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Testimonies from 2008


I would Like to Wish everyone in the Henne family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!






Scottie Moddle







"Precious" the love of our lives is doing well



Hi There.

Thought you would get a laugh out of this pick, just the look on Wee Laddy’s face is priceless J

We always dress up with the kids on Halloween, I take the girls out trick or treating and Rick hands out the candy.







Roxy sleeping in due to snow










Hi Suzanne, I'm sending new photos of Murray.  I thought of you today when I was telling my boss what a wonderful cat we adopted from you! 


Thank you for giving us Murray, a very important member of our family.                                           Alice


Hi Suzanne,


Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while.  Been so busy.  I guess no news is good news anyway, right?  Duncan is doing great.  I’ve attached a new photo from Thanksgiving.  He was sitting in the pot of my fake ficus tree.  He looks so handsome now.  He’s getting so big and such a wonderful personality.  He is super smart and can sometimes be a bit of a pest, but we have a lot of fun with him. J


I am still having a lot of problems with Willy.  Willy really dislikes Duncan so much and hisses, growls, swats, and tries to bite at him every chance he gets.  I don’t know what to do.  Any ideas?


Hope to hear from you soon.  I hope you like the photo.








Hi there.

Here are a few pics of Wee Laddy’s first show J


You can see in one of the pics a good shot of his SPOTS J

He is a Great kitty we just love him!!!

Don’t forget to send me business cards and pics of the brown classic female and maybe when you get time the Silver Classic and white that looks like Wee Laddy ( I would like to see a side profile of his bulls eye)

Thank You so much



Hi Suzanne

Wee Laddy is doing great! Everyone just loves him. Today I got his registration and 5 gen pedigree in the mail. Now I have to get him registered CCA.

He has just about doubled in size and is looking good, he is eating iams kitten dry now because every time I try to give him canned he vomits which I found odd. I tried both iams and science diet canned and he vomits. So I’m giving him dry only without a problem. He is eating about ¼ to ½ cup a day.
Hope you like the pics. The second one is Wee Laddy and Panda my 17 yr old Brit.












Let me know if you happen to have cream and white in any future litters or even one like Pabby when you breed her J I think Wee Laddy needs a play mate J

Thanks so much




Hi Suzanne!
Just wanted to give you an update on Mouser since it's been a week. She's still pretty shy but has been coming out of her hiding place under the bed. I think she's still unsure about me because if I approach her or she thinks I'm going to approach her, she'll retreat back under the bed. I guess it will just take time. However, if she's already under the bed and I reach in to pet her, she purrs like crazy. She really is a sweet kitty!

Mouser and Cosette seem to be getting along fairly well. They are still trying to figure each other out and every once in awhile Mouser swipes at Cosette if she's being too annoying. (She likes to play with Mouser's tail and chase her around.)

I've attached some new pictures of Cosette. She is such a sweetie! Everyone who sees her says she's the pretties kitten they've ever seen. I'd have to agree :)

Thanks again! I'll give you some more updates later on Mouser's adjustment. I figured since she's an older cat, it might take a little longer.





Hi Suzanne:


It has some random shots of the boys who are obviously ridiculously happy.


Nacho and Beans are still as close as you can get - and although Taco thinks he's in charge, all three get along great.


I also included some shots of Nacho at Fiddlers Green - the pub at the end of my street and his favorite place in the whole world.  I eat there about 3 times a week and take taking each cat.  It was Taco’s turn for the Super Bowl which explains the hat.  Nacho gets constant attention from the customers out on the patio.


Taco likes driving so much, that he’ll jump on the top of my pick up…his version of a subtle hint.  Beans likes his carry bag so much that he’ll sleep in it even when were not out and about.


Not much else to report – these guys really are the best.


Nacho is two today – he’s easily the most socialized cat I’ve ever had…and my vet agrees.


We’ll be taking him on a little boat trip to Long island for breakfast this weekend – who said cats don’t like the water!


Everything else is good and the boys are all doing well – they’re quite a happy and healthy bunch.


I have new pictures I’ll be sending to you shortly – I’m having them downloaded to my office computer and should get them to you next week.


In the interim, little Beans has already started the Birthday celebration for his buddy Nacho…







Baxter, Higgins and Pepper

Dear Aunt Suzanne,

Well, it's been two weeks since we took over.
 Rations are great,
Pepper's favorite TV show is "Dancing with the Stars," but he also likes to watch the goldfish on our Cat DVD.  

 Mom and Dad are responding to our training nicely,

 and we are beginning to study the squirrels and birds outside through our personal bedroom window.

 We have received a number of visitors who cannot get over our cuteness factors.
  We stay well behaved, because most of them bring us toys like puff balls and such.

Hope you are doing great - - we will keep you posted!

Love You,

Baxter, Higgins, and Pepper





Here are the little ones on their birthday.  I think I told you in the last email that we had quite a party for them.

Here are some more pics of the kids.  I'm going to use your suggestion and send them one at a time.
This one is Sorcha looking straight up at the camera.  She's such a pretty little girl.  She looks almost like the one you use in the Cat Fancy magazine to advertise your folds.


I don't mind Edan being shy.  It's who he is.  He always does a few cute things when he wants my attention.  He rolls over on his back, which I call "doing the cutesy".  That's usually his cue to me saying, "Ok mommy, you can pet me but just for a little bit.  When he's had his fill, he dashes away.

