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Testimonies from 2007


Maggie, Daxter and Callum


She is awesome, Suzanne! She has met the boys and it was hilarious! Daxter hissed and growled and pretty much ignores her.

Callum LOVES her and has followed her everywhere. She hisses and growls at him!

She's wonderful, Suzanne, I can't thank you enough for your so incredibly generous gift.


She is a purring fiend.









We turned the corner.  She wants attention all the time now.  When I sit down most of the time she is in my lap.  She's a really happy kitty.  I'm a little concerned that she did not seem to eat at all on Friday, and so far this morning, Saturday,  she has not eaten either. I guess she will eat when she gets hungry enough. I will stay in touch and send you and send pictures as she gets bigger.  Speaking of bigger, how big will she get?




She slept almost all day Tuesday, then Tuesday night she ate just a little bit.  Wednesday, she slept all morning but then Wednesday afternoon she came out of the room I had her confined in and began checking the downstairs area out.  She would look at me and make that sound that she makes (which is really funny).  Tuesday night, she was warming up to things and she ate really good.  Wednesday night she jumped up on the couch with me and lay between my legs (her initiation).  Whenever I try to pick her up or initiate anything she wants no part of it.  I have some "Whiskas Temptations" salmon flavor snacks which she loves.  I would place them in a row close to me and when she would come to get them I would catch her; however, she has learned that trick and she now will come and get them then hurry and back up so I can't catch her (she's a pisser). Very smart.  Loves the one expensive toy I bought, want's nothing to do with anything else, catnip, et cetera.  Is it normal for this breed to come and lay in close proximity to where you are but never want to be picked up or is it just her personality?  or is it just a trust issue and I'm expecting too much too soon?  All in all I think she is doing good.  She has used her litter box and has not had one accident.  Her motor runs a lot, which tells me I guess that she's content.  She only can run the bottom  part of my condo, I have upstairs closed off.  She ate really good Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  I moved her food to the kitchen where I plan to keep it on Wednesday morning and she found it.  The only thing that perplexes me is the fact that I spend hours trying to catch her.  I'm open to any suggestions.
She has a mind of her own, and is very independent like you said and her new name is Cashmere "Miss Priss".   I'm open to any suggestions about the catching thing.


2 pictures from last night -

Juliet with Romeo seems to be adjusting great!








Edan and Sorcha


Hi Suzanne,
    Here are some recent pictures of the kids.  I'm not sure if you have gotten any of the other ones I have sent.  I know I've sent at least 4 but they may have been overlooked in your spam folder.  They are both doing great.  Sorcha has certainly turned in my cat.  Even though Edan follows me all over the place, he is still hesitant to let us pick him up (unless of course we have food for him, in that case he has no problem).  He is getting better though.  Hopefully as he gets older, his shyness will subside.  There favorite place to sleep now is the top bunk on what used to be my son's bed.  That is where they were for these two pictures.  Both are very inquisitive and have explored every inch of this house. 
   I will keep you informed of their progress and send more pictures as they get older.  I'm sure you'll like to see how the 2 beautiful kitties look as they get older.  I still check your site from time to time to see all your other babies find new homes. 
   Until then, be well.
Natalie, Sorcha & Edan






Hi Suzanne~ I just thought I'd drop you a quick note to say that Kallia is doing wonderful! She is such a sweetie! (and quite the character!!) I have never seen a cat that likes the water so much. She runs into the bathroom everytime the faucet, shower, or toilet runs. Everyday, she hops into the shower with us and just sits there as content as can be. It is very strange.....but very funny. I think she likes it when we wrap her up in the towel afterward & cuddle. She is also fitting in perfectly with our others cats. I am so happy that we brought her to be a part of our family!! Thanks again!  ~Deanna

Hi Suzanne~ Kallia made it safe & sound today! Her flight came in early & she was in great spirits! I had to go to sleep right after picking her up because I have to work tonight.

She slept with me the whole time. If I even moved, she began to purr loudly & rub all over me. She is too cute!! Thanks again! I'll update you in a few days to let you know how she's doing. ~Deanna


Lochinvar (Lochy)

He has settled right in...not even afraid of our grumpy Ally!! She is actually started to play with him now after sulking for a day!! The kids have named him Lochinvar (after a famous Scottish Knight of Love) and they call him Lochy for short. he follows us all over the house......that is the most amazing thing to me!! He is very demanding for attention and gets lots of it!! Ally was forced to come around as he was always pouncing on her!!

Thanks again!!! Kim


Hello!!! Just wanted to let you know the kitten is here and is absolutely adorable!!!

 He is running around and playing with the kids.

Thanks so much!!! Kim




Hi Suzanne~ I just got some new cute pictures of Ari that I thought I would share with you.

 Words can not describe how sweet & loving she actually is! She is the perfect kitten!


I finally got some pictures downloaded from my camera.  Considering the way Gus has been behaving I was surprised when I was able to get a couple of shots of him and FlapJack together.  Don't let the pictures fool you though, non of them are friends with FlapJack yet.  I may be wrong, but I think FlapJack is going to have to be a bit bigger before I can let him out with the other 3. 
FlapJack still has medicine to take for several more days, but he seems to be over the infection.  His eyes are really clear, he doesn't have any drainage from his nose and the sneezing has stopped.  His eating has never been a problem and he's a wild man when he plays.  Did he do much jumping before you shipped him? 

 The way he jumps you would think he had a little kangaroo in him.  He jumps to the top of the pac n' play.  Twice I caught him just as he made it over the top.  I think  he's going to be a handful. :-)

I finally got the pack you sent with the papers and antibiotics.  Seems the box was delivered to a neighbor and since he works for the railroad he wasn't able to catch up with me right away.
I was glad to hear that I wasn't the only one roped in to shopping on "black Friday."  We had a great time, but boy were we tired when it was over.  Once we finished we did take some time just for us and went out to breakfast.  It was the best part of the day.....sitting and chatting, with no pushing, shoving or waiting in line.  :-) 
So now that you've gotten through the shopping are you ready for Christmas?
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  Have yourself a great day!



Hi Suzanne,
We just got to the house about 30 minutes ago and FlapJack has been introduced to most of the family. 
He was about an hour late coming in, but was fine otherwise. We made a stop at PetSmart on the way home (we don't have one here in Cheyenne) and everyone there had a fit over him.  They were all amazed at his ears.   Only one couple I met knew what kind of cat he was.  
Georgie, Bean and Gus have not taken to FlapJack as quickly as they did each other so we'll have to take things a little slower.  Gus was the first to react and it was growl, a hiss and a swipe of the paw (no contact of course), but it was rather comical.   I've put him back in his kennel and in the middle of the floor for now so they can all check each other out and no one gets scared off or hurt.  I'll touch base in a couple of days and let you know how it's going.
Thank you so much for another great little friend.  He's already stolen our hearts.


Hi Suzanne,
We finally decided on a name (registered and call) for the new baby. It will be Perfectfold FlapJack Indulgence and we'll call him FlapJack.  The name came from my daughter.  The moment she saw the little round head, folded ears and golden color she blurted out "pancake."  

 Once the others heard it and saw his picture they all agreed.   However, being a boy we thought FlapJack was better suited.  The indulgence was from me.  As my 4th cat, he is truly my indulgence. :-)  I hope you like it. 





Dear Suzanne:


Emma is doing beautifully.  She’s very affectionate and curious.  She hid for the first day or so, but each day came out a little longer.  We kept her in our bedroom over the Thanksgiving holiday, since there were lots of people in the house (including a two-year-old!), but as soon as guests left, we gradually opened rooms up.  She now has the run of the house and is busy exploring.  She climbs into our laps.  Her appetite has been excellent.




Dear Suzanne, Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving  \with family and or friends..We plan on plenty of leftovers tonight..Emma is doing beautifully and finds different places to curl up and sleep.. Her safe place  is under the bed but it takes very little coaxing to get her out from under..I think she is just beautiful and very dear.. We thank you for your commitment to a breed that is so beautiful..I imagine  there is a good story behind your choice of career and breed and should you find yourself here, wed love to meet you and the cat would love to have a déjà vu experience..Warmly Jan.




dexter is doing very well.  very playful and curious, I let him run around the house and when he tired he then goes right back in his kitty room which is a enclosed heated porch with lots of windows ,furniture to hide around and tall kitty tower.  He is very sweet  to my dogs, Dillion and Dudley, not without extreme caution and supervision.     He is very squirmy when I hold him, but I hold tight and he starts purring but is anxious to be released.



Hi Suzanne- I have been meaning to write and THANK you for my wonderful new kitten. He adjusted immediatly to his new home and slept with us the very first night he arrived.

