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Testimonies from 2006
Sassi and Skye

Just thought you'd like to see what my precious little girls look like now...just before they turn 11 months old on Wednesday! I took some portrait shots of them this weekend, and got one of both girls in their favorite spot this holiday season...under the Christmas tree! (Sassi has the tan face; Skye has the gray face)
     They've really grown...in mid-October they both weighed just over 9lbs. They still have the personalities of fun-loving kittens. Sassi is my "wild child"...the spunky one who stretches boundaries. She does love to be cuddled, especially early in the morning once she hears my alarm go off, and in the evening when I'm watching TV. Skye is the "girly girl"...also known as "cuddle bunny"...she loves being held and cuddled every chance she gets (she has her sneaky "wild child" moments, too, tho!). Skye also helps me read the paper every morning, sitting in my lap while I have coffee and TRY to turn the pages (kinda tough with a kitty on them). It may sound funny, but they seem to have worked out a 'system' for sharing Mom...they don't usually try to climb in my lap at the same time and in fact have pretty regular schedules of when they like to be held!
     There are times when Skye reminds me of the pictures I've seen of their dad Burton...I really see him in her stockiness and the way she holds her head. Sassi seems to favor Cadence (at least the pic I've seen of their mom)...she's more dainty and slender. Both are little sweethearts...they talk (not a lot, tho) and make cute little trilling noises (especially Sassi) that are their version of commenting on the state of the world (especially when those seagulls fly by the window...).
     They're the bestest, sweetest little buddies...I'm so glad they live with me!
Sassi 'n' Skye's mom...
Kathi Edwards

Okay, Aunt Suzanne...we think it's high time you put more pictures of US on your Web site! You have NINE of our brother Koshka and only ONE of us...and it was taken before we left your house! We're just as cute as he is...maybe even cuter, 'cuz we're girls! Today's our birthday (we're four months old!) and we thought, "SURELY Aunt Suzanne would put some new pictures up in honor of our BIRTHDAY!" So we're sending you some new ones Mom took today.
Our Mom loves us very much. We're lucky...she works from home and plays with us every day, and cuddles us whenever we want to be cuddled. We share her pretty well...Sassi (tan face) likes to cuddle with her in the morning...usually about 7am; first, though, she has to wake Mom up to get any attention. Skye (grey face) likes to cuddle and purr (and sometimes fall asleep) on Mom's lap for about an hour in the middle of every day. Mom's training is progressing nicely, too...she'll pick us up for a cuddle any time we ask (which is happening a lot these days)!
Our favorite toy is "Da Bird," a feather toy on the end of a "fishing pole" that flys JUST like a real bird! Mom had to go out and buy another one so we could each have our own - one in each of her hands - otherwise we'd go after it together regardless of what other toy Mom was waving around. We have so many toys we don't know what to do with them all, but it's fun trying and we don't fight over them TOO much (although Skye says Sassi always wants her toy, regardless of what she already has herself). We love our little furry mousies, and the best thing is to bat them around the kitchen floor. Of course, before long they usually end up under the stove and Mom has to get them out for us...our paws don't quite reach them! We like to play in the bathtub, too...wrestling on that slippery surface is much more fun than wrestling on the carpet. And Skye LOVES playing in the water coming out of the bathroom sink faucet! We could go on and on about the fun we have here; for some reason Mom laughs every day. Do you think it's because of what we do?
Please tell Koshka we miss him, and we really think he's turning out quite handsome (for a brother)!
Skye and Sassi
(with a little help from Mom Kathi)

Their plane was a little early (I'd found it might be, so was there), and I had them 20 mins later. They were wide awake and alert, and all the personnel in the cargo office had to come see them before I left! They were all curious about their ears, of course. For the drive home, I turned off the radio and talked to them the whole way so they'd start getting used to my voice. I think they slept for a few minutes at one point...then they were wrestling! It was dark, of course, so I couldn't see them too well.
I let them out of the crate in the bathroom, showing them the litter box and a bowl of water...they both drank quite a bit. And while they did urinate in the crate, they managed to hold off the other until about two miles from my house...all of a sudden I heard mewing and then smelled it. Not sure which one; she ALMOST made it! ;-)
At this moment, they are having a BALL running around my condo and finding all kinds of cubby holes...already have discovered under my bed (which is relatively high but with lots of boxes and "stuff" under it to climb over and hide behind!). The funniest thing so far is their discovery of a closet-door mirror in my entryway, just inside the front door! Both of them did the "attack" pose and bounced around trying to play with the other kitties in the mirror. It had me laughing so hard I almost cried! :-D I've tried to take some pictures but they are moving so fast it's hard!
This is SO MUCH FUN...I can't keep track of 'em as they dash around the house. My Tigger was so sedate the last few years (altho she did become the "wild woman of Borneo" on occasion, usually about 10p, until the last year or so) that it's fun to watch these two race around and chase each other. Every time I approach them they run past me or in the opposite direction, so I'm just letting them explore and race around for a while. After a while, I just laid down on the floor and they clambered all over me as they were playing 'queen of the hill'!
Anyway...I'll keep you posted as to how they do over the next few days (and beyond, if you'd like!); their "care kits" arrived today too. Thanks so much...I KNOW I'm going to enjoy them hugely! My friends are probably going to get tired of my telling them what cute things they do... hee hee!