Hi Suzanne,

   It's been awhile since I've given you an update so I figured I'd try now.  I tried sending some once before but your mail was full.  I'll just send these in smaller batches and see if they go through better.
Edan and Sorcha are now over a year old and they are still as cute as ever.  Sorcha has grown into a beautiful little girl.  I call her my little dwarf fold.  She is still fairly small for the breed which is good because it still makes her look like a little kitten.  Edan on the other hand has turned into a very handsome boy. 

 He does tend to pick on his sister a little bit though.  I picked up a couple of other folds as well.  These two are rescue folds.  Jeremy, who is 2 is a rather big boy and he and Edan just love to chase each other around the house, which is good for two reasons.  One, it might help Jeremy lose a little weight, and two, it keeps Edan busy since Sorcha is more on the quiet side and doesn't really like to play as much.  Caileigh is the other one I picked up.  She is 8 and also on the quiet side.  This poor little girl was dumped in the parking lot of a high kill shelter.  I just don't understand some people sometimes.

This first picture of Sorcha I took of her lounging in the tub.  She likes to lay there in the summer cause it's nice and cool.  The other is Edan playing King of the Mountain at the top level of the cat tree. 

He still has a problem with runny eyes so I have to wash them every day.  He doesn't seem to mind too much.  He's still on the shy side.  I doubt he'll ever get over that.  The only time he's really friendly is when I'm getting their food out.  Then he's all for rubbing up against me.  The next picture is Sorcha on the smaller cat tree doing her little, "I'm the Queen" pose, and that she is. Next is Edan sitting on the bed in their room.  I think he looks pretty regal too. 

I'll end this for now and see if these will go through.  If so, I'll send some more.
Thanks again for these precious babies,





Hi Suzanne,

Keebler and Savannah now own the house and our hearts.

  They are healthy, happy and into everything.  I am so glad that we decided on two kittens as they are together constantly.

  Savannah is still slightly more reserved than Keebler and takes some time to assess a situation – particularly if it involves other people.  Keebler on the other hand has no fear and will plop on his back in a room full of strangers.  

They both are extremely loving and cuddly with us....we now close the door to our bedrooms when we want a full night sleep as they haven’t learned that licking our noses at 3 AM isn’t endearing!

Thank you so much we are delighted with our new family members,



I'm attaching a recent picture.  He's a sweetie.





Hi Suzanne-
Just a short update on Toffee).  He is a wonderful kitten--runs around investigating everything and right now is on my lap learning the computer;. He follows me everywhere and flops down in my lap when I get in my chair to read.  He now has the run of the house --only used the squirt bottle twice!  He sleeps with us and has been really good at night.  Favorite toys are crumbled paper and pencils--literary cat!       What is the status of Pazzaz's kittens--any ears folding?  Keep us posted.


We picked up Toffit --finally about 2:30 pm.  We were on "pins and needles"--cargo guys said everyone was stopping them to "ooh and ahh" over Toffee!  When we got him home, he immediately came out of the carrying case and "cuddled" with me and turned on his wonderful "motor" and hasn't turned it off since!  I showed him the kitty litter which he promptly used, then explored the bedroom and them drank quite a bit of water and had a little dry cat food!  I will give him his canned cat food in a little while when he finishes exploring--NOT hiding at all or shy--he is already playing with toys and checking out everything in the master bedroom and bath--you are right--he is already a joy and a handful!  The postman came with the box of "goodies"--so I have some reading to do, if I can stop cuddling and playing with Toffee.  Thanks so much for everything--we are in love with him already!  Probably will not sleep too much tonight unless Toffee does.






Made it home just fine.  Just wanted to say thank you again. 

 Macy is doing fine.  I love her already.  I will keep in touch with you.  Donna





Baxter, Higgins and Pepper

Leona and our New Mom...  WiseGuy checking out our ride......


Dear Aunt Suzanne,

Just wanted to let you know we made it home to someplace called Alabama safe and sound.

traveling in style

 We slept most of the way, trying to impress our mom and dad with our best behavior.  

Do not let them know this, but we think we have struck the mother lode - - our room is posh, food is more than tolerable, and these people are definitely trainable.  We spent a restful first night, although Baxter stood watch until about midnight with his eyes wide open.  (He says, "Trust no one," but when he had his tummy scratched this morning, he began to know a good thing when he sees it.)  We had big breakfasts, played a lot, then caught some zzzzz.  

The Big Guy, Barnie, has checked us out,
 seems to be unimpressed thus far.  He is nothing we can't handle.

Must go now - - more later.  Have to get repositioned in our sunbeams!




Baxter the brave


PS - - We cannot thank you enough, Suzanne!  Hope this weekend was great for you and all your guests!  - Jay and Linda.

PSS - - These little creatures are nothing I can't handle. - Barnie 

Charlie and Lucy

Good to here from you Suzanne,       
Charlie and Lucy are doing great.  I could not imagine one without the other.  They are always playing, chasing, wrastling and sometimes sleeping together.  They are beautiful.  Their fur is so silky soft and they don't seem to shed.  They are truly lap cats.  They are very sweet and loving.  I would always encourage people to consider two.  Thank you for the picture of mom.  I can't get over how different they look with perk ears.  She is pretty and truly does have spots!!!!!!!!!!  I would send you some new pictures but I don't have a digital camera so have to do it the old fashion way when I get some pictures taken in the future.  I am always checking your web site to look at pictures of new kittens.  Can't afford anymore, but it is fun to look!!!!!!!!!!  Take care and know that Charlie and Lucy are loved and very well taken care of.  I think they love us too!!!!!!!!