He is just the sweetest, most easy going cat I have ever had. My older cat just watched him for a day and then became best friends very quickly- without even one hiss! I just believe that the way things worked out- it was meant to be. I hope all has gone well with your daughters leg and she is on the road to recovery. Again I thank you for a beautiful and special little "teddy bear"!! hope your holidays are wonderful-Leslie Tosco

Hootie and Zoe

Suzanne,  Hootie and Zoe will not touch their water when it has the oxyfresh in it.  My solution was to put a small amount in a cup and soak a Q-tip with it.  Then I rub their gums with it.  Believe me they are much better.  Zoe's are almost totally healed and Hootie's is getting there.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving also.  Vicki and I will celebrate with Hootie and Zoe.  I can't wait until at least one of us retires and we can get together with family again for the holidays.
Zoe and Hootie had a big treat today.  They were on one side of the sliding glass door and 6 quail were on the other side visiting them.  Zoe chattered away at them and Hootie chirped.  They were there for quite a long time.  The birds didn't mind them at all but then the door was closed.  Guess they really love nature.
Ill let you know how Zoe does on the Oxyfresh.
Til next time have a wonderful holiday.  Mary

Thank you so very much for the info.  I'm going to order the oxyfresh for Zoe.  I wish you could see Zoe and Hootie in person.  They are the most beautiful cats I've ever seen.  We love them so very much.  You'd be so very proud of them.   Mary

Yes she is probably cutting teeth so getting the gingivitis.  Rebecca (link on my site to oxyfresh)

Sells a product we put in their drinking water and rub on her gums that really helps.  Cats are

Not good with chewies..  this really works well on a continual basis.


Let me know if the link will not let you through



Suzanne, I'm hoping you can help me. Zoe's gums around her teeth are really inflamed.  Her vet gave me a clear liquid along with chewies for her which she won't touch.  It is really hard for me to look at the bottom teeth because of this skin layer that seems to cover the outside of them.  Tonight I was able to get a real good look and found she was bleeding on the bottom back.  I do think she is cutting teeth too but this really alarmed me when I saw her bleeding.  I put her medicine on with a q-tip.  You have any suggestions?  She still eats dry food with wet mixed in but I swear she's swallowing the dry whole most of the time. She's not quite 8 months old and I'm really worried for her health although she seems fine otherwise.  Hope to hear from you soon.



Ryo Ohki

Greetings from the frozen tundra!

It's been a busy few months since Ryo Ohki joined our family. She's an amazing kitten and still manages to make everyone's head explode into candy all the time. Crazy Cute Kittens. We've been most amazed at just how soft she is! amazing fur.

However, it's with a heavy heart that I have to tell you my other cat, Watson, lost his battle with kidney failure two weeks ago. I've taken his death very hard especially since he has finally started opening up to Ryo Ohki. He will be very missed.

So, our family is again short a member and we are hoping you could help out. No cat will ever replace my Watson, but we are more than willing to make more room in our hearts for a new kitten. We were wondering, if Ryo Ohki's mother had birthed any more folds and if so, could we be considered as adopters? If you get a chance, or other suggestions, please let me know.

Thank you again!






Hi Suzanne,
 Here is a picture of Max and the girls.  He is 6 mos. now and rather big--at least we think so.  I was curious to know if he is on the larger side or not.  Also we were wondering if we could see pictures of Max's parents---it is interesting to see how these cats take on such different looks. We greatly enjoy Max, his temperment is purrfect!  Most everyone who visits can't believe how calm and loving of a cat he is. Thanks for all you have done with helping our family find such a great pet!!
Summer, Jeremy and the girls!!
P.S. hope all is well with you and your family.


Hi Suzanne,
I thought I would send a couple of pictures of Max. He is doing great, he gets along with the kids really well, other than the occassion play biting. We tell the girls to just put him down or move away when he wants to do that, and it seems to be working ok. 
At first I let him bite on me playfully, but he seemed to get more agressive with it over time, so I have stopped. I don't want to encourage that type of behavior, but I like to play with him and it seems he likes to start biting and punching my arm with his back feet. It doesnt bother me, but I dont want him to get too agressive with the girls, so I stopped. Im sure this is normal behavior, but I thought it was worth mentioning.



Hi. He has really adjusted well. He runs around like a crazy man and entertains himself on the couch with his tail/paw/other paw. I think he loves us. He gets to sleep at the foot of the bed at night. We stopped the medicine as he hasn't been sneezing and he is eating and drinking and all that good stuff. He is very spoiled. I was worried about Bonnie (the black and white cat) because she wasn't eating very much. But she seems better today and she has been eating again. So I think all is well for now.





Niki and Nora

Hi Suzanne,

At last, a few photos of the girls.

They are both adorable, lovable and a joy to have around. Nicki is a bit of a piglet -- eats like every meal is her last. Nora could care less about food, and both are really curious about sinks.

They don't want to drink the water, they just like being in there and sniffing around. And then there are toilet bowls to be explored.

Hope all is well with you.




Hi Suzanne,
I just wanted to send you some new pictures of McDougal.

I can't believe he is 3 years old already! Time is flying by. He's is still very playful. His new relaxing position is on his back. He's so cute and silly. 

One of my relatives has nicknamed him "fathead and Nickels" because he's head and eyes are so big. I think he is just perfect. He is laying on my lap as I write to you.

We just love him so much.
Thank you,

Beau and Sunny

Hi, Suzanne!

Here some pics that I snapped this afternoon.

I never seem to be able to capture the leap itself over the hurtle so am sending the best of the bunch.

Hope you enjoy them.









Gus (Sir Angus McTabby)

Hi Suzanne,
Hope you had a fun Halloween around your house.  It was a hoot here.  I think the adults have as much fun as the kids.
I thought I'd send along a couple of pictures so you can see how my gang has grown and changed.  I tried to get a good selection with Gus.   Since he was almost a family member, I thought he might be of a little more interest. :-)


Hope the transition is going well for FlapJack. 

 He's such a cutie and everyone is anxious for him to get here.  You know with Christmas and my birthday just after (12/31) FlapJack is my present to myself. 

Have a great day!


Dogs and cats for my mom have always been for guarding or mousing.  They need to be taken care of, but they aren't you're "babies." Pretty typical of her generation, but for whatever reason these "babies" seems to have softened that way of thinking. 

 She has especially taken a shine to Gus.  I think it's because Gus won't let anyone ignore him.  He's like the little neighborhood kid that won't let you "not like him."



Hi Suzanne,
I had hoped that by now I would have a picture of the three cats together, but I haven't had any luck.  All are doing well though.  Georgie's eye has started to run again so I'm going to have it checked again.  If it's not the tear duct then it may just be something that she's going to have to live with.  Bean has grown so much and is so loving.  She gets in my lap all the time, but without fail at 9:00 each night she curls up in my arms until it's time for bed or I make her get down.  Gus is the same.  He loves attention.  Both sleep with me at night, but Georgie is hit and miss.  She seems to prefer having her own space.  Georgie has started to sit on my lap with some regularity when she jumps up to be petted and has even started to put her face up to mine to get me going again if I stop.  Still no luck though when it comes to picking her up or reaching for her if she is sitting or laying close by.  She has to initiate all contact or it's not going to happen.  I'll have some new pictures soon.  I'm sure your girls would love to see how Gus has changed. 


Before I forget, when I got the registration form for Gus I submitted a little different name than was listed on the site when I got him.  We continue to call him Gus, which we think is perfect for him, but he is officially Ouachita Sir Angus MacTabby....a Scottish name for a Scottish Fold. 
I know you're probably going to think I'm crazy, but I have taken a shine to another of your kittens, number 11 the red Mackerel Tabby and White folded ear male.  I don't know that I can swing it, but I have to ask.  Could you tell me again what you are asking for the Scottish Fold?  Do you ever do payments? 
I hope all is going well for you and your family.


Callum, Daxter and Maggie MacTavish


She did arrive on time, and she has been exploring and meeting everyone. Thanks so much, Suzanne. She is awesome!!


I'm finally sending more pics of the boys.

I can't remember which ones I've already sent, so some of these might be repeats. I think I'm changing her name.


I thought she looked more like a Maggie than a Lily. Maggie MacTavish.


 ; ; ;
I will definitely send more pics of the boys! Callum is HUGE. He's a very long cat, just beautiful. And Daxter is still this fluffball of cotton, just gorgeous.

They are both starting to get mats, though, that I can't seem to brush out (they're in sensitive areas). I brush them at least every other day, but most of the time it is every day. Daxter is of course the worst, being long haired, and sometimes I know I miss them when they're starting because his fur is so thick. Is there anything I can use on that?

 Somebody suggested the conditioner they use on their horses' manes, but I didn't know if that would be safe for a cat. Cats lick what horses don't!




Hi, Suzanne.

 Hope everything has been going well for you. Looks like it has been from all the kittens! Callum and Daxter are both doing great. Callum is huge, and Daxter still looks like a kitten. Best of both worlds. I was wondering how much you wanted for the baby girl in the subject line?








Hi, Maggie is much younger here.

I'm learning to send pictures. I will try to send an update.










I hope these photos come through. I thought you'd like to see Taz helping with my remodel project and in his favorite resting spots.

He is getting to be a big boy, and more affectionate every day!

Robin Strobel









Hi Suzanne,
I'm gonna be brave a try sending 2 pictures this time and see how that goes.   Edan seems to be getting a little better.  I've been picking him up a little more and he seems to be somewhat excepting of that.  They had their first excursion into the great outdoors yesterday.  We let them out in the front yard for a little bit.  After they got used to every blade of grass moving in the breeze they actually started to enjoy themselves.  After awhile they ventured up what to them seemed like Mt. Everest which in all actuality is a little rock fountain we have there, minus the water of course.  They really seemed to like it out there.  We have been having a little bit of Indian summer so it was actually quite nice outside so I wanted to get them used to outside before the cold weather really hit.

