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Charli’s show pictures!

CHARLI  CH Purrfectfold Jenga’s Classy Charli (calico folded scottish fold female) S:  CH Benfields ClassyDuncan of Ouachita (bsh) D: Purrfectfold Jenga Thanks to Blue Bayou Photography


Lexi’s show pictures!

LEXI  CH Purrfectfold Griddlez Pathced Alexi (dilute calico folded scottish fold female) S: CH Benfields ClassyDuncan of Ouachita (bsh) D: CH Purrfectfold Lady Griddlebone thanks to Blue Bayou Photography!


Rose and Alice Need a New Home due to Owners Illness….

Hello Suzanne,   It has been some time since we talked, I have some bad news and I need your help. I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia last April, 2014. I have been at MD Anderson off and on for the past year. They really thought they could put me into permanent remission, unfortunately […]


Bentley and Benz…

Hi Suzanne, B&B’s first birthday is this week!! They are tearing through the house as I write this. Bentley is very talkative.   I was with my friend Amelia Stone who has 2 cats from you. She finally came by to meet them. We had fun comparing their sweet personalities. Were your ears ringing? We […]

Oscar Mar 20 2015

Oscar Update..

Hi Suzanne,   Here’s Oscar with his favorite toy.  He puts it in his mouth and runs through the house with it.  It’s so funny.  He’s going to be a big boy….already 7.4 lbs, no snacks!  One small can and hard food.     Thanks,   Jeanne


Mr Simon is Full of Surprises!

  Hi Suzanne ~ I just went to the site and saw that kittens arrived!!!!  So excited!   I believe another litter is due soon as well?  I know we want a male

himan 1

Why do Cats Sleep in Cardboard Boxes?

Scientists may have cracked the answer to one of the great mysteries of the animal kingdom: why do cats sleep in cardboard boxes? Anyone who lived with a cat has probably come home to find their feline companion sleeping in a strange place. Carelessly discarded cardboard boxes are as good as any. According to a series […]


McTavish and MacKenzie Update!

Hi Suzanne. Tom had a dentist appointment this morning and I dropped him off.  I was only  gone about 10 minutes.  When I got home I was greeted with the first two pictures.  Mctavish is interacting with the computer.   MacKenzie has settled in for a long winters nap.  The other two pictures are of […]


Purrfect Folds enjoying spring forward. Mer, Jess and Maggie.

Purrfect Folds enjoying spring forward. Mer, Jess and Maggie.


Ashi Update!

Ashi, is the perfect kitten! She is Gorgeous her eyes are so beautiful, some days there more yellow amber,and others brown with a hint of green. She is perfect in every way! Ashi loves to sit and watch the outside birds on our deck, she is fascinated with anything. James