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Oliver and Teddi have made it to Houston!

Good evening!   They are both doing great! Todd was fantastic and we had plenty time so we didn’t have to rush when heading to the plane.      Teddi and Oliver are such amazing kitties! They didn’t make a peep the entire trip on the plane and have really settled in and seem to […]

Tatiana’s Male is Joining Skye and Bryan in Raleigh NC

this Silver Mackerel Tabby and White Folded Male is joining HahNeul in Raleigh NC S:  CH Ouachita Gaston X Purrfectfold Tatiana

News: Purrfectfolds First Grand Champion! Katniss

KATNISS GCH Purrfectfold Katniss taken 1-16  9 months of age (calico folded shorthaired scottish fold female) S: CH Benfields ClassyDuncan of Ouachita D: CH Purrfectfold Darcette

Kitten 577: sold joining Josephine and Jay in Port Moody British Columbia Canada

Kitten 577:  sold joining Josephine and Jay in Port Moody British Columbia Canada Brown Mackerel Tabby and White Perk Eared Female taken 1-24-2016 12-27-15 DOB: 11-18-2015 (avid 838530577) S: CH Earigami Quid of Ouachita D: Micpurrz Vanessa

Beautiful Bongu..

Hello, Suzanne I just want to share my beautiful Bongu’s photos with you. He is very playful, sometimes starts fight with his sister, and extremely cute. Thanks,   Yousun

Sundae Update!

Dear Suzanne,   Now that things are settled I wanted to give you an update on Sundae.   Actually I wanted to tell you that we decided on getting a pet a year ago. It took almost a year to decide that a cat would be the best pet for us, we wanted to make […]

Emma adjusted Pretty Quick.

Us too! She adjusted pretty quick. She stated off the first night a bit shy (as to be expected) especially to my son who is high energy, but since I had to work Sunday night she got to spend some time alone to explore and get used to my room and when I got home […]

Sundae is Home!

He arrived!! He is home safely and enjoy exploring our house.  He jumped straight out of the carrier and into the litter box. We are so impressed with how well trained he is.   Thank you so much. We will update again in a few days but we totally adore the newest member of our […]

WE are Smitten!

No problem at all, he is safe with us at his new home 😄 We are completely smitten! He is so confident, I think he will settle in very quickly. I’ll let you know how he gets on. Thank you again, for everything. Joanne

Emma has arrived!

She is perfect!!!!