Edan seems to have a little bit of the runs so I'm not sure if it's just from all the changes the little guy has gone through in the last couple of weeks or what.  I plan to take them to the vet next week, more so to just get them established with him than anything else.  I'm not sure if they were here when you lived in this area, but I take my critters to Klaich Animal Hospital.  I will let you know how that goes.

Talk to you soon.

Natalie, Sorcha and Edan




Sunny and Beau

Hi, Suzanne!


Sunny and Baudelaire (aka Beau) are doing just great.

I can't remember if I told you or not, but I have done

some agility training with them, and they are

brilliant!  We don't compete, but we love to show off

to anyone who stops by.  They sit, sit up, jump over

hurtles, run through tunnels and jump up and off of

things either by voice command or hand signals.  Beau

will even give you a high five when asked while

sitting up.  Only thing they have ever balked at were

weaving around the cones although they will work it if

I use a teaser.  Everything else they have

done.....just because.....  I clicker trained them and

then, they decided they didn't even need treats or the

clicker.  It is our playtime, and they enjoy it more

than their 602 toys.  We have a great time.


I see that their dad is now in China.  Wow!  I always

thought he was a beautiful cat.  Sunny is huge so I

think she takes after her dad.  Beau has stayed fairly

petite.  Beau is a stalker though.  She has learned to

break into my daughter's bedroom or bathroom.  She

adores Darcey and will not be denied.  No one has ever

caught her in the act, but clearly she is a pro at

breaking and entering.


My vets office adores the cats.  Everyone loves Beau,

but the vet herself is partial to Sunny.  The best

picture I have of the cats is actually on the vet's

website!  The staff are pictured with their pets, but

one vet tech was so enamored of the "Bobbsey Twins"

that she had her picture taken with them.  If you

would like to see it, go to myfamilyvet.com and then

photos.  It is the 3rd photo down on the left.  I

think you will recognize the "mug shots."


My vet has asked at both of the cat's annual checkup

what the longevity of your cats are.  I keep

forgetting to ask so thought I would finally get

around to it.


Hope everything is going great on your end.  My mom

has talked about getting a cat since my father passed

away in February.  I am hoping when she is finally

ready that she will allow me to get her one of your

cats.  I know it would give her a lot of pleasure as

these cats are SO sweet.


Look forward to hearing from you.  My vet will be so

thrilled that I finally remembered to ask her question

of you!


Take care,

Cheryl Rhoads





This is Lassie and Isabelle and of course Maggie.

They all get along great. Joyce




Isn't she the Cats meow? Joyce



Niki and Nora

Dear Suzanne,

Just wanted to update you on our girls. They both are very sweet and we're loving having them in our family. It's a joy having them. Both are very social, like being around us and have learned how to deal with old Norm.
Norm, as you predicted, enjoys their food way too much! He's also being kinder to them -- in fact we've "caught" him playing with them once or twice!

Hope all is well in Plainview and in NC.





Hi Suzanne~  Just thought I'd give you an update on Ari with pictures!  She is doing extremely well.

                    She & Bane, the bengal, are best friends. She is also running the house. It's really funny seeing her chase the dog around! She is a food hound & quite the cuddle bug!! We love her so much!!!!                                                             




Hi Suzanne,

Mickey update: He’s been doing really well.  We’ve taken him to the river a few times.  He seems to enjoy it, as long as he’s on his harness and leash! 

 We even took him to a waterfall.  I think he didn’t want to leave!  He was exploring everything, keeping his distance from the water but not afraid of it.  He travels so well, too.

  We got this seatbelt-harness, and he just chills out in the back seat on car trips.  Best cat ever!




Burrito, Nacho and Taco

Things couldn't be better - all of these pictures were taken within 32 hours of Burritos arrival.  I have some better ones, but wanted you to get an idea of the first day and a half.  Burrito ("Beans") likes watching TV with Nacho - except when he got stuck between Nacho's legs after he fell asleep. 

Beans and Taco take laps around the house taking turns chasing each other - wrestle, then Taco will clean Beans' face. 

 On Saturday, I had Taco and Nacho outside on their lines - Beans started crying when he realized he was alone. 

 Both Taco and Nacho ran to the back door to get to him. 



As always, I refuse to accept conventional "cat behavior."

The best news of all is that everyone sleeps through the night - although I'm running out of room on the bed.


I'm 100% happy with Beans - and I know he loves his new home.  You couldn't have been more correct about how his personality fit with the boys.  And, that brings my total with you to 300%.






Hi Suzanne:


Busy today at work….but here’s a quick update – I’ll have pictures later in the week.


-        very proud of Taco and Nacho who really settled down by Saturday

-        both are actually playing with the kitten – but still a little hesitant

-        Beans is a complete butterball and is eating everything in sight

-        He’s already walking with the leash (I used a laser pointer to start out – now he ‘s got it figured out)\

-        I’ve taken to the restaurant 3X already (to give Taco and Nacho a break) – he loved the people and the attention (and a small piece of a cheeseburger)

-        He started sleeping on the bed the first night – and slept through the night

-        This morning, I looked down at the foot of the bed and thought that Taco has really gotten big – until I realized that the kitten was sleeping on top of him.  Taco woke up and starting cleaning the kitten – then gave him a little bunch to send him on his way.


So, I have to say that all things considered, it couldn’t be going better – Burrito is a great addition to the family and you were 100% correct about the personality – he stands right up to his brothers.


I think the new addition makes the family complete.






Here is Blue playing with one of our cats favorite toys when they were little. Although they haven’t used it in forever, we brought it out for Blue and he Loves it!







 I usually only feed a small amount of wet food, so that’s why I thought I’d ask. He hasn’t eaten a whole lot since he has been here. Although he is drinking plenty, and using his litter box. Everything looks good in there. He would not be contained in the bedroom any longer yesterday, so we let him out and he has been bounding around the house trying to get the other cats to play with him. Ajax is scared of him and hides, but Blue keeps doing drive-bys on Odin. He is the great Blue Terror! (Even though he is like a quarter of the size, its so funny) The other cats aren’t hissing at him anymore. But we are still keeping an eye on things. Blue knows the places he can’t be got by the other cats.




Here is Blue playing with one of our cats favorite toys when they were little.
 Although they haven’t used it in forever, we brought it out for Blue and he Loves it!








Lily and Modesto

Hi Suzanne,

I wish the cats would get this close somewhere other than an unmade bed, but you take what you can get, I guess. This is what greeted me this morning when I woke up and it was so cute I thought I would record it for posterity -- Lily & Modesto.

Susan Springer



Hi Suzanne,
It's been a week and Gus is settling into the family very well.  Although he owns the house, he's a little hesitant about people, but that changes a little each day. 

 As he gets to know us, Gus is starting to jump on a lap or on the back of your chair and sit as close as he can.  From day one he and the girls (Georgie & Bean) have gotten along great, but it's Bean that has become his "best bud." 

As for Georgie, she seems to prefer the roll of "mom" to the both of them.            


Gus and Bean seem to have one trait in common and that's to sleep in my face...literally.  Most nights I've had one on one side and one on the other.  I seem to be the only one suffering from a lack of sleep and space, but we're working on that.  :-)

I hope you can tell by the pictures that Gus is already well loved.  My kids and grandkids would love it if I would give them Gus, but it's just not happening.  :-) 



I included a couple of pictures of Bean and Georgie so you can see how much they've grown.  I almost had a shot of the three together, but I wasn't fast enough.  Maybe next time.



Thanks again for my kiddo's.  They each have unique, but wonderful qualities and I'm so glad to have them.




Taco was selected as one of the “pet stars” for Stamford Plus magazine.

I have a hard copy of the magazine – but you can also view it on their web site…

www.stamfordplus.com   It’s under the “pictures” section.

He looks great in the magazine – the other cats he’s with don’t hold a candle….






Just a note to let you know that Lily is doing great!
She is everything that a person could hope for in a kitten -- so loving. She has made herself perfectly at home and has tried to play with my 18-year-old cat, Modesto.
 Modesto has been really good and has even taken a couple of occasions to engage in some light play with her.

She is up to 2.8 pounds and looks just beautiful.

Thanks so much for this wonderful cat.








Maggie and Noel

Hi Suzanne,
Maggie seems to be settling in very well. She is eating good and isn't intimidated by anything in the house. She wanders around the pool but stays far away from the edge and has investigated every nook and cranny extensively in the house. Noel has stopped hissing and growling for the most part and seems to enjoy her company. There are a few times when she chases Maggie she gets pretty rough, but Maggie runs and hides in a spot where Noel can't get to her. I am not sure if we should discourage this behavior or just let them deal with it themselves. Any suggestions?  I have attached a picture we took the other day and will send more soon. They moves so fast when they play it is difficult to get anything but a blur.
Take care!



