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Izzie and Hunter Looking for a New Family Near San Antonio Texas…

  Izzie and Hunter Hi Suzanne, I bought a beautiful Scottish fold from you a couple of years ago… Izzie. We love her and her “brother” Hunter dearly, but unfortunately we are running into a personal situation which does not allow us to keep them even though it breaks our heart to get rid of […]

Lady Belle Update

I brushed her this morning, but you can’t tell now. I love how her mom’s brown color shows up in her nose and paws now. Just a little brown with that beautiful silver.

Purrfectfolds has a New CFA Champion: CH Purrfectfold’s Stylin Hootie

Mozart and Beethoven

My Mozart and Beethoven in purrrrfect harmony🙂

Georgia has Fit in Perfectly

    Hi Suzanne-   We wanted to let you know how much we are in love with Georgia, how pretty she is and photogenic too!  I attached a photo…   She is a sweet flirty goof ball and at  just 11 weeks, comes running to us when she hears us open our front door. She accepted Jeff and […]

Puck and the Jungle Gym………..


Tao and Daisy

Hi Suzanne!   I just wanted to check in and tell you how Tao and Daisy are! It’s been a year and a half since I’ve had these perfect cats, and I still can’t thank you enough. Daisy just loves lying on her back, and Tao loves to always be very high up and watch […]


She did cause quite a bit of commotion with the vet’s staff.    She just said “Yeah, I know I’m pretty!”.

Beethovan just suits him..

Hi Suzanne,   I have decided to settle with the name Beethoven.   I think his personality calls for a dynamic name.  He has already mastered to climb over the baby gate and currently busy exploring all the rooms.  He loves to play and he is working on getting the adult cats to play with him. […]

Angus & Leo (2 Purrfectfolds cousins)having a play date😻

Angus & Leo (2 Purrfectfolds cousins)having a play date😻