Gracie and Pepper

Dear Aunt Suzanne,
I had a wonderful Christmas. Santa brought me and Pepper a stocking full of our favorite toys, little catnip socks, new blankets, and our most favorite present of them all…a play tent. Mommy and Daddy took lots of pictures of us on Christmas morning and I sent you my favorite ones. My little sister, Pepper, is growing like a weed. I am trying to teach her how to behave and be a pretty little girl but she prefers to climb on stuff and run through the house like a little Tasmanian devil every night about nine o’clock – just when I’m all bathed and ready for bed. Despite her tom-boy ways, she is still a very good little sister and all our friends and family fuss over her something awful. My Grandma, Aunt, and Nieces came to visit us for the holidays and they brought us toys too! Happy Holidays!

The girls are really doing well as you can tell by the picture. They are both so well behaved – it’s truly amazing. We’ve had the tree up now for over a week and they haven’t attempted to remove one ornament. They are content simply to lie under the tree in Pepper’s bed. They’re like a couple of sardines packed in the little thing. My family is coming in for the holidays and they are all so anxious to meet the newest member of the Garland clan. Gracie continues to be a wonderful big sister/mommy…she has taken to bathing Pepper on a regular basis now whether Pepper needs it or not – it’s too cute. We’ll be sure to take lots of pictures of Christmas morning…until then, enjoy your holiday season. Gracie and Pepper send their love.
E. Paige Garland


Morning, Suzanne,
Things are going much better between Gracie and Pepper. Yes, we’ve added a name. “Pepper” went well with her personality and appearance. They are playing together now, but Gracie is still a bit cautious about rough and tumble play. She probably needs to adjust a bit more, but I think that may also be some fear leftover from her brother, Tuff. He got pretty rough with her when he was ill. Pepper had no problem adjusting to her new home. She’s just wondering what Gracie’s problem is. All will be fine in a few more days.
     Here are a couple of updated photos of “Her Highness” and Pepper. As you can see, Gracie is all grown up. She looks a lot like her dad, Norton, only with long hair.  We’ve not taken many photos of Pepper because she won’t sit still long enough. She is “on” 24/7. Don’t let the photo fool you. The camera flash caused her eyes to close.
Have a good day,


Dear Auntie Suzanne,
I wanted to send a couple of photos from Gracie’s first birthday party. Her Grandma came to spend the week with us and spoiled her with more love. In the one picture you can see the big pink teddy bear that Grandma gave her for her birthday; she loves to sleep with it. Matter of fact, she has several stuffed animals now… she loves to curl up with them when she’s sleeping. She is absolutely precious. Each day she brings us a new measure of joy. Her big brother, Tuff, has been sick for the past couple of months (we think he suffered a minor stroke) and she has taken to looking after him. It’s priceless. Gracie sends her love.
Sincerely, Paul & Paige

Hello Suzanne,
Time for another update on Gracie. She is becoming a bit shyer around visitors which surprises us since she was so BOLD as a kitten. She is still full of wonder and explores everything, but has started hiding around corners when friends come by and doesn’t spend much time in our laps anymore. We’re wondering, is this a result of being around only Paige and I most of the time, or is she picking up on her brother’s skittish nature? Tuff, if you remember, was a feral kitten when we adopted him and is very jumpy and shy.
As you can see though from the picture, she is feeling very comfortable. She has a bed by the back patio door where she spends most of her nap time hours. The more serious night rest is spent either on top of or next to me. She is a wonder and a love bug. The Fold is a great breed. Paige and I look forward to our next one.
Take care, Paul & Paige

She's so precious. She is doing great and such a ball of fire. She wears herself out playing with her toys and then immediately cries until we pick her up and then she's sound asleep in less than a minute (it's too cute). She's a bed-bug already and hogs my pillow most of the time. We couldn't be happier...thanks so much
Happy New Year!

We just wanted to share a couple of photos of our little one. She's really a sweet girl; we couldn't love her more.
Love ya all...Paul & Paige
E. Paige Garland



Taco and Nacho
     Yesterday was my first anniversary with Taco. At 10:15am, it was exactly one year ago to the day when Taco took his first poop when we had 10 minutes to catch our connecting flight in Cincinnati from Little Rock (you can't get much more sentimental than that). I knew then that he was special - or just smart enough to go before we got on the plane.
     The guys are doing very well and are getting along great. Nacho's colors are really coming in and he looks more like Taco every day.
     Attached are two shots that show Taco's way of helping me with rake the leaves.
     Anyway - thanks again for such a great year with Taco and Nacho - there are no words to express how much I love these two guys.


