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Typically Day for Atticus and Scout

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Such a Smart Brodie!

Hi Suzanne, I wanted to share a little about Brodie. He is a great little man!! He uses his potty box and has settled right in. He climbs the tower to get in bed and gets down when he has a burst of energy. (And boy he is full of that right now). We are […]

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Ian Elliott Has Taken Over!!

He’s been great!!! He slept most of the night…in our bed! Only at one point during the night were we nervous because we couldn’t find him! He either jumped or rolled off our bed and ended up behind the bathroom door playing with the door stop! Whew! He slept the rest of the night with […]

Fiona is Home!

The ride was good. Fiona is doing awesome.  Everyone is in love with her except for the black cat.  He’s mad at me and won’t come downstairs.  Fiona is having fun exploring and being loved on.  Thank you so much for letting us make her apart of our family. Marcella  


Brodie has Settled In!

Hello! Brodie has settled right in! He will only sleep on his Dad!


Whiskey Update!

Hi Suzanne,   I just wanted to give you an update about our wonderful cat, Whiskey, who we purchased from you just over three years ago. She is absolutely the apple of our eyes’ and we could not have asked for a sweeter, more adaptable and well-adjusted, or lovable girl!   Unfortunately, I wanted to […]


Brodie is Home and has Taken Over Already!

I wanted to let you know he is doing well. He has eaten and pottied already. He sure is the boss! I will send you some pictures tomorrow! Thank you again so much for meeting us and sharing Brodie with us!! Well yes ma’am! He has figured out the steps so he got down and […]


Scottie and Kiki Happy New Year!!

Hi Suzanne,   Scottie and Kiki would like to wish you and your family a Happy New Year!!!!! Kiki is doing great. Her Torti color’s are really coming through now. She is gorgeous and very smart… Too smart for her own good.. A real Techi too. There is no peace while on the tablets or […]


Kitten 792 is headed to Omaha to join Robin and Family!!

  Kitten 792: Black Folded Eared Shorthaired Scottish Fold  Male Sold Joining Robin and Family in Omaha NE pictures taken 12-24-2014 taken on 12-11-2014 taken 11-22-2014  4 weeks old. DOB 10-24-201 avid 051849792 S: CH Benfields ClassyDuncan of Ouachita D: CH Earigami Dazz’lr of Purrfectfolds  


Oscar Update!

Hi Suzanne   Oscar is doing great.   Has a very healthy appetite! Here he is checking out Tiny our turtle. I’ll send more photos. Here he is playing with Nottingham our black Persian. They get along fine!