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Izzy Update!

  It’s been one week since we got Izzy and I have to say that we are absolutely smitten by her! She is sooo adorable and sweet. She follows us everywhere and wants to be supervising what we are doing. What really has won our hearts is her desire to just lay down next to […]


Just to put a smile on your face!

Firefro’s and Duncan’s Girls!


just too cute to resist!


Izzy’s Weekend!

  Izzy has already stolen our hearts with her antics! She has us wrapped around her itty bitty paw. She is a fearless kitty that has the heart of a lion, and we can’t deny her kisses and rubs! Although we run out of Kitty before we can complete a full stroke! One thing we […]

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Ella,, what a character


Ella Update!

 Ella watching a 15 minute Maru YouTube Video


Izzy’s first day!

She is definitely interacting very well with us and is our little pur machine. Just loves to be played with and petted. Our problem right now is our other cat. He saw her when we brought her in. Sniffed her in her carrier for a while and eventually hissed. He’ll lay down by the door […]


Milk Tea has arrived in

  Dr Henne, She is settling in now. Hieu Dr Henne, I just got Milk Tea home. She’s much more gorgeous in person. She’s in the safe room for now. Thank you


Izzy has arrived in Austin TX

Just wanted to let you know that izzy arrived safe and sound! She is beautiful! Maricela


Kitten 3: Blue Mackerel Tabby and White is Sold and joining the Kenyon Family in Brooklyn NY

  Kitten 3:  Blue Mackerel Tabby and White Perk Eared Male Sold joining the Kenyon Family in Brooklyn NY   taken 10-31-2014  5.5 weeks old. DOB  9-21-2014 S:  CH Benfields ClassyDuncan of Ouachita D: CH Purrfectfold FireFroFiddle