Ryo Ohki (something small that has the potential to be big)

Hungry, thirsty, and happy little kitten is Ryo Ohki! I got a look of extreme admonishment this morning because I dared to stop petting her so I could take a shower! What was I thinking.

I will be sending pics and elations for your web page soon. Thank you again!


She's been exploring the room we have her in, though amusingly the first thing she made a bee line for was the litter box. Then a good calming session of cleaning, and more exploration. Then she proved she's a hunter while playing with a feather on a string for about 30 minutes. LOL Still in the "I want to explore, not touch" phase, so we've be giving her space for the afternoon to de-stress and just being near if she wants to come say hi.

I should know about eating and drinking by tomorrow.

Watson is playing the "grumpy old man" about "something in the bathroom" though there has been no face to face yet and won't be for a while. But he was trying to chase that paw that sneaked from under the door! He's such a push over. LOL





Thanks for checking on us. Taz is really getting big! But, he is still a kitten in that everything is either a toy or food. He is so cute I let him get away with behaviors I really should not encourage - such as batting at the arrow on my computer screen, or begging for food at the dinner table.

Still, he has learned the important things like not climbing up the window and door screens, not trying to dive out the front door, and to keep his claws in when interacting with people. He likes it when Quinn, my co-owned Fold comes to visit. The two of them wrestle and play for hours. At first I was worried they would get too rough with each other, but I have never found a scratch mark on either one.




One of the best things is that as he gets older, Taz is becoming more affectionate. We have a routing of petting and purring while we are snuggled in bed in the mornings that makes my heart very happy. I love his big purr and little tiny squeek of a meow. He usually can be found in whatever room I am in. At the moment he is sleeping squeezed between my keyboard and the screen. Here are a few photos. As you can tell, he is a big help when I work at home.


Thanks again for a terrific companion.





Hi Suzanne, Just a quick update.
As you indicated, Boady is getting over her ire at having a new roommate after only a week. I suspect that they shall be happily coexisting within another week or two. Meanwhile, Clio does what she can to try to win Boady over. She so wants to play. Boady watches everything that Clio does.  :)
Health wise, Clio is eating like a little pig. She tries to steal Boady's food, but I can usually intercede. She plays a lot and seems pretty happy. Today she got a little weepy eye. It doesn't seem infected, just irritated. Probably hit it with the Panic Mouse tail, but I'll keep watch over it and call the vet if needed.
Everyone in my family is in love with her. She has the best personality.

Thanks for everything. I hope you and the kitties are all well
- Sharon, Boady & Cliodna


She's doing well. :) I sent some pictures, They may have gotten lost in the internet.  Just in case...


I think she has adjusted well. No issues with food or litter box. She's very, very affectionate and incredibly inquisitive. I'm also happy to report that she is not much for hiding any more. So far as making friends, she and Boady actually came very close to touching noses this morning... They got within 6 inches of each other. Just sniffing it out. I'm hopeful that the big event will happen today.


I have a Flikr account and will be posting pictures of her there if you want to check in now and again without waiting for emails!  http://www.flickr.com/photos/40406967@N00/ 


Ooh, I saw that you had more babies. They are gorgeous! ;D




Bella and Smoky




Bella and Smoky are doing great.




A picture is worth a thousand words!

They are really growing, they play together all the time. Are getting along with the old dog much better than I would have ever dreamed. 


 Hope your summer is going well.









We finally made it home at midnight after an hour delay in Detroit.  He was fine until the place in Detroit finally started up and then he cried most of the way home. 

 Thankfully it was less than an hour flight!

He's settling in and has explored 2 rooms of the house so far.  Only one of our cats (the fold) seems to realise he's there and he's very curious about him and I think a little sad to be left out.



I am disappointed in his ears but not in him, at all. 




Hi Suzanne –


Thanks for checking in. She's doing well.  She's really grown (the attached picture was taken back in July. I'll have to send you an updated one.) She's very long and sleek, but when you pick her up she has a nice, solid feel to her. Even my vet commented that she was a nice cat- not only her color but the density to her body.


She's taken to going into my daughter's room to get her cuddling every night. She purrs and rubs up against Ava's shoulder and face.


Take Care,



PS We changed her name to Ashley shortly after she arrived. My husband said she looked like a white cat who had rolled in our fireplace ashes.



Hi Suzanne,
Just wanted to let you know that Maggie arrived safe and sound. She was not the least bit traumatized by the flight and wanted out to explore as soon as we got home. She has a much different personality than Noel and appears to be quite a lover. Noel first met her in the litterbox...not a good meeting. She has followed her around and hissed a little but seems to be calming down a little. Maggie ate a few bites but is more interested in roaming..she just took some time to play for a few minutes. I think she will adapt well and I am sure Noel will come around soon,
I will write more next week and let you know how they are doing.
Thanks for giving us another fun-filled blessing.

Dino,Cole and Rosie

Both Kitties arrived safely yesterday.  Dino is a stich....Rosie isn't too pleased.  Hopefully in a week she'll feel differently. 
thanks for sending the Black one. 

Rick will be a wonderful owner!Jill




  I just wanted to drop you a note to say that max is very happy here. I believe he loves us as much as we do him. He has a great temperment, he lets the girls love all over him and pack him around.  I hope that he will always be so obliging. He does have alot of wax  in his right ear, and I have cleaned it out pretty well.  Is there any type of ear wax remover that I should use on his ears?--drops?
All else is well--  Jeremy is getting ready to leave for Colorado tommorow, so when he returns we will send some pictures of max!
thanks again,
p.s. we hope that your traveling went well and that the girls are doing well..we greatly appreciate you helping get max to us!!


Ocatavious (name changing)

hi suzanne,
kitty has made it home safely....he is in a nice quiet room by himself, with a fluffy bed, food, water and kitty litter!  we are excited to have him home, and we'll let ya know how he's doing.
thanks so much for everything!  i know how frustrating those flights can be...so thanks again!
kim :)







Tearleg (Ally)


     Just wanted to let you know that Tearlag (Ally) is doing wonderful and has all of us completely trained!! She is absolutely beautiful and so full of comical antics that she keeps us laughing all day long!! My daughter just returned from 3 weeks in Europe playing soccer for a National youth team and only called home to see how her Ally cat was doing!!

 My son was glad to have her gone so that he could finally have Ally sleep with him. She is so precious and we are so happy to have her as part of the family. She is unlike any cat we've ever had...more like a dog...always following us around the house and sleeping near where one of us is. Thank you for sending us such a perfect fit!!

Kim Miller







I thought you might get a kick out of this picture!





moving was soo much work










"I will look tough,  maybe he won't move"

Boxer Joined Bailey  in Plainview AR



Taco and Nacho


Hi Suzanne:
I'm finally sending some new pictures - the construction has died down and I've been working on the interior finish carpentry.
I actually think Taco and Nacho almost miss it - they both took a liking to my builder and he would take them for walks in the afternoon.  Neither seemed very afraid of the noise or power tools.  Needless to say, both are doing great - both alone and together.  Nacho does not like being left home alone for too long, so I don't take Taco out as much.







Little (actually not so little anymore) Nacho came to work with me yesterday.  He would make such a good hospice cat – he visits everyone here for exactly 5 minutes than moves on to someone else.  He ends up on my desk, sleeping on his back.


When I take Taco, he stays within 2 feet of me at all times – so I’m not sure he would be as good.


I’ll get to the pictures this weekend – unfortunately, I had a better life vest for Taco but it’s missing.  The one that Nacho uses is bright orange and makes him look like a Ninja Turtle.


Still thinking about a 3rd at some point…..


       I took Nacho sailing on Sunday – I’m not sure what was funnier – the look on some of the people’s faces at the boatyard – or how Nacho looked in his life preserver vest (made for dogs but…..).






We're all very happy - but somewhat exhausted.




Ari (lioness)

She is doing great! She is crazy active & flys all over the place! Her favorite thing to do now is to race us to the door to try to escape. (And she's very good at it) Tonight before I left for work, she had a run in with my bengal. It was pretty funny... he was laying in the hall and she ran right into his head.

She has also discovered that mini blinds are fun to climb in, that she can jump really well, and that I'll wake up & pet her if she sticks her foot in my eye. LOL  (It's a good thing she's cute :) )


Hello!  she definately likes her water!  She is also eating very well. I'm actually a bit suprised by how much she can eat..lol

Her name is Ari....it fits well. However, I keep calling her little miss muffet...no idea why. It think it's cause she's just too cute!  Michael wants to call her flap jack..LOL     But...it's Ari. :)

She is quite the cuddler. I came home to sleep this morning & she slept in my arms up on my pillow all day. I love it!!!   Purr, Purr, Purr


HI Suzanne~ I tried to call your clinic, but no one answered. When we got home, I went to sleep because I had to work tonight.

She arrived safely. She missed her flight in Atlanta & had to wait for the next one. It sure was fun sitting in Chicago for 3 hours....lol Luckily she was not over heated & was in good spirits.

Blue Cream Scottish Fold
Folded Female


Ari (lioness), Priya(sweetheart), Tadi(wind), & Kiku(flower).  

