breakfast and even if food and water are always available, the idea is to snuggle into the kitten pen and eat theirs. Oh, yes, I forgot to tell, the staff has also provided kittens for my entertainment ; how thoughtful... originally I could vented on them my frustration to have been spitted on by Sweet and Dido, but now I admit I quite like the brats, even if they are spoiled. Sweetie also think they are pampered too much ; we both make sure they are bashed on the head a few times per day, to make up for it.... Since nobody really makes a fuss when I eat in the pen (not as much as when we bash the kittens, anyway...), the fun is out quickly, so I steal a kitten toy (ideally, one being used by a kitten - easy, I know, but a good occasion to bash, sorry, to pat them on the head...) ; the staff keeps saying these toys are exactly the same than the ones scattered around in the apartment, but I do swear, they taste different.

At least, the staff leaves and Sweet and I can enjoy our cat lives : napping, playing, eating, looking outside... Dido stays with the babies and we cannot access the nursery when staff is away. I wonder why...Lot of activity and games again in the evening, when staff is back from God knows where. If the weather allows for it, we go for a bit of fresh air on the terrace. I just wonder where all the birds we see though the window during the day hide when we are out ? Very frustrating.

Late evening is nice, staff has time to sit and relax, either in front of TV (him) or computer (her). This is a good time to purr close to them, and get well deserved human love. Then back to bed, and ready to start anew...

We also enjoy on a regular basis what the staff calls "weekend" ; we have basically the same activities, but it's like morning and evening are much longer, and staff disappears for shorter periods. They do have more time to pet us, brush us (purr purr) ... and to use the vacuum cleaner (yukkk).

I send a few pictures, not that artistic, but showing usual activities : napping, enjoying a staring contest with she-brat, eating tuna, asking for the attention I deserve....

Hoping all is well at home,

Tons of purrs

Tonight aka Mz Trouble


Good morning he is great!  Play, eat, so cute.  I did give medication when you give to me.  All done. I called Doraemon, he came to me. And my baby and Doraemon was seems like ok. no fighting. Thank you so much I do like long life with Doraemon!!.  My husband want to see him because my husband is working in Virginia St. and I will going Virginia on today I will be back sat. My best friend, (she living in next door) take care my all babies. I will sending pic for you . Have a nice day.

Mr. G

Hi Suzanne,
Mr. G is settling in fine. He has explored all 3 levels of our house and has found some favorite places to hide already. He hasn't eaten much yet, but he knows where his food and water is located. He follows us around everywhere and does not seem scared by any noises (dishwasher, washing machine,etc.) He is a beautiful kitten. and you are right he is Mr. Personality! So lovable! and we love him too.  Here is a picture I took this morning. He loves to watch all the birds outside!
Jackie and Skip


He is still a cutie and loves to sit in baskets.....even when he has outgrown them.
Take Care.

Hi Suzanne,
I hope you are doing great. Mr. G is still wonderful. I have attached a current picture. I was wondering what the average weight is of a Scottish Fold. Mr G. currently is 11.6 pounds which our Vet thinks is a little hefty. We only feed him 1/4 cup 2 times a day....and he is quite active. I was just wondering if they are bigger cats. I know British Shorthairs can be large and I was wondering if Scottish folds are, too. He still gets into everything..(remember the trash when he was a kitten). He is curious about everything. A true delight. We really love him.
Take Care,
Jackie and Skip
Kettering, OH


MacGregor traveled very well, he set or layed on the arm rest between the seats or laid in Aliciaís lap no problems whatsoever.When he got in the house he became all you said he was checking everything out in, around, under, all the furniture and in every room, started playing with his toys and us.It looks like our old cat and him will be good together, will take a little time but they are ok.

Mac likes to get up with me on the computer desk and in to one of the little cubby holes and go to sleep.  Thanks for everything

Ray and Alicia Burns


Our Ginny is the cutest little thing! It's day 3 and already, she owns the whole house and everyone in it!! She and our senior kitty (Simon) are tolerating one another now (much quicker than I expected). I think they'll be good friends eventually. At first I thought they were going to be fighting all the time. She kept trying to attack him like she was a huge ferocious lion! Too funny! What a pistol! No hissing, swatting, and spitting today... Now she's just wanting to play with him and I think he's a bit confused by her change in attitude.