Purrfectfold Sandy Rose


Sandy is doing great!  She loves to be in the bathroom with us cause its small and comfortable and she loves to rub on everything.  Its funny because she'll start drooling, get drops of it on the floor, step in it, and track it everywhere.  Theres a visible trail of where she's been on the rug.  She's gotten good at sitting with us if we pick her up and bring her over.  She still is very intimidated by us if we're standing, like she can't stand it!  If we're sitting or lying down or kneeling, its ok, but standing is paramount to dogness.  She's become addicted to wet food, she fights tiger in the morning for his share of the food and he's unused to having to defend his food so he's still not entirely sure whats going on.  He's also still sent-marking everything and occasionally spraying certain areas he doesn't want her to sit in.

Also, I got pictures for you!  I bought a new digital SLR for myself for my birthday and I've taken at least 300 pictures of her.



CH Purrfectfold Sandy Rose
(DOB 3-26-07) Black Smoke Folded Female 

Sandy has joined Adam as his new college companion
as he leaves to start school!  Congradulations to Adam
and what a wonderful friend he will have!


Sandy is a sweet girl and ready to be a loving part of your family.. 


Sandy is doing well! She's hiding a lot less, exploring more and being very affectionate! Also, she has the funniest little quirks like submerging her paw while drinking water and the way she swivels her head while looking around. I'll continue to let you know how she does!

Sandy's doing good!  We have the carrier set up with the door off in the living room so she has somewhere safe to hide, instead of behind the tv or so on.  She does very well in our arms but out in the open she smells a lot of the other cat and is very cautious.  We'll introduce the two of them later tonight.  I'll keep you up to date and send you lots of pictures!




BTW – if anyone asks for food advice, I’ve been using a new brand, Weruva, that’s excellent.  The guys go nuts over it.  Unfortunately, it’s not cheap – but if you have any finicky Clients, I highly recommend it.

Hi Suzanne:


Hope you’re well - I thought you’d enjoy the attached.


The bartender at the restaurant at the end of my street won “Best Costume” at their Halloween party by being…me.


The first picture is me taking Nacho out to dinner last Thursday – the second is of Timthe bartender in costume Friday night.








Of course – I didn’t win anything for it…but Nacho did get a big plate of shrimp and asparagus.


Maybe next year he’ll go as me again…with Taco.




Almost forgot…my buddy Taco turned 3 on the 28Th!


Hard to believe it’s been that long. 


He’s doing great – although he does torture Nacho from time to time (Nacho’s is so sweet, he lies on his back and covers his face with his paws when Taco antagonizes him).  He’s a pacifist cat.



hi suzanne, how are you?   roxy (natalie & stormy's kitten) is growing and very sweet and beautiful. I tried to e-mail photos to you yesterday. Did you receive them?  Did any toy mice come in yet on your toy order? I'm interested in purchasing some mice (the type with rattle noise) toys. Roxy loves this mouse toy she came with, but does some crazy things with it. She puts it in the food bowl, hides it, etc... Thanks for creating such a sweet, beautiful cat. i love her so much. everything about her is adorable. she has chubby, big hands and keeps growing ! she is so cuddly. her eyes are so wide and brown and sweet. she has a cute sweet voice and purrs a lot. thank you, marlana 







Hi Suzanne,

  Just wanted to let you know that the box with the shampoo, medicine, etc., arrived safely today.  Thanks so much!   Oh, the kittens enjoyed playing in the empty box too.
   The short tailed girl has made great strides.  She slept by my head all night long last night, and today she does not run when we want to pick her up.  I won't be able to call her the shy one anymore. 

We are still working on names.......this is proving difficult, since when one of us thinks of a name......some one else doesn't like it so much.        Hey, if you have any suggestions........send them along and I'll add them to the list........hopefully one of these days we'll come up with something fitting for them.       One of my sons thought of either Skitters or Shiloh for the shy girl.........but now she isn't so shy anymore, so that doesn't really fit.  

I don't know, but we'll keep working on it.


Hi  Suzanne,
   We just got home from the airport.    Plane arrived on time, but we had to wait for the people to go and bring them to cargo.
They are sooooooo cute.  Well worth waiting for, and you, of course ,were right, they did fine...and are still small and kitten size.
  They seem to be unfazed by the long day, The little bi color is walking outside the crate, the short tail girl walked out, looked around and then went back inside.     Oh,......I take that back, she is on the way back out of the crate too.
  I'm sure they will feel at home soon.
  Thanks so much!!  And I will give you another update tomorrow.
They're amazing!  



Hi, Suzanne --

Just thought I'd drop a note (and some pictures) to let you know that Boo and Maui are doing great! They just had their first birthday, and they've developed beautifully!

They're such characters. Boo is definitely the "love muffin" of the two and will often cry out of loneliness when he awakens from one of his many naps (as if to say, "Hey
-- where did everybody go?"). He loves to plop on top of us, and loves to be petted.


Maui is the more relaxed of the two (he is a very patient
kitty) and likes to hang around us, though he's not a great "petee"
(he'll move if you're bothering him too much). And they've settled down into our family very well, too: the four other cats hardly mind the "trespassers" at all!



Anyway, thanks again for your help and for the kitties! We're so glad we got two!

Kim and Eric Holtman (and Maui, Boo, Patch, Amos, Levi, and Greebo)





Hi Suzanne,
I wish this picture was clearer, but I still had to send it along!  She is so darn cute!  I'm starting to lose track of what pictures I've sent you, so if you get a repeat just bear with me, haha! 
We sure do love her, I just can't wait to be able to cuddle her completely again!  I'm sure she can wait though, haha!  We probably drive her nuts with all the love!!!!