Hi Suzanne:
Here's some pictures of Taco from this weekend - from the beach and backyard.
Weather permitting, our typical Saturday starts around 7am when we eat breakfast at a diner near my house that serves food outside. They make Taco an egg white omelet with asparagus, broccoli and shrimp. I usually consume enough iced coffee to satisfy a police department.
After a quick trip to the garden shop, Taco spends most of the day out on his leash watching me sweat and drink beer while I'm working in the yard. He only loses interest in watching me suffer if a butterfly flies by - or if he stares down a squirrel. At about 4pm - when I've wished that I owned a condo instead of a house about 50 times, I walk Taco to the beach. He immediately relieves himself in what he thinks is the worlds largest litter box. This is followed by about an hour of playing with The Catfisher (a great toy - basically a fishing pole with a Day-Glo mouse at the end of it).
Anyway, our lives, and stomachs are pretty full together. He's enjoying a rich life that is far less boring than what most cats are used to. And I couldn't be happier with having such a great companion. He's such good company that it makes it easy to keep the ringer on my phone off.
Looking forward to more updates on the kittens.

You have no idea how much your e-mail brightened my week - just the thought of knowing that Taco's getting a brother, and I'm going to be soon raising another kitten (one of the only things I do really well), is exciting.
I'd love to see pictures of the other kittens - but I have to say that I think I'm pretty sold on the kitten you sent me - how old is he? I printed out the pictures and put them in my office - a half day of staring is getting me pretty close to those adoption feelings - his face looks just like Taco - but with different colorings. He looks like a real "pill".
I know what your saying about Taco - I'll take a little credit on how socialized - almost overly socialized he is. But, I've had so many people stop me and comment that he's the best looking cat they've ever seen - and of course I'd agree. He really is stunning.
Finally, I had dinner with a Client tonight who asked me to bring Taco. The cook at the restaurant made a mixture of chicken, broccoli, asparagus with shredded shrimp. If a cat could ever give you a look like "I want to marry you" - Taco did tonight. My Client (who I actually like) said that she's never seen a bond between an animal and an "owner" like we have - I've been fortunate enough to feel that with all of my pets - but Taco really is special.
As next steps - I'd love to see the other kittens before I finally take the leap I know I'm taking - the reality is I know I'll be seeing you in a few weeks, bag in hand, ready for my new addition.
I'm excited beyond belief....

The weekend flew by - filled with the usual grief - squirrels ate most my sunflowers and my central air looks like it needs servicing...I live about 1/8 of a mile from the beach which has become Taco's walk destination. It's the perfect distance because he sort of gives up after going that far. He does try and chase the seagulls - but by my calculation, he can only jump 4 inches off of the ground when they fly away - I guess Folds are not known for athleticism.
Anyway, sorry again for the late reply - I'd love an update on the pregnancy - and coincidentally, Taco just brought the leash over to me - very quietly for a change As for Taco - he's driving me crazy this week. Since he's fully leash trained, he's learned how to pull the leash off of the hook near the back door. He'll drag it to wherever I am and let out a meow that I think would translate into "lets get your fat ass moving - I want to go for a walk." We're up to 4 walks a day - and one hour on his line in the backyard. I'm sure if my parents spent this much time with me, I wouldn't prefer the company of cats so much.
- looks like 5 walks today.
I just had dinner with my vet who was amazed at how well behaved Taco was as he joined us. He seemed to get get a kick out of the fact that Taco was better behaved then his kids at dinner - I know his daughters and they are great which gives you some idea on how polite Taco is as a dinner companion. Dave (my vet) wanted me to pass along the news to you that Taco is "beyond healthy" - physically and mentally (he had a check up today to get his nails trimmed).
Anyway, I may have asked you this, but I get a lot of people asking where I got Taco and I'm not sure if you want me to give out your information. I tend to not like most people anyway, and some of the people that stop us are, for lack of a better word and in my opinion, nuts. But, if it's good for your business, I will lead them to your site.
I usually just say that he's from Blue Ball Arkansas which shoos 95% of them away.
Very much looking forward to the news about the "half brother" for Taco - my vet even feels that he would take to another cat in the house well.
You have no idea how much your e-mail brightened my week - just the thought of knowing that Taco's getting a brother, and I'm going to be soon raising another kitten (one of the only things I do really well), is exciting.
I'd love to see pictures of the other kittens - but I have to say that I think I'm pretty sold on the kitten you sent me - how old is he? I printed out the pictures and put them in my office - a half day of staring is getting me pretty close to those adoption feelings - his face looks just like Taco - but with different colorings. He looks like a real "pill".
I know what your saying about Taco - I'll take a little credit on how socialized - almost overly socialized he is. But, I've had so many people stop me and comment that he's the best looking cat they've ever seen - and of course I'd agree. He really is stunning.
Finally, I had dinner with a Client tonight who asked me to bring Taco. The cook at the restaurant made a mixture of chicken, broccoli, asparagus with shredded shrimp. If a cat could ever give you a look like "I want to marry you" - Taco did tonight. My Client (who I actually like) said that she's never seen a bond between an animal and an "owner" like we have - I've been fortunate enough to feel that with all of my pets - but Taco really is special.

Here's some new Taco pictures - he has to go out every day for about an hour - or the house gets a little loud.

He' s still doing great...hope you are as well.



