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Sassy and Sully Update!!

Hi Suzanne — we are checking in with a Sassy and Sully update! Pleased to report the 2 have finally become buddies. It was a long and questionable process for us but, just as you described…they tussled for many weeks (with sassy being the most vocal ) and then one day we found them snuggled […]


Mr Simon on helping with Tax Season

I’m sure you’ve wondered how a Real Estate Broker gets taxes in order?  Well not very easily when somebody wants to go to bed and all his rounding up efforts have failed to get you to go to bed!  Lol!  Oh Mr. Simon ❤ so just sleep on it!

Turbo vs Bella

Tatiana 1-31-2015 (15)

tidbit: great resource for questions and suggestions: The indoor pet initiative by OSU

At our continuing education meeting this month a great resource was brought up that I have not mentioned before and should have.  It is the Indoor Pet Initiative presented by the Ohio State University which I am a graduate from.   Please check it out..

Nacho in helment

Tidbit 5/7

Early neutering reduces aggressive behavior in your male and his need to mark the house and furniture with strong-smelling urine.  Additionally,  he will be less inclined to roam or dart out the door, which could result in a traffic injury, fatality or impregnating a female.

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Tidbit 4/7

Neutering your male before he is 6 months of age prevents testicular and prostate cancer and greatly reduces his risk for perianal tumors.


His Lordship Harry…

Suzanne Boston has 9 feet of snow and 30 below windchill.  Harry is so warm. Love the guy ! Best Gary & Harry !


Tidbit 3/7

Until she is spayed, a female’s heat cycle will repeat and continue for days and weeks at a time until she finds a mate.  Spaying will stop the cycle along with the annoying behavioral issues that come along with it,  such as constant vocalization  and inappropriate urinating.

duckee blue cream fe 8-20  4 weeks1

Tidbit 2/7

Spaying your female prior to her first heat nearly eliminates the risk of mammary cancer,  uterine infections and uterine cancer,  which is fatal in most cats.

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Tidbit 1/7: 7 health and behavioral Reasons to spay/neuter your kitten before the age of 6 months

Reason 1:  Pre-pubertal spay/neuters tend to be easier, faster and less expensive.  The recovery time is quicker, and there are fewer complications for the cat.