I will be in touch again soon,










She is a persistent little kitty!



My husband was sitting at the table eating, and Winnie decided she would wait patiently for her share!








Hi Suzanne!
Happy 4th of July!  Hope you are well!
Winnie is doing amazing!  Ever since the e-mail I sent you she is getting soooo cuddly, I just can't believe it.  She is really starting to come around now.  For the first time this morning she slept on me (which made me melt, of course), and she is starting to "talk" to me whenever I talk to her!  I love it!  And she comes running whenever I call her!  So exciting!    Just had to let you know....
I'll be in touch again soon!ROUGH LIFE!

Winnie is doing so well and is settling into our home a little more every day.  My older cat Lucy is starting to come around, but she still is annoyed and has some hisses to say every hour or so, haha!  Everyone that meets Winnie is so amazed at how beautiful she is, especially at how her coat is so thick and soft. 

  She is eating and drinking and has grown even in the short amount of time she's been here!  We are thrilled with our beautiful, healthy girl!!!!  Thank you for everything!!!







winnie seeing herself on the website.....




Hi Suzanne,
We had a great night.  She is playing constantly, eating, drinking and using her litterbox great.  She hasn't seemed to skip a beat after her long trip yesterday.  She is quite the little explorer, not seeming to be afraid of anything.  We put a baby gate up at the door of the room she's in so that my older cat can see her and vice versa...they have had lots of nasty things to say to each other, but I think in a few days they will be fine.
Thanks for everything, we absolutely love her.  All the stress I had completely melted away the minute I saw her!  She is exactly what I wanted!  My son is completely in love and it seems that she feels the same way about him.  They are total playmates!
I will keep you posted on anything new, and I will certainly call if I have any worries. 





Hi Suzanne,

Update on Darcy. He is really adorable and very sweet. He loves to give kisses, play and eat. He is the sweetest little kitty. Darcy gets along with our other pets really well.
 I received the care package and his papers.
Thank you so much. We just love him so much.
Best Regards,
          Noelle and Darcy



Brave little Ebony came out last night to see the whole house on her own wishes.  Now she directs the universe from an ottoman in the living room.  She wants to stay in the living area now and see everything going on.  She purrs and loves us up like crazy.  Plays til she puts herself out for a nap.  Thanks for such a great cat.  We love her.  She does this funny thing with her tail - she sticks it up very stiff and shakes it like a rattlesnake!

Hi Suzanne
After refusing food, drink or litter box for 24 hours - Ebony sprang to life.  She was a stressed out pussycat.  Just wanted to live under our bed.
Now she's very playful and loving to us, as long as we're in the floor with her in our bedroom.  She does not want on the furniture at all.  Her velvety feet were slippery on our wood floors. But she uses her corrugated scratcher lounge like a cat possessed.  She loves it.
Now she's open to the possibility of looking outside of the bedroom.  Still very timid about it yet. She is the most beautiful little thing.  She's getting alot of attention and we're all getting along well.
Thanks alot,
Brent and Lisa



Hi Dr. Henne,

We just wanted to let you know that Eek has made it onto Moderncat.net:

His head is big enough already, so I can only imagine with this continued fame will do to it.  :-)




Hi -

Mackenzie is fine; she's eating well, checking things out, seems to be happy and is very affectionate.  I've tried to take time to acclimate Richard Parker to her as he is a bit freaked out.  He's stopped hissing and making noises at her but stays at a distance and just stares.  I didn't feel right about leaving them alone Monday amd today while I'm at work so I am keeping Mackenzie upstairs with the door closed (with everyting she needs)  and am letting her roam free in the evenings so they can get used to each other with supervision.
If I should be doing something else, let me know. But I think we're off to a good start, just taking a little longer than I thought!



Hi Suzanne –


About 4 years ago, I made a very happy adoption of a kitten from you named Richard Parker. He is happy and healthy; always curious and into everything and totally lovable.  His favorite habits are sitting in front of my computer keyboard, chasing his tail (still) and playing with his toys,  (Although I have to admit that he enjoys playing with paper just as much if not more than the other toys.)  I've attached a photo of him in his favorite pose.


Sadly, Phoebe, the cat I got Richard as a companion for, recently died of heart failure.  I was certain that I wouldn't get another cat, but Richard really misses having a companion and has not been himself even when I come home for lunch to check on him.  I am considering a new kitten in September.


I was looking at your available kittens and wanted to ask about the availability of:


25 - Blue and white Folded Eared Long Haired Scottish Fold Female


I suspect that a folded- ear kitten is out of my price range when I factor in shipping but I’d
Thanks in advance for the information.   MARY


Suzanne, Here is the link to Emma's website. There are new pictures. She is doing great! I just love her to pieces!





Kenzie is growing like a weed. 

 Here are some pictures for you. 







 Thank you so much for letting me adopt her.  Shannon






She is adapting great..  She is not sure of the dogs.  If she sees or smells them she growls and spits.  we stopped for a little bit and she came right out of her cage to my daughter.  She is already loving on everyone in the family.  She is playing with all of her new toys.  She does not like to be left alone in the room, she meows until someone goes in there and gets her.  We are puting the dogs up tonight so she can explore the rest of the house.  I will send photos soon and I'll keep sending updates..  She is perfect.  Thank you so much.   Shannon









So glad to hear you found the email. I don't know if the picture came thru of finn in his lounge - (my desk drawer) so i just wanted to send it again.







He really is my best companion! I couldn't be happier.







NICO sees lizard in the desert:::  Steve








suzanne......................here's some recent pictures.