Hi Suzanne:
Hope this finds you well.
I have what may be a stupid question....the restaurant at the end of my street loves when I bring Taco. They have an outdoor patio and we both have been enjoying the warm weather by sitting outside.
There's not much on the menu that he can eat (although he wants to eat everything). But, they have been giving him fresh shrimp, boiled with no sauce by the truckload. He eats til his hearts content then falls asleep in his bag.
Is shrimp Ok for him - it obviously looks better than you usual cat food - but I want to make sure. If we even walk by the restaurant, he gives me a "let me in for shrimp" look.
Aside from that, he's doing great - we're basically joined at the hip.
He is, by far, the best friend I've ever had.
Let me know about the shrimp.....



Hi Suzanne!
I think that it has been a year now since we recieved little Pepper from you. A lot of people haven't seen black scottish folds, and Lisa, all of our maine coons and I really enjoy his company. The little guy, who is getting bigger boss around all the Mc's who some are over twice his weight and definitely his size. He shows no fear.
     We showed him in November at a TICA show in Westchester, NY. He made a final, so he is now a champion. Not many Folds have been shown throughout the country as of yet, and I am constantly waiting for the TICA website to update their standings so we can see his progress.
     We are planning on showing him in January at Iselin NJ, the first weekend of the new year.
     I will send you an update on that show, and when we get a new picture of Pepper, we will send you it.
     Have a happy and joyous holiday season.

Neil Schraeder and Lisa Baehne-Schraeder


Hi Suzanne,
Hootie is one GREAT kittie!! Running Paws and Hootie are great Pals. She still gives him his limitations but she really misses him when he's not around. (sleeping). You are right, he is full of himself. He is like a March Hare. He has a condo he absolutely loves and lots of toys that he couldn't do without. He's a good boy!







I was just thinking about sending you an update.
     She is an amazingly affectionate, friendly, and engaging kitten. She is well behaved, but can be a riot with her antics. She and the pug take turns chasing each other around the house, but all in good fun. The detente they have developed is hilarious.
     I hope all is well with you. Did you get hit with the recent big snow? I'm sure your mountains are even more in their glory with a fresh blanket of snow. Have a safe and Merry Christmas.



Callum and Daxter

I wanted to send you a couple of pictures I took of our boys over the weekend. They are great pictures of them!  We love our boys. They are definitely getting big. Callum is still into everything and Daxter is still our shy quiet boy.






Hello Suzanne!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! It's been a while, so I wanted to give you an update on my little Koshka :) He's doing GREAT! He's like a little regal lion! His fur is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! So long and soft and fluffy! I think he knows how handsome he is :) He is the most loyal, playful, caring little munchkin ever. He is such a cuddler too! He impresses me more and more every day. He has learned a few words now as well! My favorite is "kiss". If you ask him for a 'koshka kiss' he will touch his little nose to your nose! It is truly unbelievable and cute! And when he hears the doorbell he comes running to the door and sits to wait to greet whoever comes in. I really can't believe how smart he is :)  Probably his favorite thing in the world is being brushed. I think he believes he is getting a massage *lol*. I've never seen a cat who liked to get groomed! But he can't wait! He definitely has me wrapped around his little paw. I still can't thank you enough for raising such a wonderful kitten. Hope all is well by you and with your family. Have a wonderful
--Jen & Koshka--

Good Morning Suzanne!
Koshka and I just wanted to drop a note to say 'hi'! He is growing up so big and strong! This past month he has definitely found his vocal cords and talks to me all the time! It sounds like a little bark/squeak :) It's usually when he wants to get to someplace that is too high for him to jump to. Too cute! So Koshka was on the computer the other day and saw beautiful pictures of Sassi and Skye!!!!! (I attached a photo for you of that!) He was so excited to see how pretty his sisters are and how big they are getting :) He says 'hi!' and that he misses them too! :) He loves "Da Bird" as well!  I am also so amazed at how much Koshka takes to the water. I have attached a picture from his bath this weekend :) I keep thinking he is so big and fluffy - but he is so scrawny when he is wet :) He is all fur! So such a softy.  He is really such a character :) You knew his personality even when he was born! I can't get enough of him! Every day he does something new that makes me smile :)
Hope all is well by you! We'll talk to you soon!
Tell Sassi & Skye we say HI!
-- Jen & Koshka -- :)

Good Morning Suzanne!
Koshka is doing excellent!!! Took him just under a week to feel better after the shots. The supplement seemed to help him a lot. He is so loving - I am just amazed how sweet he is. Just follows me everywhere. And playful! We play for hours during the evenings :) He is so smart! He actually learned to play this little game with me where we both sit on the floor and I pick up one of his ball toys and call his name and roll it to him. Instead of chasing it all about the house, he actually paws it back to me! And we continue to roll the ball back and forth to each other - It is absolutely adorable to watch :)
He is also my new alarm clock - He purrs and paws at me at 5:30 am on the dot every morning! Too CUTE! His fur is becoming more and more beautiful each day as well. He is just a stunning little guy!
I have attached some photos of his window time and sleeping/belly rub time :)
He definitely gets a lot of attention around here!
Hope all is well with your family and the new kittens!
Thanks so much Suzanne!
Jennifer Hall


Hi Suzanne!
Just some extra Koshka photos for your viewing pleasure :)
I just can't get enough of him! He is the sweetest most playful little
guy ever! he is getting so strong too!
oh, and he says 'meeeeow' - which means 'HI!' to you and his baby
calico sisters! :)

