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New CFA Champion: Ivette

  IVETTE CH Purrfectfold BK’S Katniss Ivette Silver Mackerel Tabby-White Folded Scottish Fold Female S: Ch Ouachita Buster Keaton(bsh) D: GC Purrfectfold Katniss

Fanci Pantz Update

        Hello Suzanne, I just wanted to give you an overdue update on Fanci – she is doing great. She likes to play and has her favorite toys and spots to relax. She makes us smile because she is usually the first one in bed at bedtime, we could set a clock […]

Bustopher and Macavity Jungle Cats

      Hello Suzanne, hoping your early spring is off to a nice start.  The cherry blossoms are expected three weeks early this year, and we’ve been flipping and flopping between high thirties and seventies for temps – enough to make a sane person insane and vice versa!   Just a quick update on […]

Walter, Martha, George and Katie

      Thank you for our 4 “children” from Arkansas.  They all have such a nice temperament and are very loving (especially George and Katie with the folded ears).  We will be forever grateful.  They are enjoying the visual of the great outdoors.  From left to right are Walter, Martha, George and Katie.

Georgie and Gracie Update..

        Georgie is quite a snuggler and Gracie is the inquisitive one. They are pure joy! My veterinarian is so impressed with them and with you! I’ve attached a couple of pictures. The one was taken by a local photographer who did a fundraiser for the local animal shelter. Thank you for […]

Happy birthday, Bigsby!!!

Bigsby is wonderful. Just as charming as he is mischievous.  We will cuddle up on our laps whenever he gets a chance.  He loves to be naughty in the cutest ways imaginable… Like sitting in front of the tv when our favorite show is on or getting in the sink when I try to do […]

Roux Update.

Hi Suzanne,   Just wanted to give you an update on Roux. He’s been a terrific kitty since day one. He’s an adventurous boy and very affectionate to everyone he meets. Not one shy bone in his body! Thank you for all of your hard work. We are so happy we found him.   Rex […]

Willow Pictures: sweet 2 year old spayed female

        $800. Willow    02.02.15  Red/White classic Tabby  SH/FE   Spayed female

7 month old red/white long haired folded girl… New pictures

    400.          Willow/Garfield             05.18.16 — Red/White LH/FE   Spayed female

pictures of Red/White Long Haired Folded Male… Ready to join you!

      $400. Red   Willow/Garfield             05.18.16 — Red/White LH/FE Neutered male