We adore her. She is very loving and full of personality. She scampers about, looking for mischief and when she's tired, she'll come and cry at our heels to be picked up and held. She flops out in our arms and goes right to sleep. She's been sleeping on my pillow at night and wakes up to play with her tail (and anything else that moves) at 6:30 sharp each morning.

After losing my beloved foldie to cancer at only 3 yrs. old, I'm so grateful to have Ginny. She's spunky, precious and loving. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter kitten.

Thank you for our new baby!
Cindy, Brian, Grace, Joseph, and old Simon-kitty too!

Murphy and Baxter

Hi, Suzanne! I just wanted to check in and let you know how well both Murphy and Baxter are doingl They are just the most amazing kitties...so friendly and outgoing. Both are extremely social and have to be around people (I think they think they are people). Baxter has especially been incredible with our two year old daughter and lets her carry him everywhere...very precious. I just wanted to thank you for such wonderful kittens and it is obvious you spent so much time with them when they were wee ones. They are thriving and we just love them both! Thank you so much for everything!




Hi there, I thought you might enjoy seeing a photo of Sassy in her new kitty tent that was taken about a week ago. She and Oreo are getting along just fine (at least most of the time) and of course, neither of them are spoiled. (Yeah, right!)  I hope all is well on your end.  Have a good day!
Cindy Lucas
Muscarelle Museum of Art
The College of William & Mary


April, 2005
Hi there,  We all enjoyed meeting you too and I did mention to my Aunt that I would like to go to Plainview next month if possible. Once I know what the "family plans" are, I'll send you a note to see if we can get together.  Sassy is such a sweet little girl. Yesterday, I was able to bring her to work with me and once again, she stole the show. It was a special one-time deal as my boss also loves cats.As far as making the transition at home, she is doing very well; however, Oreo (my 2-yr old, neutered male) isn't real happy at this time. Currently Sassy is set up in the guest room and I've been sleeping with her every night. (She likes to cuddle!) Although I've not seen Oreo "loitering" outside her bedroom door, he sure gets grumpy each time we try to introduce her via the kitty carrier. I never knew how talented he was in the growling and hissing department.
Have a good evening,


Hey Suzanne,

Dolly 1st night went well. She slept all night in the quilts next to me, of course like any new parent I got little sleep, I kept waking up and checking on her. And like any proud parent, I was happy when she pooped in the litter box this morning. She still plays halloween cat when she gets close to Tammy and Jenny. Jenny ran from her, and Tammy just backs up. Dolly wants to stay in the room we are in and if possible next to one of us. She took her medicine this morning without any problem. Dolly is without fear and seems so well adjusted. You have a way of making wonderful kittens.



Hi Suzanne,
I'm in love! He's not as demanding as you said. He is still busy checking things out. He hisses at everyone!

When we got home I put little Scottie on my Dad's bed so he could see him. Logan came over and was cleaned his behind, but I don't think he noticed Logan. He was busy watching the other cats walk around. All the other cats were inquisitive about him and wanted to sniff him. Except Pierre. He hissed and growled at him. But Scottie hissed and growled even louder!

Thank you for sending me this little darling,



Hi Suzanne,

I just thought you might like to know how Tully (yes, the girls won!) is getting on. The trip home was uneventful. Tully slept most of the way once I got her settled down...which didn't take long. After that, the kids took turns holding her while she slept.

She is the most easy going, even tempered kitten I've ever seen (I assume it's common with all Scottish folds) and we are all in love with her. My husband is saying that later in the year maybe we can afford to get another kitten, one with folded ears. I'll send you a few pictures of Tully in her new home some time this week.



We just love Tux. He is a great little kitten. Hes perfect in my eyes, exactly what I was looking for. He has been very happy since he arrived, purring and cuddling all the time. He seems to know exactly what we want him to do. Always comes right over to me when hes ready to fall asleep and cuddles up. I think you did a great job raising him. Its amazing that you can have all those cats, and kittens, give them all attention.

Thank you so much again


Well, tux and I made it back to CA just fine. He seems to be happy here as well. I just love him. He always cuddles with me at night, and just hangs out during the day. He loves to eat. Today he got to meet my dog. Boogie is a pit bull, but he is the wimpiest one ever. Tux gave him a few hisses and he ran upstairs and hid under the bed. Silly that a tiny kitten can scare a big dog. After I calmed Tux down, I took him up to formally introduce him to Boogie. I think they are ok with each other now. Tux will learn very quickly what a wimp Boogie is.