Good Morning Suzanne!
Just wanted to keep you posted on Koshka's progress - he is AMAZING!!!!! I did just what you said with the litter box and he never had another accident! Just the one :) He's such a quick learner. He is just the most playful little guy, we play all the time together! Then he'll just do this little chirpy meow for me to put him on my lap so he can nap. It's just too adorable for words. And he's been doing the funniest thing, he gets up on his hind legs and stands there and begs for food when he knows that its mealtime *lol*. He looks just like a lemur!!! We have our vet appointment coming up this weekend for his next rounds of vaccinations, so i'm sure everything will go smoothly. He has brought so much joy and excitement here, people just can't get enough of him!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!
-Jen & Koshka-

Hello Suzanne!!!
Koshka is doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We played most of the night until he fell asleep in my lap :) then he cried to sleep in the bed with me and didn't leave my side until he woke me at 7:00 am by licking my face *LOL*
what a melon! he follows me around from room to room checking out what’s going on. he is so precious. He ate great this morning and has taken to his water bowl perfectly.
He also seems to like being brushed!!! He hasn't taken to his litter box yet, and had an accident on the welcome mat by the front door. So, hopefully we can get that straighten out. I have showed him the litter box and moved his front paws around the litter, so I am hoping he will take to it soon. Let me know if there is anything else I should be doing to help him adjust to the litter box. I am using the same litter you suggested.
I will keep you posted on his progress. I have attached pics for you to see how he's taking to his new home :)
 Thanks a Bunch!!!! You are amazing with these little guys!!!!!



We decorated our tree over the weekend, and Murray had to help. He is doing great........is very much a part of our family. I can't imagine life without Murray around. His best friend is our Australian Shepherd, Cody. Thank you so much for letting us adopt him!

Suzanne, I just wanted to update you on Murray. We started out with Murray in Wyatt's bedroom so that he could get used to everything. Wyatt and Murray bonded. Murray follows Wyatt everywhere. Now Murray has won Dad over. He spends the day in Dad's lap or sleeping on his chest. Dad doesn't want me to tell anyone. It's not the image a rough, tough ex police officer likes advertised! I asked him last night if he wanted me to give Murray back. He set me straight in a hurry. We are introducing him to the dogs gradually, but I think all is going well. Thank you so much for all the items you sent with him. It was a big help. We'll send you an update/pictures in a few months. Thanks so much for letting us adopt Murray. Alice

Eek and Moneypenny

Hi Dr. Henne,
Moneypenny and Eek are now good friends. It took only 3-4 days. I think it's down to the fact that Eek has an exceptionally easy-going temperament, despite the fact that Moneypenny wants to play fight with him all the time. He seems comfortable in almost any situation. I have weighed him using some shipping scales I have on Sunday and he was about 2.6 lbs. He's definitely grown.




Miko and Yumi

Hey Suzanne! The kittys came yesterday. Yumi insisted that she sleep with us last night and Miko followed. I was very suprised that they immediately used thier litter boxes. They are very smart kittens and very curious. They climb to places I wouldn't think they could. We let them roam where they want during the day, but mostly they like to sleep in our bed. We took a lot of cute pictures of them discovering new areas and playing with toys. I hope you like the ones I sent. Miko and Yumi say hi!
Thanks a lot! -Suzanne &
Reid Williams




Here are some current pictures of Copper. He is doing great. His leg is no longer an issue it seems.
We keep him on an over the counter glucosamine/chondroitin for cats daily. He gets it with canned food (a treat for him) and he goes nuts for it. He is tipping the scale at 10 lbs now. He is truly a part of the family. I hope all is well with you.
Bob & Jan

Just a quick note to let you know that Copper is eating hard food, without it having to be mixed with the soft. He is drinking water and playing like a maniac. He is such a lover. Everyday when I come home, he meets me at the back door. He is such a cuddler at night, when it is time to go to sleep. He is using his litter box just fine. I think you had said something about having to clean his ears???? How am I to do that, with a clean Q-Tip??? Will unfolding his ears to clean them make his ears not fold???? I have attached a picture of him for you to see. Once again, thanks for such a great kitten. I was never a big cat person, but I really love him.



Hey Suzanne,
     I spent the morning looking for Scottish names.......and I stumbled onto one I really like and that I'm sure will fit her personality to a tee!!!!
   Te`arlag (pronounced CHAR lak) which means "instigator" !!! This kitty has NO fear!!! Just gets right into everything and goes wherever she wants!! Plays hard and when she's ready for a nap she climbs right onto someones chest and goes to sleep!! We're having a ball with her.
     We're actually going to call her Ally.......my daughter plays soccer and her Keeper coach (goalie) is from Scottland and played pro soccer there and is named Ally......it started out as a joke but the name just seems to fit her!!
     Thanks again!!!! Kim





He's doing great. He met jasmine, the Jack Russell Terrior, yesterday, and didn't seem to mind her. They like to play with each other through the bottom of the door. They can do that for hours. Other than that, he’s growing fast and eating alot... he kind of likes to bite my hands alot, he thinks its a fun game, should I be telling him no when he does this?? I wasn't sure. Here is a recent pic. of him.