We wanted to let you know that LUCY has adjusted very well and that our other cat has made no issue about LUCY.








Kaktus is doing great….she is very affectionate and loving, the “ purr factory”.   Petroglyph and Tephra still are hizzing and cattituding. Kaktus is making the effort to socialize but Glyph and Tef are not buying it.   However, I feel that this lets Kaktus bond with Dan and myself, rather than bonding with the other cats.  I’m positive

things will settle out soon with lots of loving attention to all………..





Thought you might like to see these pix I took.

When I emailed my daughter in Charlotte, she was thrilled - - - that we had met a cyclist!  As I mentioned, she and her husband are cycling fans, so her email reply to me included a cy of your first place finishes from US Cycling!

She finally got around to telling us the boys are "cute and fluffy."

We saw Tux/Higgins picture posted on your Web site - - gosh, he's something! 

Thanks again for everything, Suzanne!

Jay and Linda
















Hey Suzanne,

Just wanted you to know Logan is doing great. He and the rest of the cats and dogs get along just fine.

He is really a chow hound. His coat is so so soft and he was a big hit at his first vet visit, of course.

I have attached a few pics I just took of him.




Let me know what you think.




Good morning. I am wondering if and when your next litters of kittens will be available, I am ready to buy another kitten, but preferably from Louise's mother. Also, here is a picture of Louise.      Thanks, Elizabeth





Hi Suzanne~ I just thought I'd send you some recent pictures of Ari & Kallia.

 They have both grown so much and are absolutely adorable.

Ari is such a cuddle bug and one of the sweetest cats I've ever known.

Kallia is my curious little one, always up to something.


I love them both so much!


Hope all is well.    ~Deanna Mattek-Graffe






We finished one of the cat enclosures.  They've had access to the bridge for a week and then we finished the enclosure this Saturday.  Saturday night all 7 of them were out there with me. It was great!
In the picture there are 3 cats on the bridge.  That seems to be their favorite spot right now.  The one on the left is Scottie, my Scottish Fold, and two of my Munchkin cats, Shorty George and Sammy Lowrider. 
The other  picture is of the enclosure.  I'm thinking of calling it their retreat. It's hard to see the black shelves inside the enclosure.  Where you see the burgundy red in the upper corners, those are cat beds covered with a pillow case.   The fountain is running right now full time until I put a timer on it.  The litter box is under the gray cube behind the fountain.  I'm going to paint that black also.  Then there is a chair for me to sit on and their play tunnel and cube on the ground. It's pretty much full of stuff inside that cage.  I stapled some of their toys to the wooden ramps.  There is also a large pot of cat grass for them too.  They've got it made in the shade man!  The roof is smoked fiberglass panels and the cage is located on our back wall between two orange trees so it gets mostly shade during the day.  The other cage that we'll finish later will get mostly sun.   There is another tunnel connecting the two enclosures. 
So when you die to you want to come back as one of my cats?
- cw




BJ is doing great.  He is very fun loving cat.  He likes to try and read the paper with us in the morning and loves to sit with mom while she knits.  

Sometimes letting her and sometimes not.  He is eating well and growing bigger everyday.  I have attached some pictures of him playing in a paper bag a few weeks ago.




Hi Suzanne


The first show I’m hoping to put him in is CNE show Aug 23 and 24. If not the next show is Sept 6th and 7th and that would be it till the spring because the other shows are too far away.

So when you get a chance send me that recipe to fill him out some more J




Hi  Suzanne,

I just want to thank you for breeding the best cats in the world!!! We love our new kitty Fiona. She is the sweetest, softest, most loving cat I've ever had. 

McDougal and Beans are starting to adjust to her. McDougal being a typical scottish fold is very curious of her. He watches her where ever she goes. Beans is very weary of her. So far Beans won't leave the bedroom. The first day McDougal was growling all the time. Last night I was playing with McDougal and Fiona came running up to join and they were all playing together. I actually saw them touch noises quickly and then he hissed but I know they will be great friends. It's only the fourth day and they can be close to each other with out freaking to much.

Fiona is so funny. Nothing scares her, not even the other cats. She just looks at them and goes on her way. We have this huge 6 foot cat tree for them and she loves to lay in the hammock at the bottom. 

My father loves her too! He keeps offering me money for her but I told him to get his own. I did show him the other kittens for sale on your site. He's very interested. 

I'll keep in touch. As she grows I'll send you more pictures.

Thanks again,







Here is a pic of him weighing in on things.


Sandy's doing good!  We have the carrier set up with the door off in the living room so she has somewhere safe to hide, instead of behind the tv or so on.  She does very well in our arms but out in the open she smells a lot of the other cat and is very cautious.  We'll introduce the two of them later tonight.  I'll keep you up to date and send you lots of pictures!



She is something else :)  Turkey is tolerating her much more, she doesn't hit anymore.  She'll still hiss and growl or leave the room she can't handle Chicken at that moment...but then Chicken thinks it's a game and chases after her!  I'd say about two more weeks and they should be good friends.
When I had people over for my birthday on the 12th, Chicken was right in the middle showing everyone her personality and playing. 

 Everyone kept saying how well socialized she is.  Chicken is such a beautiful kitten.

I've attached some pictures of her favorite place to sleep, the small desk drawer.




We are home! 
I put chicken in her room and she explored forever.  Turkey had no idea she was here....until I left Chicken in her room alone to write you this email.  Turkey could hear her cries and kind of sniffed the door then walked away.  I went to bring Chicken in the computer room with me and the Turks caught sight of Chicken so I closed the door.  Turkey did this weird short growl and got puffy and acted like she was going to run away but I started petting her and I think she forgot about Chicken in the other room. 