She loves our room! (That's where she quarantined for the next week or so)  After about a half an hour, she came out from under the dresser & was all over the place. We made steps for her to get onto the bed & she figured it out right away. She is very sweet & the cutest thing I have ever seen!! She's climbing all over us, purring non-stop, & chasing toys like a mad woman!!! Also....she's eating


Thanks so much for getting back to me, the answers helped alot! 

And thanks for letting her join our family! We really love her!! She is Michael's new baby! And....she has the cutest little meow. :)

I'll send pics once she gets out in the house!!


I forgot to attach pictures of Eddypuss.  He is really beautiful and getting really big.
He now weighs 4 1/2 pounds.  Lillian Lombardo


Carlos is so in love with Eddypuss that he wants another one, because Eddypuss sticks
to me like glue and Carlos wants his own cat.  We are looking forward to finding us
another sweetheart.  He is the sweetest, most social cat we have ever had.  He has
adjusted very well.  Thanks, we are looking forward to the pictures.  Lillian Lombardo




Tazzo "Taz"


Just wanted you to know how well Taz and I are doing. He gets more affectionate every day and is always in whatever room I am in. I get to work at home one day a week, and here are some photos of him helping me.

I suppose that is not the best thing for my computer screen but he is so cute I don't have the heart to discourage him. Hope all is well with you, your family, and kitties.







I've named him "Tazzo" or "Taz for short. I really like "Taz" but did not want the reference to be Tasmanian Devil, thus Tazzo for a tea. Right now he is sitting in front of my monitor purring and batting at the cursor. Even though he uses soft paws I'm sure it is not good for a flat screen, but he is so cute I can't make him stop.


A friend of mine who breeds dogs says they glue some Schnauzer's ears over for a few months if they are too perky. However, what I really cherish is the Fold personality, and Taz's ears are really rather cute if you did not know they might have folded more tightly. My other Fold has terrific ears, face, and personality and a slew of health problems to go along with it. Taz is so much more acrobatic than Quinn ever was. It makes me sad to realize that Quinn always had his joint problems.


We are really getting along quite well. Thank you for bringing such joy into my life.







He is such a joy! There is nothing like kitten antics to give a daily dose of laughter. He had the sniffles for a few days and I kept him isolated until Friday morning. The Fold that I co-own was staying with me that week, so the kitten met both my cranky 16 year old DLH and him.

 By that afternoon he and Quinn were playing. (KC, the DLH, will tolerate the disgusting young whippersnappers but never play.) I am impressed that even when they wrestle neither cat has uses his claws. The kitten can be a Wild Child at times (how does he get the energy to play for 4 solid hours?) but he now stays responsive to me and we have lots of snuggle time.


He is very smart. It only took a day for him to come running when I call (food rewards work well with him). I squirted him with water once when he tried to climb a screen and he has not attempted that again! Now when I say "off" he stops what he is doing and looks at me. He also knows "gentle" and of course, "dinner!" We already have a routine of starting and ending each day with a patting and purring love-fest, and he has discovered the joys of sleeping on my pillow at night.

I find the similarities in behavior between Quinn and the kitten to be fascinating. They both proudly carry the feather toy around, use the prairie dog pose, live to eat, are fascinated with flushing toilets, and retrieve the little fluffy toy. Genetics are amazing!

If I could change anything, I wish his ears were a bit more folded, but I knew that before I got him. I didn't think he would be such an absolutely gorgeous cat and I already love him dearly. Thank you for bringing him into my life.



Fergus Nac MacFeegle

Yes, he is gorgeous.  We call him our little dragon-slayer because he's always behaving like a caped crusader.  He's such a little comic and not a day passes that we aren't laughing at something he does.  Wednesday Sean brought some rockets over for our granddaughter.  He tossed the rockets and his jacket on the sofa.  Apparently Fergus didn't like the rockets so he drug Sean's jacket over them and "buried" the rockets.  Whenever Paul is working on something, Fergus has his little head right in there to see what's going on so sometimes it takes longer to get something done because of the excessive supervision.  We just love him!  You breed exceptional cats and we plan to buy another one in the future. 






Hi Suzanne!!!
Scottie is doing great...  He rules the house.....  We were on vacation also three weeks ago, and the lady we had cat sit couldn't get over him.   Scottie was the only one who came to her when she called him.  She said that is the first cat that has done that for her ever!!!!  She really enjoyed him.  He now has another girl to add to his harem.
We hope all is well with you and your family.  Again, sorry we missed you...
Scottie, Walt and Jill  :









Pimms is doing really well.
 She adjusted so quickly. She is so playful. I have one of the hanging toys with feathers and she loves it. She goes so crazy over it. It is so cute. She has been sleeping in my bed every night. She is the sweetest little kitten...so curious. Thanks for everything.








January through July 2007

Macduff is quite spoiled and doing well. At the end of May he'll go up to the cabin Canada again but this time he won't have to ride on the snowmobile like he did in March! He's a treasure. Terri




Karma and Kizmit


I just got a new camera and finally have some pictures I can send of the girls!  They’re so much fun!



I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and that all is going well in Arkansas!  I am so happy with my 2 girls, Karma (red mackerel folded ear) and Kizmet (white/gray tabby SE).  They have very different and distinct personalities; Kizmet is very ornery, active, and playful (and has the highest vertical jump of any cat I have ever seen) and I think Karma is the reincarnate of Garfield (she would rather be eating than be pet any day and she tries to steal food from my plate while I’m eating from it


Pudgy and Ginger



We haven’t given you an update on Pudgy and Ginger for a long time.  These pictures were taken about 6 months ago.  Pudgy is certainly living up to his name.  We had to put him on a diet as his tummy was about to touch the ground.  His ears never completely folded.  When we show people the cats, we always joke about asking for half our money back since his ears are only half folded.  I remember you were wondering how his coloring was going to turn out.  As you can see, the dark spots have lightened but are still quite distinct.  Ginger is still as inquisitive as she was when we picked her up.   The kids love them to death.  I always feel sorry for them because they are always being picked up and coddled.  Despite that, they’re still quite affectionate – especially when they hear the can opener.








Hi, Suzanne,
Paddles' 2nd birthday. 

 Where has the time gone?


Zoe and Hootie

Zoe has now become computer friendly as did Hootie when he was her age.  They get up in front of the screen and follow the cursor.  She also likes to sit on the mouse.  Their favorite game is spider solitare.Zoe is doing very well now except she can certainly get into anything she wants to get into.  They are both such a joy and keep us laughing.  Glad you liked the pictures.  They are definitely hams for the camera although Zoe is still awfully fast on her feet.  Hootie just loves to tackle her


Zoe and Hootie are a marvelous pair. 

 They play together, clean each other, wrestle, share their food and toys. We've never been so pleased.  They are each other's best friend, protector, playmate and soulmate.  I felt bad for Hootie when he came since Running Paws was so sick and couldn't really respond to him.  She missed him when he wasn't around but she got scared when he got too close.  He looked like a little lost soul til Zoe came into his life.  You can really tell how happy they both are as are we. 

Zoe is turning into a beautiful young lady.  Her vet calls her a princess.  She has the most gorgeous fur - so very very soft and cuddly.  She loves to cuddle and sleeps with me at night.  She has her own pillow.  During the day she is a wild woman playing incessantly with every toy she can get her paws on til she drops for her nap.
Hootie is very regal.  He looks so much like Stormy with his stocky build and his eyes that look so mysterious.  He plays hard with Zoe but does not care much for his toys since she took over everything.  He loves his chair and condo though.
So happy we have them and everyone thinks they are wonderful - the cutest cats they have ever seen and so do we!!!!!                                                                                              Mary



Sensie and Spliff

Well it took me this long to take some pictures that weren't too dark.
As you can see by the pics,she has stayed a true smoke,but he is almost black! What you can't tell by the pics is that Spliff is twice as big as she is now.He has the biggest tail I have ever seen! He is a very sweet,laid back cat and she is nuts! She is so aggressive,constantly attacking him (all in fun) Needless to say they are great cats and I'm so glad I got them both because they are such good company for each other,not to mention too much fun to watch.



Dear Suzanne,

Just to give you a quick update.   Precious now has the run of the House and she is just so very busy . . . Wears herself out investigating everything.  My mom says it is so much fun to watch her play with her toys, especially the green furry thing and the wand with feathers.  Still loves looking at herself in the mirror and watching TV.  She and my mom have really bonded and she sleeps on my mom’s lap which is just wonderful.  Will try to take some pictures soon and send a few.  

With warmest wishes that you and your families are well,

Just wanted to send you a special thank you for all of your help in finding Patches (now known as "Precious" ) for my mom.  After picking her up at Delta Cargo late Friday night, early Saturday morning, I drove her to my mother's house where she immediately showed her beautiful personality and investigated everything.  They have now really bonded and while my mom reads or watches TV she stays comfortably on her lap for long periods of time.  Precious loves the wand and the kitty furniture and her special $10 treats, with real catnip.  She is adorable to watch and entertaining as all get out.  In my mother's bedroom (she does not have the run of the house yet) there is a long row of vertical blinds.  "Precious" walks the length of the blinds but because she is not quite sure how to turn around -- after she walks all the way down to the end, she walks backwards to where she started.  My mom says it is a hoot to watch this!