Tephra and Petroglyph

Hi Suzanne:
Tephra is growing like a weed. She and Petroglyph have bonded and play hide and seek. One day I came home and could not find Tephra anywhere I called and called. I hunted high and low, but no Tephra. I had noticed that one of my large pueblo pottery jars was tipped completely over, probably from the two frolicking, I just ignored it and continued to search for Tephra. After walking past the Acoma pot several times, I finally decided to tip it upright. Tephra was underneath it, looked at me, meowed and took off. Now, that’s catitude. She has been sleeping with me at night. We had a some slight eye problems, I think were the result of the glue on the paws and scratching the cornea. She is wonderful and a fabulous addition to my pride. Do you have the papers on her? I would like to register her.
Take care,


Hi Suzanne,
I just wanted to send you some pictures of my Fergus! He loves to sit perched in that basket he has a good view of everything that is going on. My daughter loves to push him in her doll stroller, and he loves the ride! My son takes his remote dump truck and Fergus loves to ride on the truck, but he's getting so big, the truck won't run anymore with him in it! He doesn't sit on laps, but he loves to lay with me on the couch, right above my head. He is definitely a wonderful addition to our family! Hope all is well....


Victor and Hugo

Bon jour Suzanne,
Just wanted to give you an update on the boys. They are doing fine and are so cute. Victor has a sweet personality and starts purring even before your hand starts rubbing him. Sydney has never hissed at him because Victor knows to respect his elders and to take the long way around. Hugo, on the other hand, loves to push the envelope and insists on annoying Sydney. As a result, Sydney continues to hiss at him and swat at him when Hugo gets too close. Hugo does not share his toys very well and has to have his ball and Victor's, too. So he often has one in his mouth while batting the other one around. But Victor can hold his own when they start jumping on each other. He is usually the winner here. They seem to prefer Sydney's food even though their food is available all day and exclusively during the night when they stay upstairs. Interesting. They like to listen to me talk on the phone and will curl up in a kitchen chair, each in a different chair, if I am sitting there. I have spent an entire week just watching them play and it has been great fun for me as well.
Thanks so much, and have a great vacation. I hope it is cool where you are going. And you certainly did pick the right day for Victor and Hugo to travel. Thanks for thinking ahead on that.

The boys are doing just fine! Sydney, on the other hand, is still not happy. He continues to hiss and growl, but that is all. Hugo just walks right up to Sydney to say Hi, not realizing that he is sorely aggravating Sydney. Victor usually goes around the longer way to avoid Sydney. I am sure they will resolve this soon. The boys sleep in the bathroom at night so that we don't have to worry about who is where. Then we let them into our bedroom suite during the day. Yesterday evening we let them explore the rest of the house for the first time, and they enjoyed that. They love running up and down the steps to the second floor! I was glad yesterday when everyone had tuckered themselves out and all took a nap. Victor slept in my arms, which is what I have been looking forward to. Sydney and Catherine were never lap cats. They are eating, drinking, and pooping fine. We leave out the kitten food for them during the night, and then they chow down on the KD for Sydney during the day, so that seems to be working out.

Thanks so much for everything Suzanne. We appreciate your love, care and concern for the boys. You have been a good Mom.


Ralph and Simon

Could not deny you the picture of Ralph and Simon. They are gorgeous, great, intelligent, the smartest cats in Georgia. Ralph is sweet and calm, never makes a sound and Simon is chatty and rambunctious.  There were so good for me before and after the surgery last year. They were my entertainment crew. As you can see they are well behaved and never sleep on the table.  Ralph is softer than Simon, who is almost wooly.  Brian is as nuts over his cat as we are.  We talk to him every weekend and he does “go on” about that cat.  Hope you are all well in Arkansas.  I keep up with your kittens on the computer, of course.... I want all of them!

Toby and Swann

They're best buds :) If Swann scratches the scratching post, Toby does too. If Swann cleans him self, Toby sits down and does the same. I have 2 litter boxes and 2 food/water dishes b/c they have to eat and go to the bathroom together too! They follow each other around all day. Last night was the first night Swann hasn't slept with us, I found them both sleeping on the floor in our room this morning, about a foot apart. They still wrestle every once in a while, but Toby is holding his own now, half the time they end up licking each other!
They're not ignoring Matt and I either, now we have 2 cats swarming around our legs when we get home!
I"m so glad we got a second cat, I'm sure Swann is too!


Max, Basil, and Masha

Hi Suzanne,
Both brothers are becoming very handsome guys. Max (white and cream) is bigger than Basil (red), although Basil consumes twice as much. Max is the curious one; he is always investigating something whereas Basil more restrained and observant. I is amazing how different their personalities are. Masha (the Scottish fold) is a very sweet and shy girl. The brothers don't like to sit on the laps; they prefer to be somewhere around. The girl is very affectionate and loves to snuggle on my laps. When she is intimidated by bigger and stronger brothers, she becomes very vocal and everybody, including dogs, rush to rescue her. They are very-very different in terms of their personalities; boys behaves very much like boys and the girl is very much the girl.
I can not stop thanking you for these wonderful kittens.
Thanks a million.