 Now Chicken is the computer room with me and Dave exploring again.  I wonder how tonight will go?  I'll let you know.




She's having a great time!  She's a wonderful kitten, thank you


Hi Suzanne,
     Time certainly does fly.  Can you believe Hootie turned 2 on Aug. 28?  He is a big boy now. 





This is a cat who certainly enjoys life.  He loves to look outside at the birds and lizards through the front door and the sliding glass doors.  He looks to be a great hunter if he were ever allowed to.  He gets so excited when he sees them.

     He is such a character and just loves to play with everything and anything.  His favorite thing is carrying a bag of catnip all through the house trying to keep it from Zoe.  He loves to shake it and throw it in the air.  He definitely likes the bag better than just getting the catnip itself.






 Hootie is very healthy and happy.  He continues to entertain everyone he's around.  In fact, some friends of ours said they would gladly take him if we wished.  Not on your life!!!!!!!!  Thought you would enjoy some recent pictures of him.  He is as handsome as his parents (Stormy and Ms. Marble) and every bit bit the show cat as Stormy, at least we think so. 


     Congratulations on the ribbons your kitties won at the recent shows.  They are such champions each and everyone.                                                                                      Vicki

watching tv 

jim and shaeion



Hi Dr Henne,

Lana and I thought you might be interested to know that Eek (our cat, and one of you gray Scottish Folds) is in the may edition of Martha Stewart's Living on page 169. He got the gig through a friend of friend. Hopefully the fame hasn't gone to his head.  :-)










I just love this picture, had to send it along!




Hi Suzanne

Wee Laddy is doing great! Everyone just loves him. Today I got his registration and 5 gen pedigree in the mail. Now I have to get him registered CCA.

He has just about doubled in size and is looking good, he is eating iams kitten dry now because every time I try to give him canned he vomits which I found odd. I tried both iams and science diet canned and he vomits. So I’m giving him dry only without a problem. He is eating about ¼ to ½ cup a day.

Hope you like the pics. The second one is Wee Laddy and Panda my 17 yr old Brit.
Let me know if you happen to have cream and white in any future litters or even one like Pabby when you breed her J I think Wee Laddy needs a play mate


Thanks so much





Hi Suzanne,

Thank you for the wonderful job you do with your kittens!  Our house feels like a home again.  The kittens are the sweetest and happiest kittens I have ever had.  Angel just wants to be in my lap or near me whenever she can.  Finnegan must have been born purring!  He is the happiest kitten in the world; I swear if he could smile he would be grinning from ear to ear.

After the loss of our beloved Daffy we knew we had to have very special kittens.  After we got through the initial stages of mourning we started to look at breeds.  We knew we needed easygoing, docile cats.  Our other cat, Dandy needed some friends, he took Daffy's loss very hard.  Since Dandy is 10 we knew we had to be careful and find the exact right fit for him as well as for our lives.

When we read about Scottish Folds we knew they were the right breed; they captured our hearts.  Then the search for the right breeder started.  I spoke to several other breeders before I found you.  None of them had the knowledge or the extra special setup that you do.  I was very happy to find how you socialized the kittens and knowing you are a Vet, I felt very secure that I would get happy healthy kittens; and I did!

It is so nice to be able to get the kittens already neutered and with all their shots, well with everything taken care of!  It has also been wonderful to have your advice and help with the transition and to know that if I need anything I can always call you for help. 

I had Burmese cats many years ago, and once I paid and brought them home, the breeder wanted nothing more to do with me.  It is such a comfort to know you are there for support if I need it!

Thank you for everything, especially my two wonderful new additions, Finnegan and Angel!!







Hi Suzanne,

Just wanted to give you an update on how Winnie is doing! 
She really is a wonderful little kitten.  She has settled into our family so well.  We enjoy how mellow she is and she gets more and more comfortable with us every day.  Her normal thing now is to wake one of us up every morning around 4:30 to give us lots of love...not quite sure why she's chosen that time of the day to be lovey-dovey, but I'll take it when she will give it!  She follows us wherever we go, and she is always up here on the computer when I'm typing.  The only thing I can't seem to get her to stop doing is sleeping on our dining table...it's one of her favorite spots!  Sooo, we'll keep working on that one, haha!  
No one can get over just how beautiful she is, and sometimes I can't even believe it.  She almost looks fake sometimes because she's so pretty! 
We are really socked in with smoke here due to all of the fires in California, so I think she's been bothered by that a little bit.  I've noticed her sneezing a few times a day, but her eyes are very clear and she never has any gunk around her nose.  She is eating like a horse!  I can't believe it! 
Anyway, that's the latest on Winnie!  I will continue to keep you posted!  Hope all is well for you!





Here's Gus with my very happy daughter. She said he is "perfect." I'm sure Jack will agree.

You were so right -- Gus is such a character. He's found a great resting place on the bottom shelf of a bookcase.


 And -- he's done both his necessary activities in the litterbox. Also, since I was up so early, I took a short nap...He slept with me!

Again, THANK YOU! Will send more pics soon.




Hey Suzanne!
They are perfect together.

Thank you again.

More updates soon,


Hi Suzanne,
As Gus nuzzles my leg, it seems appropriate to share info about his first week.

1. What an amazing personality he has.
2. He has adjusted remarkably well.
3. His litter box skills are extraordinary.
4. He eats like a horse.
5. He enjoys sleeping by Courtney's head during the night.
6. I know Jack and my two older boys are going to love him.

