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Oscar has Outdone Simon!

Hi Suzanne ~ OMG we are soooooooooooooo in love with this little guy!  Simon was such a little character when he came to us and Oscar has by far outdone him!  LOL!  He sounds like an Elephant charging down and up the stairs and grabbing your foot and ankle at any chance!  Simon has finally […]


Amazing Izzy…

Suzanne,   I LOVE coming back to your website to read up on everyone’s kitties. Especially when people gush about how amazing they are and how thrilled they are to have them. That’s how I feel about my Izzy!! Who will be 10 months tomorrow already! I love her to pieces! Here are a couple […]


Samantha and Sabrina..

Hi Suzanne, The kittens are doing well. They are so funny. They love to play. I’m glad I got two. Samantha (pictured here checking out my coffee) is the more adventurous. Sabrina is a spitfire, she still hisses at the dog. And he gives her the respect she demands Have a great day , Johnna


This is where we found

This is where we found Ella this morning. ella1


Katniss and Her New Family!

Suzanne, Katniss has gotten really comfortable with all of us in her safe room, so we are leaving the door open now and letting her roam and explore her surroundings.  She is such a little peach, and she is quite vocal for such a little one.   Suzanne, The trip was long with stops but […]


Atticus and Scout..

Atticus likes to keep close tabs on Scout.   Just another typically day for these two precious cats.  


First Week of Bonny And Coinneach…

Hello Suzanne   The first week is in and the kittens are adorable, lovable, intelligent, and every good thing you can say about them.     Here is Bonny and Coinneach (KOIN ock)in the shipment container having just been picked up and wondering what is next. The hour drive home was quiet, not a sound […]


mctavish can sleep anywhere!

I sat down  looked to my left in the bathtub and this is what I saw. This, after a day filled with Mctavish chasing Maybell around in a circle in this house and then Maybell chasing Mctavish around in the  same circle.  I can’t call them friends but they are playmates.  Maybell definitely outweighs him […]

blue ridge grandfather

Gerry (owned by Finley and Dorcas) is going to have Griddle added to the Family!

GRIDDLEBONE Gerry  (owned by Finley and Dorcas) is going to have Griddle added to the Family! CH Purrfectfold Lady GriddleBone (Tortiorshell Folded Female) S: CH Sunami Oliver Twist of Ouachita D: Victoria of Purrfectfold DOB 03-27-2008


Walter and George!

He is adjusting nicely.  He tries to nurse on George which isn’t working.  And is very happy being a member of the pride.