Leo, Rudy, and Daisy
Hi, Suzanne!
I thought you might like an update on our trio. I'm attaching photos of Leo and Daisy to this message, and then I'll send one of Rudy + a group shot in a second email.
Leo, the British shorthair, is a delight! He is becoming quite the handsome fellow, don't you think? He's the quietest of the three, but certainly makes his wishes known. He sometimes watches the other two as if he were the indulgent older brother...which he is.
Rudy, the Scottish fold, is a real character! He is vocal, snoopy, sometimes clumsy, but always affectionate...our clown! He is often just laugh-out-loud funny! He is also our little piggie. The other two have great appetites, but Rudy can consume twice as much twice as fast!
Daisy is our little darling. She has never been intimidated by her older, larger brothers, but she will protest mightily when she thinks they've gone too far!
All three love to snuggle on our laps, usually at the same time; play with their various toys; "help" us load and unload the dishwasher; gaze out the window at the trees and birds; chase each other around the house; run and skid through the Sunday papers on the floor; curl up in their little beds (each has one but they often cram themselves in together); and explore behind, under and on top of whatever's handy.
We love them, and I think it's safe to say they love us too. We might have to think about one more little girl just to balance out our family!
Hope you all are well!!


Hi, Good afternoon!!!!!!!! Wow Suzanne, What a precious baby boy I now own!!! He is such a character! Last night when I got ready to go to bed, I picked him up and placed him in his new kitty bed, and he layed down and went right to sleep! I would look over at him several times during the night to make sure he was ok, and he was still there just a sleeping away. He plays so hard during the day. My livingroom looks like a child’s playroom. I went to pick up a friend at the airport yesterday so I first stopped at Petsmart to pick up some food for my 2 other cats, and of course to find some more toys for Beanie Boy. He is so spoiled already. Abraham just sniffs him when Beanie comes to rub up against Abe. Katie Kitty still stays upstairs, but is coming downstairs more often. Beanie really has a good home here. He is loved so much already by me, and some of my friends. The preacher and his wife that live across from me took Beanie's picture before he even got into the house on Friday! They just left to take the pictures up to be developed. Every time I pick Beanie up, he starts to purr!! I think he likes it here too! My friend is trying to get me to call him "Latte" like coffee, and the other wants me to name him "Cappuccino" and call him "Cappi". He'll have a thousand names. The other day he acted up a little bit so I called him Bean Head, and Jelly Bean Head! What can I say but Thanks for suggesting that I get him. He's got a cute personality. If in the future you're still breeding, I will definitely get another fold from you...........THANKS...PS: THIS WAS MY BIRTHDAY GIFT TO ME......Later....Jeanne, Abraham, Miss Katie Kitty, and Beanie Boy.


Macduff is very sweet. He likes to be held and cuddled and loves to sleep on a lap, but he is getting so long he sometimes starts on a lap but moves to someplace where he can stretch out full length. He likes to watch bird and squirrels from his climbing pole, loves to play "stalking" with anyone who will peek around corners or at him, rides well in the car and seems to enjoy "walks" in his kittywalk stroller, which gets him a lot of attention. He's very quiet and fairly well behaved (although we're not very demanding discipline-wise). All in all a very nice cat!

Smudge and Puffer

Just a note to tell you again how happy we are with our girls. The cream & white British Shorthair, Puffer, (as in cream-puff), and the calico Scottish-Fold, Smudge, (as in she looks like she needs her nose wiped, but it’s her black coloring at the edge of her nose) are such a huge treat. They have taken it upon themselves to help me out of bed each morning. Since going to nursing school and working makes me especially reluctant to get out of my warm bed, they have taken on the responsibility of making sure I am awake. As soon as the alarm goes off, if I don’t immediately get out of bed, they are both on my chest or back with their motors turned really loud and kneading me with those baby feet until I give up and get out bed. They are absolutely delightful!!!!
Thanks again. We are VERY happy.


Hi Suzanne
She is great!! everyone loves her and she loves being around people, you can tell she was very well socialized and got a lot of attention. I think she is adapting wonderfully she is so playful and has so much energy! I am very pleased with her thank you so much!!! she has such a great personality and is getting more vocal everyday! I just received the paperwork this afternoon, I will probably have a few questions but I still need to read it all over first, and I will try to get some updated photos for you as soon as I can.
Thanks again





Hi Suzanne,
I got your postcard reminding me to get the boys in for their annual exam. Thank you! That was very thoughtful of you and proves you are a devoted good breeder who continues to care for their babies long after they have new homes.
Lord Logan, the oldest, is the big bully and the meanest one of all my cats. He is also the shyest. I am working with him and trying to figure out why he is like that.
Sir Scott MacWarr'ear (Scotty) started out rather mean and has ended up being the quiet one and the one who will run and hide when the others want to play rough. I call him my guardian angel because he sleeps just above or next to my head. He hates to be held, but loves to be near at night and I just love to listen to him purr. It's so relaxing.
All the other cats love Scottie and they can come into his cuddle cup anytime and take a nap with him. I was worried for awhile that he would never learn to groom himself because the others were always doing it for him. He didn't even clean himself after he pooped. But now he seems to be taking care of himself just fine. I guess because he was the baby of the bunch they all were fathers to him. He is still the climber. If I let him outside I have to watch him like a hawk. He gets on top of the cat enclosure and even got up on top of the patio roof one day. He can even climb the chain link fence in the cat enclosure! He's amazing! He is very thin and light-weight, where Logan is more big-boned and my heaviest cat. I bought my dog a new house for when I move over to my fiancé's house. I have it inside the house right now and my cats love it! I put it on top of the coffee table so I don't have to move it to vacuum. I got it from
abcdistributing.com. $52 including shipping. I still need to varnish it so I can put it outside some day.
Take care and good luck with all those kitties and cat show awards!