There's so much more. He's such a great addition to our family.

Two pics attached. One of him crawling on my shoulder while I'm working. The other as he's perched on our matching couch!

Will keep in touch.

Hope to have your info posted on my website next week.

BTW -- not sure if I was clear -- it's totally fine to deposit the check.


Take care,


Hi Suzanne and family,

Just wanted to take a few minutes and let you know that the kitty is doing beautifully. He has settled in and is life is great and he wanted me to share a few of his thoughts with you so here goes:

Hi gang, life in Daytona Beach is not so bad at all. The plane ride was fun and I got upgraded to 1st class from Atlanta with free cheese, but no wine since I am so young. My new Mom was a nervous wreck when I got here but within 15 minutes after landing we were in the car and heading for my new home. I purred all the way and took a little bath just for something to do.
They said you were absolutely right when you said I was a good traveler, I never even cried once.

When I got there, wow! They have cat trees all over for me to climb up and down, I go a new bed for myself, but I would rather sleep on the new Mom's pillow. The food is great and sometimes if I am fast enough, I can get some of my new brother's big cat food. I got some new toys and I love to play with a straw they toss for me. They even have a battery operated mouse for my to chase in a circle. I really like my new friend Max, he is a year old and we take turns chasing each other across the house. We like to get on opposite sides of a door and push our paws under at each other. They have a cat called Simba who has some kidney problems, but I was really nice to him and he likes me too. He got some good news at his vet's office today and his HCT was 30.3 up from 19.4 so the new owners were happy.

I did a little sneezing the first day or two, but I am fine now and didn't even need any medicine. My eyes are doing good too. They have an older girl here named Koko and I just leave her alone as she isn't too friendly,
but I will win her over in a few more days. My new Mom thought I might
need to be separated from the other cats for a few days, but not me, because like you told these people I am sweet! They looked up 'sweet' in the dictionary and there was my picture! All in all this is a pretty cushy gig here in Daytona Beach so I think I'll stick around for the long haul.

Now if only I could get my own name, they keep calling me the little black cat and that won't do. I'll keep you posted when I can get more computer time. Love from the kitty

As you can tell from his words, it seems like he has been here forever. A Perfect cat from the Purrfect Folds.
Thank you so much, Pat





The countdown to Burrito’s birthday has started and it’s hard to believe that he’s almost one!


He’s another pleasure as are his brothers.


Hope you’re well.




Not sure if I ever sent these to you – but Nacho and Burrito have basically been as thick as thieves from day one.





I have to say that all 3 are still getting along great. 
 Nacho is the sweetest (and smartest).  Burrito is actually the calmest and still follows me everywhere.  Taco is a high maintenance pain in the neck who knows how to get what he wants.  And, I agree that he is gorgeous.


Enjoy the relative calm of the summer…I’ll e-mail you some new pictures soon.












Eddie Freddie and Josh

Hi Dr. Henne



I hope you like this picture.  I am not sure how to down size the photo.  Let me know if this works for you.  My mom wants me to send you a couple more, maybe for your website or just for you to see.


Hello, this is Josh. I just wanted to tell you a litlle bit of info. about Eddie. First of all he has gained some weight. He weighs somewhere between 11 and 12 lbs. But he doesn't like to be called fat. He is pleasantly plump. Also, we think he has a lot of character. He lays in the funniest positions, and half of them are him laying on his back! He is also starting to talk more. The other day we took a toy out to play with him and he cried. And sometimes he will lay somewhat willingly on his back while your sitting down, and he will lay on his back in the crack between your legs and then you can pet him and he will like it. You can also scratch behind his legs and he will stretch them out when he is in the same position. Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update.









suzanne, tucker is home and doing really well...you where right, he is not afraid of anything...he settled in right away and started playing w/toys...tucker is, if possible, cuter in person, and just purrs all the time...the plane was 3 1/2 hours late leaving, so when i got home it was close to 10:00, thought it might be a little late to call you. ...thank you so much for all your help in making tucker mine...he reminds me so much of my tucker, that it makes losing tucker a little bit easier...thank you again...martha




Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for posting the pictures of Willy. I have to try to get some better photos of him where his eyes don't change to that weird greenish color. I'll send some your way if I do.

I've attached my favorite face close up of Willy. I love the way his eyes look. It was taken with my Blackberry last week. Maybe you can put it up with the others.

I am stuck on naming the new kitten. I have three names in mind, but I can't seem to decide which one to give him. I like Jake, Duncan, and Logan. What do you think? Which suits him best? It's driving me nuts.




Hi Suzanne,

As promised, I've attached some more recent pictures of Willy. These are from a few months ago at the end of January. They are not very good photos, but they are the best I have. His eyes always seem to come out with that strange color. I guess it's like the way people get red-eye in photos.
Anyway, the pictures definitely do not do him justice. He really is such a beautiful cat. If I ever get a truly good photo of him I will be sure to send it your way. I wish you could see him in person.

I'll speak to you soon. I look forward to hearing back from you on the kitten we are interested in.






Oh Suzanne he could not be any sweeter.    I wish I did not have to go back to work tomorrow as we have become fast friends.

Ben and Joey (my older male cat) make strides every day.

Ben is worn out today and he was introduced to the entire house today.  He has been very busy "exploring", while his nervous new mother (me) is not far away.   I bought him a little collar with a bell so that I can track him, but due to his size I am never to far from him.  It will be awhile before he has the run of the house on his own.  What are your thoughts about that?  I do not have much experience with kittens so I am not really sure what I should and should not be doing.  The things I know for sure are that he loves all his toys, he does not like to be too far away from me and he is eating a drinking a lot.