Kathy, you and Suzanne, made a very sad and devastating situation, have a happy ending.  My gratitude to both of you always.

Warmest regards,



I am going to see my mom now -- it seems that Patches is discovering a whole new world and is very playful and busy and energetic.  She is being kept in the bedroom, dressing room area and is eating and drinking and loves her feather toy.  I will call you later and if I don't get you will call you tomorrow.  Thanks, Suzanne.



These pictures were taken while we were packing up to move.  Mickey loves empty boxes!  We just moved to the next town over because Glenwood it too expensive to buy a house!





Hi Suzanne,



I made the earlier flight, but I was running for the gate!  Turns out they don’t even check for the pet’s ticket or anything.  Mickey is doing great.  He slept the whole time on the flights; but kept us up throughout the night!  He’s settled in nicely here.  We’ve already noticed a cute little “quirk”.  He likes to stick his tongue out.  I’ve attached a picture of him doing that.  And we have a wand with a feather thing attached to a string.  He loves that thing!  Thank you so much for raising such a cute and well socialized kitten!  I will keep you up to date on how he’s growing up! 








We made it home with our kitten without any difficulty.  He has been so much fun, I can't even begin to tell you how happy he has made us.  He is so sweet, social, and affectionate. He is everything we could ask for and more.  His appetite is very good, but he has been sneezing since we boarded the airplane in Little Rock.  The sneezing is occasional and he doesn't seem to be sick, but we were afraid to give his shot because of the sneezing.

 He is adapting to his new environment well and is really attached to me.  He is getting more friendly with Carlos everyday.  Thank you so much for such a precious pet.  We have received the best gift in the world.  Eddypuss will have a great home and receive an abundance of love and attention.  It will be so great to get him a playmate this fall.

 Sincerely,  Lil





I've named him "Tazzo" or "Taz for short. I really like "Taz" but did not want the reference to be Tasmanian Devil, thus Tazzo for a tea. Right now he is sitting in front of my monitor purring and batting at the cursor. Even though he uses soft paws I'm sure it is not good for a flat screen, but he is so cute I can't make him stop.


A friend of mine who breeds dogs says they glue some Schnauzer's ears over for a few months if they are too perky. However, what I really cherish is the Fold personality, and Taz's ears are really rather cute if you did not know they might have folded more tightly. My other Fold has terrific ears, face, and personality and a slew of health problems to go along with it. Taz is so much more acrobatic than Quinn ever was. It makes me sad to realize that Quinn always had his joint problems.

We are really getting along quite well. Thank you for bringing such joy into my life.



He is such a joy! There is nothing like kitten antics to give a daily dose of laughter. He had the sniffles for a few days and I kept him isolated until Friday morning. The Fold that I co-own was staying with me that week, so the kitten met both my cranky 16 year old DLH and him. By that afternoon he and Quinn were playing. (KC, the DLH, will tolerate the disgusting young whippersnappers but never play.) I am impressed that even when they wrestle neither cat has uses his claws. The kitten can be a Wild Child at times (how does he get the energy to play for 4 solid hours?) but he now stays responsive to me and we have lots of snuggle time. He is very smart. It only took a day for him to come running when I call (food rewards work well with him). I squirted him with water once when he tried to climb a screen and he has not attempted that again! Now when I say "off" he stops what he is doing and looks at me. He also knows "gentle" and of course, "dinner!" We already have a routine of starting and ending each day with a patting and purring love-fest, and he has discovered the joys of sleeping on my pillow at night.

I find the similarities in behavior between Quinn and the kitten to be fascinating. They both proudly carry the feather toy around, use the prairie dog pose, live to eat, are fascinated with flushing toilets, and retrieve the little fluffy toy. Genetics are amazing!

If I could change anything, I wish his ears were a bit more folded, but I knew that before I got him. I didn't think he would be such an absolutely gorgeous cat and I already love him dearly. Thank you for bringing him into my life.



Hi Suzanne –

She’s’ doing great and has taken over like this is her house. We did one more (and final!) name change to Ashley because she really looks like a white cat that has rolled in the ashes of our fireplace.

Also, we have a cat tree that is over six feet tall and she loves to climb into the little house near the top when she wants her rest.

Thanks Jean


He is very playful and eats his food and tries his best to eat the dog food. He also insists on sleepin right on your neck at night. He takes up pretty good with my oldest girl but still unsure of my youngest, but can't say I blame him, lol. And he has the most pitiful meow compared to his purr. Almost like he just opens his mouth and nothing comes out. You have to be close to him to hear it. But the purr can be heard across the room, lol.

Blue Folded Scottish Fold Male






 "Is my  name spot?"
Sold:  joining y in Batesville MS

DOB 4-9-2007


Hi, we finally came up with a name. Remember the name of the cat on Pet Semetery? Church. I told my husband that he kinda looked like that cat and he agreed. After that, it kinda stuck. I know it might be a little morbid, but my husband insisted on it. Anyways, Church is doing great. Never seen a cat adjust so well. And so loving!! Thanks alot for everything and we will keep you updated.



Black Flame Point Smoke Tabby Scottish Fold Folded Female

"I want to go home... Please"
"Layla" is joining the Occhialini family in Acton MA

DOB:  3-27-2007
S: CH Purrfectfold StruttinMyStripes
D: Yogi of Purrfectfold

Hi Suzanne

She arrived at 12:51pm. We picked her up and she was talking all the way home.

When we came in the house (my brother came with me to the airport – the kids didn’t know we were picking her up today) my daughter squealed with joy.

Counting my kids and my nieces and nephew who are visiting, we have five kids here ranging in age from ten to six. They all came around to look but she didn’t run and hide. She seemed a little timid but still she explored all over the house.

After about twenty minutes you could see she was feeling more relaxed and she was more than eager to play with some kitten toys. She has even allowed us to hold her and scratch her head and she is purring.

She’s so social and friendly and beautiful. We’re so excited.

Thank you!

We’ll e-mail you pictures soon.

The Occhialini Family






Suzanne,  I sure hope these come through. 

 Am  very curious why all my email to you goes to spam.  Doesn't make sense to me.


Let me know where you're going to put his picture.  Yes, I did get the pictures of Yogi.  Was surprised she had straight ears.







Dear Suzanne,

    We were glad to tour the Ouachita Mountains.  A tornado and hail storm lay ahead of us on US82W in North Texas.  By the time we got there, the storm had dissipated.
    I've tried twice to e-mail the pix.  The files at full resolution are a little large for some file servers.  If they don't go through, I'll send you a CD.  We hope they help you in your business.


    Next time, I'll bring the up-to-date veterinary files from Dr. Heinrich.  Sorry Trifid acted the wildcat from Madcat Mountain.  We stopped in Mt. Ida until he calmed.  He tries to act tough, but nobody is fooled. 

He has never scratched anyone.


    Because of the polydactyl mice 38 years ago, I am cautious of animals (and humans) with too many expressed recessive genes.  You put my mind at ease.


Hi Dr Henne,

Lana and I just wanted to let you know that is doing very well.  He's getting bigger by the second.  He's also gone on to become somewhat of a minor celebrity.  I'm currently using him as a cat model on my design store website - http://www.yousaytomayto.com/news/index.php

Thanks again for such a wonderful (if somewhat mischevious cat!)   Cheers, Mark


Fiona is 1 year old now and doing great.

She enjoys living on the boat, and enjoys the sun on the deck outside. Happy holidays Jim Sharion and Fiona



Thank you so much! Yes, the other pictures all came through wonderful! As did these. Yah! I really appreciate you getting these pictures for me, and for providing the previous pictures.
I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of the boys that I have sent. I am attaching two new ones in this email if you want to take a look!
Thank you again, Suzanne.


hi suzanne,

macy is 1 year old now.
he regularly retreats to his (what i call) his "safe" spot under the couch in our livingroom
i am home mostly and he typically follows me from room to room as we go about our day. today as he was helping me arrange fabric peices on the floor for a quilt i am making, he got up, left the room and went straight to the livingroom and under the couch. nothing significant happened in the moments before he left.
on a regular basis he goes under the couch which i interpret as "anti-social" behavior or "i don't want to be with you"
we have always had scottish fold cats, i don't remember either of the prior two exhibiting such behavior. when i brought macy to the vet 2 weeks ago cause he hadn't eaten any food for 1 entire day, we decided to run a blood panel with everything being within normal range. my vet suggested that since macy is a teenager in human years that he may have these times as he matures...just like teenager angst...kinda
suzanne, what do you think? our home is loving and peaceful and full of playthings for him.


Hi there Suzanne!          

You probably don't remember us, but we bought Torque from you about 2 years ago. He has been the best Kitty and  buddy ever!! We feel so blessed to have found such a good Cat!  I attached a current picture of him so you can see how beautiful he is!

Quick question. Now that he's 2 years old, his hair is out of control. It seems like he sheds a pound of hair every day. I don't mind at all, but I didn't know if this is normal or if I should (or can) do anything about it? I though I would ask the pro, since you've been raising these little guys for so long.

Thanks for your time and for my baby!!

Jojo and Monti

Hello Suzanne,                

Here are some pictures of Monti. She is absolutely beautiful.