To: Suzanne Henne, D.V.M.
Trifid has more personality than any cat we've seen in awhile. There are people (literally) lined up to see the youngster.
He's tangled with the older cat, Keyser (6), by playing with the tail while Keyser had his head deep in the food bowl.
He likes to sit on the shoulder like a pirate's parrot.
He doesn't know yet what to make of the cuckoo clock.


This is Fiona's new home aboard the tugboat Draco on the Ohio River at utica, Indiana. She has adjusted just great. Sleeps all night. She is just great. We could not be more pleased , healthy , active and just a great kitten. 
Thanks for all the help.
Jim and Sharon Vogt

Hi Suzanne: Just a update on Fiona. Went to vet yesterday for second set of shots. She seems to be settling in to the dogs but has learned that the refrigerator door opening means food, that anyone is fair game when time to take a nap especially shoulders as of now trying to write this letter. She also snors slightly. Eyes still running a little but vet suggested massaging them when we wipe with warm water to keep tear ducts open. She also learned that a curtain is a great place to hide, climb, an attack when given the chance. No and squirt bottle is just a game? Go figure. She has from day one slept in Jim's bed right next to his chest and has figured out how to hog the bed if she so desires. Ha ha. Know the feeling since the girls sleep with me in a queen size bed. By the way she is almost 3 lbs. now, an we love her to death. So happy I kept searching and insisted that Jim look at your babies. Well Fiona is trying to tell me its time to quit moving so she may take her morning nap. So take care, keep in touch and let us know when there are new babies.
Sharion, Jim, an the Kids.

Hi Suzanne: Just a note to let you know that Fiona is getting to be a big girl and has settled into life on the river. We have really enjoyed having her. Saw the new pic's of the babies and Jim fell in love with the second one(female). The new ones that aren't pictured yet what will the red and the red an white mackeral look like? Females of course. Also is the price on the straight ears the same as folded? We are definitely interested in another one but maybe I will get to pick this time. Sent new pictures of our girl can't wait to hear about the new ones. So give us a shout and let us know. With love
The Vogt's Sharion, Jim, Fiona and dogs.


Hi Suzanne!
Finnegan is doing really well! He's such a little ball of energy! Now that he has full range of the house, he's been running around and pouncing on things like a mad man. It's the most adorable thing to watch! He tosses his fuzzy mice in the air and runs after them for hours. He's found more dust bunnies than I'd like to admit were in my house.
When he finally runs out of energy, he becomes the biggest little sweetheart and curls right up on whichever lap he can find. He'll let you know if you disturb his rest with an angry meow and then passes out again. At night he's finally gotten used to our schedule. He sleeps through the night on my pillow, making a grand total of 3 cats all claiming my half of the bed. I don't know what I'll do when he gets big! I might be forced to sleep on the floor!
Our female cat, Mao, likes him very much. She'! s very patient, allowing him to pounce and bite at her tail. Our male cat, Staley, is a little scared of him. He allows Finnegan to get about 3 feet away before starting to hiss. Finnegan, however, most enjoys charging at Staley, puffing up his tail trying to play fight. It's quite funny to see a 15 pound cat run away scared of a tiny kitten. I'm sure Staley will come around soon. He's a very playful boy for his middle age and I can tell that he really just wants to join in the fun.
Thanks for all the paperwork and medicines in the mail. He's been super healthy so far!

Hi Suzanne,
We were lucky to get Finnegan in today! The volcano near Anchorage erupted 4 times and all flights south were canceled right after his flight. Wow, first fog and then a volcano! We're so happy to finally get him home. The flight attendants that delivered him to Juneau were absolutely in love with him. They nearly refused to hand him over; all the ladies had a special goodbye for him and were so happy to be of help.
He's such a trooper! Certainly no worse for wear, although he seemed very relieved to be out of a cage with his own food and litter. Nothing but love and purrs...his motor even keeps running while he sleeps. Right now he's attacking everything that moves (and doesn't move) until he exhausts himself and passes out on the bed. He's already figured out how to climb up onto our very tall bed.
We allowed our big male kitty to visit the saferoom for a few minutes. Finnegan arched his back and puffed his tail trying to intimidate him, which was quite funny since Staley is at least 15 times bigger than Finnegan. Such a loud growl for such a little cat! I think Staley was more amused than anything else. I'm sure they will be great friends within a week.
Thank you for such an amazing cat! He really does have a wonderful personality. So friendly to all of our visitors, so loving, and so curious ~ just as a kitten should be! He is even cuter than in his photo!


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