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Mozart and Beethoven

My Mozart and Beethoven in purrrrfect harmony🙂

Georgia has Fit in Perfectly

    Hi Suzanne-   We wanted to let you know how much we are in love with Georgia, how pretty she is and photogenic too!  I attached a photo…   She is a sweet flirty goof ball and at  just 11 weeks, comes running to us when she hears us open our front door. She accepted Jeff and […]

Puck and the Jungle Gym………..


Tao and Daisy

Hi Suzanne!   I just wanted to check in and tell you how Tao and Daisy are! It’s been a year and a half since I’ve had these perfect cats, and I still can’t thank you enough. Daisy just loves lying on her back, and Tao loves to always be very high up and watch […]


She did cause quite a bit of commotion with the vet’s staff.    She just said “Yeah, I know I’m pretty!”.

Beethovan just suits him..

Hi Suzanne,   I have decided to settle with the name Beethoven.   I think his personality calls for a dynamic name.  He has already mastered to climb over the baby gate and currently busy exploring all the rooms.  He loves to play and he is working on getting the adult cats to play with him. […]

Angus & Leo (2 Purrfectfolds cousins)having a play date😻

Angus & Leo (2 Purrfectfolds cousins)having a play date😻

Having two kittens is such a blast!

  Suzanne, Having two kittens is such a blast.  Petra (now 14 weeks old) is a strong-willed tornado, and Jericho will be her undauntable playmate. It’s been two whole days with them together, and Jericho didn’t wait to claim his place by my side.  He’s also fearlessly engaged Petra, who has reacted in the typical […]

Update on Peter..

Hi Suzanne,   First of all, Merry Christmas!!! I wanted to send you a picture of Peter and let you know that he is doing well and our family is completely and totally in love with him!  We are already talking about the possibility of getting a second kitty this spring; I’d love another grey […]

James saying Hello for Christmas……….

Hi Suzanne,   I thought you might enjoy a photo of our beloved James. He’s one year old now! Merry Christmas Joanne