Suzanne, I forgot to ask you about Jojo’s voice. He still does not have one.
He just opens his mouth but nothing comes out. Should I be concerned?

Hello Suzanne,

Jojo is the most adorable kitten on the planet! He is so loving and like you said he has so much character. Monti has always been very independent. Most of the time, she sits on her "cat tree" and observes what's happening around withouttoo much participation. Jojo on the other hand wants to be a part of everything we do in the house. He follows us everywhere and inspects everything. Jojo will eat anything he can find on my plate or Monti's plate for that matter. Jojo never gets bored and he has been having a great affect on Monti and getting her to play and run around. It is so cute to watch them together. The most adorable thing that he does is when he gets to your face and lips and starts giving

 you "kisses"! We have not taken many pictures of him as he moves 24/7 but I promise we will send you a few in the next month.

Thank you so much for this wonderful kitten.

Erich and Nataliya


Hi Suzanne,

    Well Hottie is now 7 months old  and doing great!  He adjusted real well to life as a second shifter. He sleeps till about 10AM and thinks its great.  He has the best personality and is so loving to everyone.  He has the softest fur I have ever seen. What a good job with breeding! Everyone that has seen him thinks he is the cutest kitty that they have seen. He is now learning to go outside with a harness on--it's taking him a few tries. He just likes to go in reverse.

    The food scare has me more than a little upset since some of his kitten food had wheat gluten in it. I have started buying is food at the Health Food store.  But everyone thinks that I should start making his food myself.

I was thinking of using chicken liver (boiled) with white rice, and some baby food for the vegetables. Do you think that would be OK till this food scare is over?



Emma has new pictures posted to her website, under Emma goes camping.Aunt Deb bought her a Coleman tent! In case you didn't know, Coleman makes tents for cats! Emma and Chloe have now become friends. Playing together alot now. Emma thinks she's really tough putting 13 lb. Chloe in a head lock! I think Chloe is wishing she didn't have a tail because Emma won't leave it alone!

Just a note to let you know Emma is doing great! She and Chloe are getting along good now. Playing together! There are new pictures posted on her website, under the last heading. More later!

> The new website is nice. Emma is becoming quite the celebrity! She is
> doing great! She and Chloe are starting to play together a little,
> when it is Chloe's idea of course! They are both sleeping with me at
> night. Chloe wouldn
't for a while, but I guess she figures Emma's not going away so she may as well reclaim her territory. I did leave you a phone message last Saturday. Emma gets some matter in the corner of her eyes. Is this common for this breed? I do not think she has an infection. She is not squinting, nothing running out of the eye, doesn't act like eyes are bothering her. She has really grown alot since I brought her home! Curious and into everything!

> Emma is doing well. She is so sweet!!! I'm back at work today, so
> this is the first day I had to leave her. That's hard to do! She and
> Chloe are warming up to each other a little more each day, but Chloe
> is having a hard time with a new kitty getting attention. I guess you
> got all Emma's pictures and the link to her web page! She is doing
> great and is a happy kitty. More later.
> Pam


Hi Suzanne,our Maggie get sweeter every day. She is 11lbs as of yesterday. She is not fat just one big beautiful girl.We could not love her more. So....glad we have her.Joyce Cahill


Nacho and Taco

Hi Suzanne:

The local paper finally caught me - I had this week off to manage the start of the construction.  In a word, it's a nightmare.
But, I took a break on Thursday to go shopping and took Nacho with me - he likes travelling as much as Taco - if not more.
A photographer for the local newspaper took a bunch of pictures of us when we were walking up the street and one of them ran yesterday with the caption "Nacho, a Scottish Fold cat, gets a ride up Greenwich Avenue in a kitty-carry bag from owner Damian Weed, of Stamford, yesterday."
I'll send you an original copy for your "files."  And, I have to say, he looks awfully handsome in the picture.


Nacho and Taco are fabulous.  They are a fantastic pair together.  Nacho has taken to "traveling" well and has become a constant companion everywhere from City Hall where I finally got my building permit, to Home Depot.  I basically take turns between the two - but surprisingly, Nacho seems to really enjoy it more (Taco may have waited in one two many lines at Starbucks with lots of old ladies saying "awe" then scratching his head).

The new site looks great - I think you sent it to me knowing that a 3rd may be around the corner (LOL).
You're long overdue for pictures which I'm working on - I think you'll be surprised on what a handsome guy Nacho has turned out to be (he finally dropped his extra tooth).
They both have different personalities - but I have to say that Nacho is the sweetest cat I've ever had - he still purrs whenever you get anywhere near him.
I may have to put them in "kitty day care" once the real banging on the house starts - they are going to miss their front porch but, once it's done, I'm having a large bay window put in just for them - a nice 3D way to chatter at the birds.
It was great to hear from you as always....pictures soon.


Hey Suzanne:
The package arrived on Saturday - I'll be taking him to my vet on Friday - thanks again.
I think it was the writer Aldous Huxley who said that of you ever want to learn how people should get along - get two cats.  Taco and Nacho are definately living proof.
These shots aren't the best - but, as you can see, Nacho is real comfortable checking out my antique collection.  I've had to move some of the older, more valuable things way out of harms way.
I'm not sure you can get a sense of how big Nacho has gotten so I'll send some other pictures shortly.  But, I had initially thought that Taco was unusual with how much he likes travelling, shopping and eating out.  Now, Nacho is exactly the same.  So, my only conclusion is that is must be whatever it is you do between birth and the flight to NY.
I'll e-mail you on Friday after Nacho gets on the scale.


Copper and Robber

> The boys are doing great! No more colds. Copper and Robber are best buddies. We are building a new home and have sold our existing home so we have moved in with my mother for a short time. So the boys and Tigger are getting to know each other now. This has gone much better than Copper meeting Robber. When we get settled I will send pictures. The new wesite looks great. Why the change? Hope all is well with you and thanks for checking in.


The boys are doing great! No more colds. Copper and Robber are best buddies. We are building a new home and have sold our existing home so we have

moved in with my mother for a short time. So the boys and Tigger are getting to know each other now. This has gone much better than Copper meeting Robber. When we get settled I will send pictures. The new website looks great. Why the change? Hope all is well with you and thanks for checking in. 

Copper had been eating fine and I am pretty sure he still is.  He is so over Robber coming to his home.  Robber will come up to Copper and cry and Copper will give him a bath now. (Robber is much more vocal than Copper ever was)  They still play hard at times and Robber screams, but we clap our hands and Copper lets him go.  Every night when I come home from work, they are lying on the bed together sleeping.  Thanks so much for sending the medicine.




Hi Susanne-

 Now to the important news - Scotland [ his official name ] I use it when he is trouble. He really is so adorable and lovable. He has become a lap cat in the morning and at bedtime, he still rides to breakfast on my walker- at times Ollie joins him. He has gotten big but his legs have stayed stocky. He has just joined me on the computer - he has learned that he can walk between the moniter and keyboard and not get in trouble. Will send new pictures after I get them developed. Again thank you and I will be in touch.



Oh Suzanne - never has anyone in the course of history been more ready for spring than I......
We live about 1300 feet up on top of a mountain, and it has snowed every week since that #@$*& groundhog said no more winter, and we're supposed to get another storm tomorrow...
Miss Sorcha is something else.....her newest thing is to lay in the middle of the kitchen table so she doesn't miss anything going on.  Have I mentioned how much she loves to eat?  She MUST be fed in her crate - that way, she doesn't have to share.  She and her "boyfriend", my Maine coon named Balthazar are inseparable - they play together, sleep together - everything.  Thank the powers I just had him neutered, cause he was driving her a little crazy.  They have their own little ritual of jumping on my bed around 8 at night to get their evening "mushies" - I have two hands - I can pet them both at the same time.Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
She is a little doll, and has won the hearts of everyone who has met her.  She especially loves my 15 year old daughter's friends, because all they do is ooh and ahh and pet her and love on her and she LOVES that.......Have I mentioned how much she loves to eat?
She is doing super well - she has developed a fondness for fleece, and any piece left laying around is fair game for her new bed.  She is the sweetest, most affectionate thing - and she will let you know with a gentle paw that she would like some more petting, thank you very much!!!
She plays with the dogs a lot - they love her to pieces, and they could chase each other for hours (and do) and she naps with them in their beds.  She has her special friend in my 6 mo. old Maine coon kitten - they "beat each other up" all the time, but if someone gets too rough, one of the dogs will step in - it's very funny to see. 
I will try to get some pictures to you - my daughter and I are in the midst of switching laptops and cameras and stuff, so it's a little messed up at the moment.  But Sorcha is wonderful and we love her!!!!!!!
She is passed out in the middle of my bed right now after a long afternoon of greeting her new family and admirers.  I have never seen a kitten so composed, affectionate and loveable (especially after all the car rides and the planes) !!  I took her out of the crate at the airport and she purred so loud she drowned out the Fed Ex jet next to us!!!!!!  When we got home, she had her new brothers and sisters won over and in their places in about an hour and a half, showing them that she is now the princess.  If you look at her, she purrs.  If you call her name, she purrs.  If you pet her, she purrs louder.  I am going to incorporate petting her for 9 hour straight each  day into my workouts, cause that counts, and she obviously wants that!!!
I cannot thank you enough for such joy.  What an amazing cat!  Happy Birthday to Me!!!
Thank you Suzanne!!

