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zeena 5

Zeene and Meck.. 2 british shorthairs are looking for new homes..

I am the owner of two beautiful british shorthairs. We purchased them from a certified breeder from Virginia. We love our cats and it breaks my heart now that I don’t have as much time as I used to have for them. We have a 3 year old daughter and we knew it will be […]


Kitten 365: Tortoiseshell Long Coated Folded Scottish Fold Female

Kitten 365: Tortoiseshell Long Coated Folded Scottish Fold Female (avid 052332365)  taken 5-20  6 weeks old DOB:  4-09-2015 D: CH Purrfectfold Rubens Lovly Thomasina S: CH Ouachita Gaston IZ Tuxed


Kitten 771 Cream Mackerel Tabby Folded Male…. just cute!

Kitten 771 Cream Mackerel Tabby Folded Male Shorthaired Scottish Fold   taken 5-20  7 weeks DOB:  4-3-2015 S: CH Ouachita Muddy Bluz Bozley D: CH Purrfectfold Ginger’s StorminStripe


Ginger is retired…

Ginger has been officially retired on 5-20-2015 and is looking for a loving owner.  she is sweet but a little shy with other cats for she tends to get picked on.    Her DOB is 12-06-2006 GINGER CH Purrfectfold Ginger’s StorminStripe (brown patched mackerel tabby fold female) S: CH Gogocats Storm Cloud of Ouachita(bsh) D: K […]

willow 7

Sweet Willow is 7 months old!

Hello Suzanne,   Thought you’d like an update on our sweet Willow.  She’s 7 months now and just about 7 lbs.  She is the light of our life.  Full of fun, energy and cuteness! She knows exactly how to appeal to our heart, whether its for a “treat”, attention or just because – she’s has […]


Portia is joining Merle in Jamaica NY

Ok—This is the one!!   I have already named her Portia…. Thomasina X Gaston…


Paddles will be 10 Monday! Happy Birthday Paddles..

Greetings Suzanne. Hope all is going with you and all the kitties. I did see the calico fold, what a beauty.   Can you believe Paddles will be 10 Monday. Where has the time gone?   Best wishes to your continuing success.     Karen


Mia is so Excited!

My daughter is SOOOOOOOOO excited and wakes up every morning asking about him!  She’s also been talking to Simon about his new little brother!  It cracks me up!  Poor Simon doesn’t know what’s coming ..  Mia for whatever reason calls Simon Tye Tye.  It’s funny.  Of course she couldn’t say his name when she was […]


Oscar is joining Mia and Simon in Eugene OR

Oscar  (Thomasina x Gaston)    



Lays like this all the time. We love him beyond crazy