Again thank you so much! I love my little Tuxy!



Hi Suzanne, I have finally found a minute to write and tell you how very precious we think our little Miss Daisy is--- so sweet, so loving, so tough, so gorgeous, so personable, so funny--- all in all she is just purrfect !!!! We really do just love her !!!! She adores Magnolia, but the feeling is not yet mutual-- I think that will change with time, as Magnolia really is a loving little dog--- she just doesn't want Daisy to eat her dog food !!! and she is a little spoiled having been the only child for over 2 years--she will adjust. Thank you for such a wonderful little kitten. You can rest easy that she has a good home and will be very well taken care of. xoxoxox Liz


Hi Suzanne,
I wanted to share with you that I entered McDougal in the page a day cat calendar for 2007. I will find out no later then September 15, 2006 if he is accepted. I'm so excited! I hope he wins. He is just too cute! Attached are the pictures that I entered. Do you think these are winning pictures? He looks so funny in one of them. McDougal is just so amazing in the way he can twist his body into so many positions. I tell everyone he's a contortionist. My friends and family love him! He is so sweet and lovable. Iím so amazed how he is unafraid of strangers. Anyone that comes in the house he has to greet at the door and smell them up and down.
Also he has his own web page on
catster.com. It's a great site devoted to all types of cats that shows so many beautiful & different cats in the world.
I canít wait to see the new litter of kittens from Cadence and Belnute Burton!
Hope you and your family had wonderful holiday.

Hi Suzanne,

I just wanted to give you an update on our baby. I canít believe a year has past since he arrived. It feels like just yesterday we picked him up at the airport. My husband and I took McDougal for his one year check up. They all just adore him at the office. Heís 8 lbs. 4oz. and loves all the attention they give him. They suggested that I start brushing his teeth because they said his gums look a little irritated. I bought the little finger toothbrush and cat tooth paste. He is so wonderful. He simply sits there and allows me to brush his teeth. I keep up with his baths once a month. He is very fond of the blow dryer air.
Now that itís getting colder he sleeps on my chest or in between my husband and me at night. Sometimes it gets crowded because Beans (our 4 year old calico) sleeps on my legs and with him on my chest I hardly move at night. On the really cold nights I donít mind the warmth. He is truly the best!  I attached two pictures I took the other day. He adores sitting in the sun to warm himself up. His eyes are so stunning. The color is amazing! Fondly,

Hi Suzanne,
Today McDougal and Willy turn one. I can't believe a year has gone by so fast. They grow big so quickly. I wanted to update you on McDougal  I haven't been in touch since March. He is doing great! He still loves to lay in his cat condo but now he has to squeeze in there. He has mellowed a little but he nonetheless loves to mess around with our 4-year-old cat Beans. She tolerates him nowadays and enjoys his liveliness. This summer he has a new interest to occupy his time. Bugs! He loves to sit by our screen door or stretch out in the window and watch them fly around all day.   It's so great to look at your site for updates on new kittens. All of them are so adorable!   I call Michelle (Willy's mom) and we talk about how cute they are and how we want another one.

Hello Suzanne,
I just wanted to show you how big McDougal is getting! He is so funny. He loves to lie back with his feet out. When he does this you can really see how long heís getting. He also loves to sit in his cat condo, as well as sitting on top of it looking out our window watching the birds, squirrels, and just about anything else that passes by. We just love him. But when he gets his sprits of energy you do not want to get in his way because heíll run all over you.  In addition, I have to say that the new litter of kittens you got is absolutely gorgeous. You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful job by breeding such astonishing cats.
Thanks again for our superb kitten, McDougal!

Hi Suzanne:
I canít express how much joy McDougal has brought to our family. He is the sweetest, cutest, little guy I ever had the pleasure of owning. He is very affectionate and follows us every where in the house. I love how in the morning he rubs his head on my face and starts licking my nose to wake me up so I can play with him. See how big he is getting! I am amazed that his color is changing from mostly gray to white. Now he looks like a little tiger with his stripes. Fondly,


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