Hi Suzanne,

Hope all is well with you.  Miss Girl is healthy and happy and adored - I have had to stop 4 of my friends from absconding with her in their purses, pockets, etc Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.........she's quite the popular little girl.  Even my most standoffish cat adores her.....
I have a question - she seems to still have a small suture where her incision was - does that need to be taken out or will it disintegrate on it's own?

Mz Trouble

Not sure she will clear it... she has been too well bred for that (thanks Suzan :D)... she may entice Atocha to do it for her :-)))) I like her contemptuous look though... bet she would spit on it... had she not been too well bred for that too (see point 1) More pictures (playing in cat tent, and hiding behind "unadorned" plant) - Isn't she just one of the loveliest girl in the world ? (no, no, I'm not crazy about her).

The spring sun and light are so gorgeous I have been taking pictures like a madwoman today !
Have a great week-end

> Yes it is,,, let me know when she clears it from the pot!


Hello Suzanne

Both new websites are great ! Texts very good and clear, lot of useful information, very pleasant graphics, easy and fluid navigation, very nice pictures. I like the mixes of a number of kittens pictures under "looking for a perfect kitten", looks great.
In testimonies 2005 two pictures of Tonight do not show (on my PC) I have a blank square with a little red cross but all the other pictures of your lovely cats appear perfectly.
All pictures from all cats OK in others years testimonies. And all pictures in others pages (Fold or British) show OK.
I love the babies born in March from StruttinMyStripes and Patches BTW.
British kittens also very nice. Keep on the good work !
What do you think of "Andy Say Yes" ? If Tonight keeps her schedule same as last year she should be calling mid-May. Then it will be honeymoon in Paris for her ! And then the 3 longest months in my yearly life : the first with the stress of knowing if she's expecting or not, the second with the stress that she and the kittens are going well, the third with the stress of the delivery and hoping all babies are well and growing healthy then a blissfull month -normally- then one month of stress of finalizing choice of caring and loving families for the kittens, then tears as they leave. My God, why do I breed cats ? ;) As I write it is "Big-Saturday-Afternoon-Nap" time (well, I expect there is a Big-Everyday-Afternoon-Nap but at least on Saturday I'm witnessing it). Could not resist taking a few pictures of Tonight. I think she may be suffering from accute stress syndrom and I would like your opinion, as a professionnal
Hope all family is well
Kind regards


Seems your website is "crashed" I have not been able to access it and got an error message for some days now I hope you do get e-mails, though, and that everything is Ok with you Feel free to send minimal answer i.e. "we're alive and kicking - stop"
should you be overworked
Kind regards
PS Spring's here - the girls are allowed out again under supervision- Tonight does not like "potted dwarf" and seems to think it is utterly ridicoulous - I'am afraid she's right and will certainly trash bloody "ornament" soon. This girl HAS good taste - hope she will find Mr Right to her liking though, I think he is much better than the dwarf. Did you get the pictures ?

Dear Suzanne,

Since Sunday Mz Trouble is a champion, and her everlasting friend Atocha a champion Premior.
Tdhere was a professionnal photograph at the show, please find enclosed pictures of both "starlets" (don't bother about the human shape in the background - the little witches just could not be trusted to roam around free in the mini studio - we experimented with Atocha and she escaped. I had a dreadfull fright but we caught her back. SHE had tons of fun, though...).
I also enclose copy of Tonight prospective Mr Right... "Andy Say Yes". I love this cat, he has a very good type, gorgeous eye color, small ears, top quality british coat, and an incredible blotched tabby. Sweet temperament and doesn't spray. One of my friend says that when she sees this cat, she melts like a snowflake on a barbecue :D hope Mz Trouble will melt too.... The bloodlines are excellent and he is fully tested (including PKD). But nothing is done yet so shhhhhhhhhhh ;) let's keep our fingers crossed.
Initially she should have been mated with a son of Andy, blue silver blotched tabby, but the cat died last week in a frightful accident. I'd rather have gone for a silver tabby, heterozygote for tabby to maximize chances for smoke or silver tabbies kittens, but the choices I have now are not so many and either nicely typed cats with golden/green eyes (yuk) or badly typed cats with nice orange eyes. Since I'm lucky that Tonight carries the inhibitor gene, I forfeited the silver and decided to go for good type AND good eye color, hoping Nature will freely distribute the silver" gene from Tonight with top priority ;) Andy carries the dilution, and is heterozygote for tabby. I have warned Tonight that she's the one who will be barbecued if she comes up with only black kittens after flirting with Andy.
She started calling early March but it was not possible to mate her at that time ; last year she was ready again mid May, I hope she sticks to same schedule this year ! I'll keep you informed of course.
All the best

Better late than never, best wishes for a very happy and succcessfull new year.
     I was overworked in 2006 and had to step a bit outside of the "cats'world" because I would not had time to do things properly. So no shows and no kittens. Things should get back to normal this year. At least I have sworn it will be so!            Miz Trouble is a lovely lady, playful, funny and sweet, purring and rolling as soon as you come close. I have kept the tortie british who was born shortly before Tonight arrived in France (Atocha, neutered) and these two are the best friends of the world. Since Mz Trouble is a bit "fresh" with the two others adults who often do not share her sense of humor (consisting, mainly, in hiding somewhere and jumping out out this somewhere to give the chosen victim one or two vigorous playful slaps), this makes a good equilibrium at home ! The neutered tortie is always in a good mood and is the only one willing to share Mz Trouble's games without getting ... into troubles. 


Yesterday I was in a show near Strasbourg for the first champion title of Tonight. I took Atocha with us so Tonight would not be alone. It went well, Tonight was a bit nervous but got a good judgment, her title, and a special best variety prize. I will start looking actively for a "prince charming" for her.  Please accept my apologies for not sending news sooner. I do hope all is
well for you and your family.
With kind regards


Toby and Swann

We moved to Colorado, the cats are adjusting just fine!  This picture was too cute to not send :)  They behaved quite well on the drive and tolerated the harnesses Katrina


The boys are doing great! Toby (9 months) is about 11lbs, while Swann (10 months) is much smaller at about 8lbs. Toby still gets hemorrhoids quite regularly but they don't seem to bother him, Swann is doing much better. I switched them both to Science Diet Natural and they seem to like it better (no gas/diarrhea).
     They are both cuddlers, especially at night, both snuggle up on my pillows or next to me. The second my alarm goes off Toby expects to be pet and they both follow me around all day. Swann is obsessed with his "feather on a stick" and will find it and drag it around the house until I play with him (every morning it is at the foot of my bed). He also loves hair rubberbands; he frequently opens my drawer, finds one, paws it out and runs off with it. I have to hide them now.
     Toby is quite powerful and he's built solid, but he never speaks and is extremely affectionate - on his own terms! Swann is more dainty, follows me around begging to play and is quite vocal. They wrestle with each other daily but it usually ends in them licking each other and falling asleep cuddled up. They absolutely love their cat tree and cram themselves in the basket together (see the picture, the camera woke Swann up, he doesn't usually look that disgusted!). I can't imagine one without the other! I'm so glad I got two.


Hi Suzanne!
     Just HAD to send you this pic I took yesterday of Skye sitting like a little couch potato. She sits like this quite a bit, although not usually with her paws crossed in front. Sassi does too, but not nearly as often! I laugh every time I see it...she'll sit like this for quite a while, and then just fall over on to her side and curl up.
     I've never seen a cat actually seem to LIKE sitting like a person...this is the best pic I've been able to get of her doing it, and thought you'd like to see it!






Sensie and Spliff

I thought you would like to see that I haven't sold them for dog food.They are so good and smart.They understand BAD! and haven't damaged anything.Spliff acts like a little dog,follows me everywhere and loves to be held now.

And Sensie is so smart,not to mention looking more and more like a big Brit everyday.Her coat is blending in a bit,but his is still very defined.

Oh------------ and as you see--- she is just like me when it comes to basketball!





Sensie is eating,playing and purring like crazy.She follows me everywhere.Spliff is still timid.He plays with her but not me.Didn't eat as much.When she is out of his sight,he starts mewing up a storm.They were good as gold last night,sleeping in their bed,under the bed.Right now she is with me and he is on the stairs-----crying.What a big baby he is!

Yumi and Miko

Hello Mrs. Suzanne,

Awe! Sorry to hear that! Good news is the new site looks really great! ^-^ Yumi and Miko are doing well. I made them Catster pages back when I bought them but recently updated them with new pictures and videos. If you ever get bored and want you should check them out!


It was interesting we found another kitten (Eek) from our same litter on Catster. Daddy fell on their other tree so I posted a pic of the new one on their page. We found it on Ebay, it looks like a treehouse! ^-^ I will also include a few pics for you because in Catster they size them down.
>Are you going to set the Domain back? I missed checking out now and
>then. I would hate to see another breeder buying that domain. Hope you
>get it back up. I was worried because it said that the domain was
>available to purchase.



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