If you have suggestions or if I am doing anything wrong in your opinion, I am all ears.  The little collar he wears when he is "exploring has a breakaway feature. 

I could not be happier with my new little buddy!!!!!



Ben is soooo sweet.  We are becoming big buddies.  You have done a tremendous job socializing him.  My older male cat wants absolutely nothing to do with Ben...I hope that changes soon.




Hi Suzanne!
Hope all is well.  I just wanted to send you some pictures of Finnegan!  He's an awesome kitty!
He spends his day with me in my office when I'm working perched in my top desk drawer! 
As you can see, he's out growing it, but insists on laying in there.
Wherever I go, he's not far away from me - he is a wonderful companion and definitely my shadow. 
He also loves the basket. (I don't know what it is about that basket!!)
He's a mush of a kitty and loves being in the mix of things. 
When I vacuum, I either have to move him, or go around him!  He's fearless.
Ping pong balls are his favorite to chase, and he loves the fish in the fish bowl. 
So just wanted to let you know that our Finnegan is PURRFECT!
Thank you for kindness with everything.....
Kim :)









We are both so amazed at how sweet Riley is.  He has been so quick to adjust.  We put a pillow in between the front seats and he laid on it and road most of the way home on it.  I need to try and order him a condo online today.  He climbed in the sock drawer and slept there all night.  He act's like he has known us forever.  So blown away by how smart this little guy is.  He is still trying to warm up to the dog.  One day at a time I suppose.  Did you say there was a soft food Riley has been eating as well?  Also there was something chow food you were telling me about.  (kitty chow??)  I was trying to listen closely to all the details, but I think I was so excited I didn't retain it all.
Again thanks so much!  He's perfect!



Junipurr is doing fantastic!  He really just fits right in here.  Sleeping on our laps and playing all day.  Kind of like a little kid.  He just plays for hours and then crashes.  Did have some loose stools, but we may have given him too many treats.  He's quite the little piggy, eating as much as he can!  And, we have a hard time saying no to that sweet little face.  We couldn't be happier with him.  He's also had lots of visitors who think he's just great too.  I put some softpaws, little claw covers, on his front feet and that has helped with the climbing of the furniture and scratches too.  As you can see, my daughter Chelsea really loves her new kitty friend.
Thanks again,

Well Junipurr is a doll.  Made himself right at home as soon as he got here.  Purred, used the litter box, ate some treats, and drank some water already!  He also climbed up my back while I gave the kids a bath and wrapped himself around my shouldersSmile emoticon.  Definitely going to fit right in here.  Thanks for such a great pet!





Fiona and Winston
(blue british shorthair and brown tabby straight eared scottish fold)

Hi Suzanne,


Fiona and Winston came safe and sound from their long trip. 

 They are totally cute and adorable. 

 Here are some pictures that Nick took of the kitties last Monday. J



I checked your Scottish fold and BH websites and I saw pictures of some beautiful new kitties. 

 I wouldn’t mind getting another one but you are too far. 


Thank you for breeding such beautiful cats!









Hi, sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Louise is doing great, and has adjusted well. She is very playful and has a wonderful personality.  When we were on our way home, she did not like being in her carrier, so she fell asleep in my hair. And since then it seems that my hair is where she is most comfortable while she sleeps, go figure. I am so happy to have her as a part of our family and may consider getting another one next year if not for Christmas Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.. hope all your other kitties are doing well.                                                 thanks, Elizabeth




Good morning, Suzanne,
Hope you and your family are doing well.  Have a great Memorial Day - and a day off, too.
I have been checking on your new kitties.  My, you have a good bunch.  All your mommies must have decided to deliver at the same time.  Seeing them always makes me want another, but don't think so.
Paddles is 3 now - where has the time gone.  He's doing fine and loving being outside on our lanai even thought it's warm.  He has never tried to drink out of the pool like Mccloud used to. 
Karen Skolnick






Thought you might enjoy these. Taz makes me smile every day.








Daisy had her first "official" photo shoot.  More to follow I'm sure.  Nick seems to enjoy it. 
Daisy is doing great--so cuddly--lays in my arms and sleeps.  I've never seen a kitten that loves to be held so much--lucky me! 
Thank you again,








New Emma pics are posted.




I can't hardly believe Zoe is one year old.  My little pit bull in kitten's clothing has turned into a very sweet, loving little girl. She follows me around and loves to play.  She particularly likes her possum that has a bell in it and continually knocks it off her condo with one big wallop and then wants it put back up again so she can knock it off again.  She wakes me in the morning by dancing on me and giving me kisses on my knuckles.  If I don't budge, she'll wrap herself around my head on my pillow and go to sleep.

If there ever were perfect cats, Scottish folds are definitely up there.  Thank you for the wonderful breeding.




Hi Suzanne,
Thank you for the new pictures.  She is so cute and I am getting very excited to have her.  She looks like she is sassy and has an attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are right, she does have a beautiful tail and her eyes look larger and rounder as she is getting older.  Hope she will still be kind of small when I get her.  I love little fur balls!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Dr Henne,

Lana and I thought you might be interested to know that Eek (our cat, and one of you gray Scottish Folds) is in the may edition of Martha Stewart's Living on page 169. He got the gig through a friend of friend. Hopefully the fame hasn't gone to his head.  :-)






Hi Suzanne – just checking in to see how you’re doing…I haven’t heard from you in a while.

Hope everything is OK – cats are great…Taco and little Beans are attached.







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